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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 24, 2019
Headline for 6 Luxurious Spa Treatments That Are Worth the Splurge - To unwind, relax and rejuvenate!
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6 Luxurious Spa Treatments That Are Worth the Splurge - To unwind, relax and rejuvenate!

There are many remarkable spa treatments all around the world. Let’s look into the top six that have caught the eyes of many. These are top places and treatments that have been admired by most.


The Clearing Factor

The Clearing Factor Spa is located in New York City and has gained much popularity over the years. The spa treatment here lasts as long as three hours, where the treatment intends to reach a balance in your body by incorporating European and Eastern techniques. First, your body is exfoliated with Indian kama oils and sea salts. Afterwards, you will be given lymph draining massage in order to open up your body for the Swedish massage that comes next. To draw the toxins out, an ancient Chinese technique called cupping will be performed on your back. Your body will then be wrapped with neem black clay. By this point, you would have reached nirvana.


One & Only Spa by ESPA

The Maldives is well known for the spas and its treatments. If you're in the Maldives this vacation you can check out One & Only Spa by ESPA where they offer a variety of services for your full body, hair and nails. Innovative techniques in both Ayurvedic and western medicine will be incorporated in the treatments, giving you the best of both worlds. During your stay, you can check out a luxury resort in the Maldives, the likes of The Nautilus Maldives, for a good spa treatment.


Water Shiatsu

It feels good to be pampered and let others take care of you. The spa treatment at the Water Shiatsu caters to just that. The water-based treatment here is the best of its kind. Head over to Canyon Point, Utah for an experience of a lifetime.


Nâga Massage

The Naga Massage is something quite extraordinary that you can experience in Tucson. The massage draws Energy and inspiration from the serpentine deity. You will be resting right under the silky swaths. The experts will use this to stretch, move and wrap your body. Your tired muscles will be enjoying the pressure it feels.


Turkish Hamam Rub

Turkish baths and spas are famous all around the world. You can find a spa of this nature in most regions. This is something inspired by the Turkish hammams. The skin treatment is subjected to a sloughing treatment for half an hour. You’ll be bathed in coconut milk, and after, they'll lie you down on a marble bed which is heated. You will be thoroughly exfoliated from your head to your toes.


Rainbow Rain Massage

This is another spa treatment concentrated on water-based treatments. You will be kept right beneath a Vichy shower where warm water will be poured all over you. The expert will give you a good massage with different clays. Each and every clay has its very own therapeutic benefit. The blue one improves the tone and texture of your skin and the yellow one helps to reduce stress.

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