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A Rise Of Type 2 Diabetes In Kids: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Juvenile diabetes is becoming more and more common. If your doctor has diagnosed your child with diabetes then do not delay his or her diabetes treatment.

Weight Reduction Surgery: How Effective Is It for Everyone? by Ankita Srivastav

Most people know what weight reduction surgery is and the reason behind its popularity nowadays. Anyone who is obese or have their BMI above 30 is most likely to opt for bariatric surgery. Three ...

Why The Demand For Gallbladder Surgery Have Increased In Kolkata?

In recent times the number of surgery for gallbladder or gallstones have increased rapidly in Kolkata. Over the last ten years, there have been reports of gallstones patients more than ever. Many…

5 Best Hospitals Available In Kolkata For Hernia Surgery – Medical Treatments and Cures

Looking for best hospital for hernia surgery in Kolkata? Take a look at the 5 best multi specialty hospitals that have been listed here for the best surgery and care.

Myths And Facts To Consider Before Weight Reduction Surgery - Weight Loss

There are many myths regarding obesity, losing weight, and weight reduction surgery. Take a look at what those mths are and get your facts straight before...

History Of Laparoscopic Surgery Through The Years

Laparoscopic surgery has made our life very easy. If you have ever wondered where it all started from and how the process of laparoscopy started, read on.

On World Diabetes Day Be Aware Of Diabetes And Its Treatment – digestive surgery clinic

14th November the designated day for World Diabetes Day is here, and it is a day for everyone to become aware of diabetes. If you are suffering from diabetes and successfully undergoing diabetes treatment, it is a good day to celebrate that. But more often than not, it has been seen that most people are…

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Take a look at the whole concepts of abdominal wall reconstruction, how only repairing the hernia does not always solve the problem, rather one should keep i...

A good foregut clinic will be able to treat dysphagia properly with the help of laparoscopic foregut surgery. Take a look at its types, symptoms, and causes.

The Ultimate Must-Have Medical Guide To Gastric Ulcer Disease

Know everything about gastric ulcer and if you have already been diagnosed with it, it is best to visit a foregut clinic in Kolkata as soon as possible.

Stay at the Moment We Surgeons need it more than ever

Staying in the moment and giving your 100% effort is the best way to live your life. Watch how instead of wishing things could always be better for you being...

Abdominal cocoon Adhesive peritonitis Laparoscopic treatment

Watch this video where laparoscopic treatment is shown in detail of a case example of an acute intestinal obstruction. For more information visit: https://ww...

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