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Polson & Polson, P.C.

Polson & Polson P.C. law firm is founded by Mark Polson and his son Whitney Polson. We both collectively have more than 60 years of courtroom experience. Our practise areas include cases related to DUI, DWI, assault, conspiracy, drug-related offenses, domestic violence, expungement, gun charge, sex crimes, theft, and traffic. Visit Polson & Polson P.C. to hire a skilled Alabama criminal defense lawyer for your criminal charge defense.

Contact Criminal Defense Attorney in Alabama

If you are residing in Alabama or any other state, criminal accusation is something that can scatter you or your loved one’s life. Having support of criminal defense attorney in Alabama can mitigate the damage. Contact Polson & Polson P.C. to get the legal help you need. Visit the site for more details .

Alabama Theft Lawyer - Theft by Deception 3rd Degree Alabama

Understand what theft law and its instances in Alabama is. Know what comes under theft by deception 3rd degree in Alabama. If you are accused of theft and need legal help, then contact Polson & Polson P.C. today. Visit the site for more details.

Know About Theft of Property 4th Degree Punishment

Understand the penalties under Theft law Alabama. Know what penalties an accused has to face in the theft of property 4th degree punishment. Get legal help from Alabama theft lawyer of Polson & Polson P.C. Visit the site for detailed information.

Know Alabama Shoplifting Laws

Know about Alabama shoplifting laws; understand what legal actions are taken in this case. If you are facing such case, seek legal help immediately from Polson & Polson P.C. Contact them at any time.

Alabama Assault Laws – Assault Crimes

Alabama assault laws are very strict, and related charges of an assault should be taken seriously. The charges may include onerous terms of imprisonment, substantial fines, and other long-lasting consequences. Get legal help in such case to lessen the consequences. Visit the site for more details.

New Alabama Law Protects Good Samaritans Rescuing Children from Hot Cars

Read a blog to know how new Alabama law protects good Samaritans rescuing children from hot cars. Visit Polson & Polson P.C. to know about criminal laws in Alabama.


Grounds For Harassment Alabama

Grounds For Harassment Alabama

Know what are the grounds of harassment in Alabama. Get aware of the state laws. If you are accused with such charges, seek legal help immediately from Polson & Polson P.C. Visit for more details.


Alabama DUI Lawyer

Alabama DUI Lawyer

Get legal help from the top-rated Alabama DUI lawyer. Visit Polson & Polson P.C. today and hire the DUI attorney for your DUI defense and understand Alabama state DUI laws. Visit for more details.


Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Know when one can be charged with domestic violence and if you or anyone you know and care about are charged within this category than visit Polson & Polson P.C. soon and develop your case defense. Visit for more details.


Traffic Ticket Lawyer Alabama

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Alabama

privileges. Visit Polson & Polson P.C. if you are facing serious traffic charges. An Alabama traffic lawyer can help build your defense case and ensure that your rights are well-protected. Visit for more details.


Drug Lawyer Birmingham

Drug Lawyer Birmingham

A traffic ticket lawyer in Alabama can save your driving Contact Drug Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama today if you or your loved ones are charged with drug-related crime. Visit for more details and to hire the top-rated Drug Lawyer in Birmingham, AL.