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J.J. Abrams Spider-Man Series, Co-Written With Son, Puts The Web-Head Through Hell

The Henry and J.J. Abrams Spider-Man series seeks to tell a brand new tale about the wall-crawler and his extended family.

All The Best Comic-Con Cosplay in 2019 from San Diego (And Social Media)

We dive into the wilds of social media in search of the best Comic-Con cosplay in 2019 from Deadpool in drag to Doggy Venom to Alf. Yes, Alf.

History of Comic-Con: How a Comics Hustler, a Part-Time Pornographer, and a Bunch of Teens Changed Entertainment Fore...

The History of Comic-Con is a tale of the unlikely success of a group of comic book fans starting the best entertainment event in the world.

The History of Batman Day, A Marketing Ploy That Might Become a Real Fan ‘Holiday’

What's the history of Batman Day? Is it just a marketing ploy from DC Comics or is it a real fan holiday to celebrate the Caped Crusader?

10 Great Batman Stories We Forget - Batman Day! - Comic Years

Batman has many great stories, but some we tend to forget about. Here are just 10 that need to be celebrated all over again.

Battlestar Galactica Will Reboot: All Of This Has Happened Before, All Of This Will Happen Again - Comic Years

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again. Battlestar Galactica will reboot on NBC's Peacock.

The Life of Sid Haig: Horror Icon Dead at 80 - Comic Years

Here's a look back at the life of horror icon Sid Haig. Although best known for his work in Rob Zombie's movies, he had a long career.

15th Anniversary of LOST: Remembering the Show That Changed How We Watched TV Forever

It's the 15th anniversary of LOST, the landmark series that changed the way both networks and audiences looked at prestige television.

Bob Iger Memoir Reveal: George Lucas Felt Betrayed By Disney’s Take On Star Wars

The Bob Iger memoir revealed that George Lucas felt betrayed by Disney's first Star Wars movie, but that doesn't mean he hates them.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Making a Star Wars Movie: Trouble or Bonus for Kathleen Kennedy?

Marvel's Kevin Feige moves to Star Wars, working with Kathleen Kennedy to shape the future of the galaxy far, far away with Marvel Magic.