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07 Things to do in Suzhou – Explore this ancient city

With a host of classical gardens which have been named heritage sites, the city of Suzhou in China has long been heralded as the Venice of the East. While many plan holidays to this part of the populous country, here are a few things to engage in.


Reflect in the Tuisi Garden

The calm waters that reflect the surroundings almost as well as a mirror probably gave rise to the premises being named the Retreat and Reflection Garden. The ornate and embellished buildings which lie in two separate sections of the land belonged to a military officer. It is evident that he had taken great pains to depict Chinese architecture and landscaping techniques through his property which is complete with ponds, gardens, bridges and terraces.


Tour Pan Men

The Main Canal that circles around Suzhou has played a pivotal role in maintaining the livelihood of the area. The Pan Men scenic area consists of the water gate, a bridge that rises well above the body of water and a pagoda, all of which are known to be over two and a half millennia old. The Pan Gate is attached to the wall that had once been erected around the city of Suzhou, not far from where Pan Pacific Suzhou stands today.


Ride Along the Grand Canal

One who does not know of its history will never believe that the Grand Canal in China which connects Beijing to Hangzhou is the creation of man. Its length, breadth, depth, curvature and seamless engagement with nature make it look like God’s own creation. Many civilizations have sprung up on either side of the canal and in the area of Suzhou; this is of particular importance as the city is known to be a water town.


Buy Some Song Brocade

Brocades are specialist textiles which have been worn by the aristocracy for years. The first of its kind would have been spun in China and the type that has intricate designs and rich colours are known to be Song brocades; named after the Song Dynasty. There was a decline in the production of Song Brocade, even in China during the early years after the industrial revolution, however, there has now been a revival and it would be a great idea to splurge some cash.


Stroll at Lion Grove Garden

Choose from among the many gardens that beautify the city for your stroll, though Lion Grove occupies a special place in the hearts of many. Your hotel in Suzhou China would be able to direct you to the closest garden or park for your morning jog or evening stroll where you can spend some time in meditation.


Visit a Silk Factory

The locals are master craftsmen in the weaving of silk and the ones you find in the area would be uncommon. If you were to visit a factory, not only would you be able to purchase some high-quality fabric, but you would appreciate the intense workload that takes to bring such masterpieces to life.


Understand Chinese Calligraphy

For those who weaken in the face of art, calligraphy and any type of aesthetic, the calligraphy experience in Suzhou is one not to be missed. Learn the ancient artistry and the modern-day rules of Chinese calligraphy while watching a local display his prowess with the brush.

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