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Advantages of Living in an Apartment - Top Benefits of Apartment Living

As the most popular trend in the property market, the number of individuals choosing apartments over traditional homes is staggering. Here are the main advantages of apartment living.


A Central Location

One of the top benefits of living in an apartment as opposed to a conventional home or housing complex is the convenience of the location. Most apartment buildings are constructed in the heart of the Central Business District or within close range of a city's key commercial areas where schools, shopping malls and supermarkets are located. This makes living in an apartment a more convenient option than living in the suburbs as homes or traditional properties in the heart of the city will cost significantly more than an apartment unit. Most working professionals will also include the accessibility of public transport options as another advantage of the location of apartment buildings.


Security Reasons

Single women and other residents who live alone or with one other roommate may also find that apartments offer greater security than owning or renting a property in a local neighbourhood. Apartment complexes provide around the clock security, CCTV monitoring and blocks access to strangers unless they are cleared by the residents.


Lifestyle Benefits

The main reason most young couples and young professionals choose apartment living over purchasing a household are the lifestyle options available in a modern compound. Apartments allow easy access to local bars, night clubs, cinemas and theatres while coffee houses and other lifestyle commodities crop up around apartment buildings in city areas. This opens up a wider range of possibilities on how to spend one's free time in recreational pursuits.


Added Perks

The cost of installing a swimming pool or a home gym in a conventional household is difficult for most of us to conjure up but those who live in apartments can enjoy these amenities free of charge. Swimming pools, health centres, spas and tennis courts are part and parcel of most apartment complexes nowadays and residents can enjoy these facilities without paying extra and without having to worry about the maintenance of the same. Some compounds may charge a nominal fee or a monthly maintenance fee to cover the cost of the upkeep of these amenities but it is nowhere near as expensive as setting up one's own recreational facilities at home. Those living in Colombo apartment compounds the likes of TRI-ZEN and countless others are well-aware of just how affordable these luxuries are for apartment residents.


Sense of Community

Although local neighbourhoods and housing schemes were originally touted as more wholesome living spaces where a sense of community is a given, the same cannot be said in today's climate. Most homeowners are unaware of who their neighbours are and live self-contained lives within their own property. Apartments, on the other hand, encompass common rooms, community activities and common facilities that are used by all residents. This means the likelihood of developing good relationships with fellow residents is significantly higher.

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