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5 Essential Facts to Know about Seychelles - Five Fascinating Aspects of Seychelles

As one of the world's most exclusive beach holiday destinations, Seychelles welcomes travellers from around the globe. Here are 5 interesting facts every visitor should know regarding the country.


It's the Coco De Mer Capital

As a plant that is endemic to Seychelles, the country is considered the coco de mer capital of the world. The nut which is the heaviest on the planet resembles the pelvis bone structure of a female and is only found in the country. The islands of Curieuse, as well as Praslin Island, are where coco de mer plants are found in abundance at Vallee de Mai which is a protected sanctuary dedicated to this unique nut that's found nowhere else in the world. In fact, nature lovers often visit the country just to explore the leafy confines of the Vallee de Mai and see the world's biggest nut for themselves.


The Garden of Eden is Here

Although theologians and archaeologists are yet to prove it beyond question, the Garden of Eden referred to in The Bible is believed to be located in Vallee de Mai. Ancient historians considered this mysterious and verdant garden as the iconic garden of biblical fame due to its age as well as the presence of the coco de mer plants. Locals, however, do not need confirmation from an outside source as the sheer sight of this sprawling natural enclave is enough to convince them that this is the Garden of Eden mentioned in the bible.


It's Pretty Safe

While no holiday destination is 100% crime-free and safe for all tourists, Seychelles comes pretty close to fulfilling the criteria. As one of the safest countries in the region, holidaymakers need not fear for their safety when travelling around the beach capital. This does not mean that one should not take care of one's valuables or walk around aimlessly after hours but single female travellers and families need not concern themselves with stringent safety measures when holidaying in the islands.


It's a New Country

Seychelles as a group of islands may have been around for several thousand years but it was inhabited only in the 1700s unless pirates stopped by the paradise isles on their seafaring journeys. It was the French that first settled in the islands and inhabited them. This is why Creole is a functioning lingua franca in the country although the residents of today display a huge diversity in terms of ethnicity and religious beliefs.


It's a Celebrity Magnet

North Island in Seychelles can rightly be identified as a prime holiday hub for Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. The world's rich and famous flock to the isles throughout the year to enjoy the secluded island paradise in the privacy of high-end hotels the likes of Avani Barbarons Seychelles Resort and countless others. Although one may not spot a pop star or actor in one's own resort in Seychelles, the world's most celebrated icons are never too far from their favourite holiday islands.