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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 23, 2019
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7 Adventure Activities to do in Zambia - Living the Zambian Dream!

If you are looking for some adventure on your getaway to Zambia, hold on to your hats, because you are about to be blown away by the range of things that is up for grabs. Perhaps if what you want is to chill and get some pampering done right, that is fine too! Here are 7 Adventure activities to try in Zambia.


White Water Rafting

So, to all the adrenaline junkies out there, we think we hit the jackpot! Constantly identified as one of the best stretches of bubbly white waters that commercially offer the intense thrill of white-water rafting, the Zambezi River White Water Rafting is possibly as good as the game could get. On peak season when the water is high (March-July), only the last 13 rapids can be tried, but on the flatter season (June-February), a whopping 23 rapids are safe to be navigated. Half-days trips, full-day trips and even two-day trips are available based on your likes. For the ultimate thrill-seekers, the multi-dray trip is highly recommended with its flawless design complete with a camp and campfire experience down at the beautiful Batoka Gorge.



If you thought white water rafting was the deal, you got another thing coming with the white-water kayaking. The trip is run in conjunction with a rafting trip for added safety and will be accompanied by an experienced kayaker who will guide you through the strong rapids and will do their best to make sure you return to the shores safe through the wild rapids of the Zambezi!


Bungee Jumping

If throwing yourself into free-fall off a cliff and dangling by a foot, rebounding back into 110 feet of nothing but air does not shake you up a little and get the adrenaline flowing, we don’t know what will! One way to find out; try bungee jumping in the highest commercial bridge in the world at the backdrop of jaw-droppingly stunning scenery. For those seeking mind-numbing adventures in life, this is just one out of many such things to do in Zambia.


Helicopter flights through Batoka Gorge

Do you know how there are certain things that are a one-time opportunity in life that should not be missed for the world? A helicopter flight through the Batoka Gorge overlooking the mighty Zambezi River snaking its way through the steep cliffs eventually transforming from the most spectacular silky river to the rebellious Victoria falls cascading over 120 meters to the pits of the valley just might top the list! Avani Hotels and Resorts in Zambia offer an opportunity for its visitors to experience this marvellous sight, so make sure to check in with your accommodation provider, maybe you could get lucky too!


Thrill Sports - High Wiring, Gorge Swinging, Rap Jumping

High wiring, gorge swinging, and rap jumping are some of the most fascinating thrill sports that travellers and locals alike opt for in Zambia. It is absolutely nerve-wracking to imagine how one would leave their entire life at the mercy of one hopefully strong suspension cord to make sure they survive the imminent danger of these sports. However, it is sure to knock some good sense of appreciation for the precious moments in life as we knowingly or not, tend to take them for granted to a heartbreaking extent.



Definitely much less of a scary activity than bungee jumping or gorge swinging, abseiling involves a helmeted client being lowered over a platform down the rockface until they reach the bottom. The client could then either chose to be hauled up by the rope or even opt for a scenic walk up the beautifully curated pathway with ample rest-stops and spectacular views, especially when the trees are in leaf.


Horse Back Trails

The gallops into the teak forests and wilderness areas crossing over the mighty Zambezi and possibly camping for the night on a perfect landing by its tranquil riverbank might just be some of your most amazing memories made in Zambia!