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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 23, 2019
Headline for 10 Reader Tips for A Stress-Free Beach Vacation - For the Perfect Vacation!
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10 Reader Tips for A Stress-Free Beach Vacation - For the Perfect Vacation!

Laying in warm sands all day, swimming in the cool waters, and enjoying the gentle breeze, who wouldn’t love a beach vacation? Everyone does. To make it perfect, you need to read these tips to make this trip all the more perfect.


Tip 1

When you head to the beaches, make sure to take some baby powder with you. Before getting into your vehicle, apply the powder on the feet and watch the sands just fall off. Besides, if you’re looking for a Kalutara hotel for accommodation, you can start looking at properties like AVANI Kalutara Resort.


Tip 2

Get a moist washcloth, seal it in a zip lock bag and store it in the cooler. This will act as a refresher which is great for removing any saltwater residues and sand.


Tip 3

You are having a fine time out in the beach, and out of nowhere, without warning, the hook of your bikini top breaks off. This is the time, some of us, just throw the bathing suit away. Without being quick to do that, you can easily knit a key ring into and out of the loops, that will hold this top in place. Problem solved!


Tip 4

Bring your own towels. Yes, the resort does provide enough pool towels but use this to dry yourselves. And bring your own to spread it over the lounge chairs. This way, you can easily spot your chairs!


Tip 5

We all pack antibacterial wet wipes when we travel. And it's immensely useful. But here's one more use for it that you might not have thought of as of yet. While doing beach activities, you might get a cut sometimes. You can use these wipes to easily disinfect the wound.


Tip 6

Collecting seashells is one of the favourite parts of a beach vacation, especially if you’re travelling with kids. They love to discover shells and collect them. Some countries, however, have some restrictions as to how many shells and the kind of shells that you can carry back home. Some offenders have even been given a fine!


Tip 7

This tip can be used in some destinations. On your final day, make sure to get to the airport as soon the counter is open. You can check in your luggage and get your boarding passes. In small island destinations, the airport is only a short walk away from a beach. From the airport, you can head straight to the beaches. Make sure to pack necessary essentials in your carry-on bag, if you plan on getting wet.


Tip 8

This is another tip involving beach towels. These towels can serve as blankets or as a pillow when you're travelling. Besides, if you have them ready at hand, you can head straight to the airport and dive right into the swimming pool, in case, your rooms are not ready.


Tip 9

It is quite difficult to get into a wet suit for diving. For this, use a Ziplock bag on your foot or hand, and slide into the suit effortlessly.


Tip 10

If you have forgotten to take your sunglass case with you, you can easily use the Crystal Light container to store it in!