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Things You Should Bring for a Wildlife Tour - Must-Haves for a Wildlife Safari

As a journey into nature, a wildlife tour is different from any other holiday excursion or outbound activity. Here are some essential items every traveller should have during a safari in the wild.


Sensible Shoes

Wearing hiking shoes or sneakers is imperative for all those who are heading out on a wildlife tour as one never knows when some trekking will be required. Sandals and other types of footwear are ill-suited for walking in nature and could result in causing injuries in most cases. Make sure the pair of shoes you take along are not only worn and comfortable but well-built and not too new so as to allow ease of movement and a better fit overall.


A Camera

Capturing all the wild and wonderful sights one comes across during a safari is one of the true joys of signing up for an adventure in a national park or similar sanctuary. Carry a sturdy digital camera which has considerable zoom power to photograph animals, birdlife and other elements of nature at a distance. Special cameras specifically built for wildlife photography are ideal for safaris while a tripod may also come in handy for those who wish to take the perfect shot of an elusive big cat, for example.


Swiss Army Knife

From cutting lose shrubbery from one's clothes to peeling an apple for a quick bite during the excursion, Swiss army knives are indispensable for those venturing out into the wild. With several useful knife and cork opening features, the compact and easy to store knife set will prove to be the best alternative to carrying a bag full of similar cutting instruments which are useful on the road.


Sunnies and a Hat

Unless one has signed up for a night safari with Nature Odyssey or any similar local tour operator, wearing a pair of Polaroid sunglasses is a must for every traveller who engages in a wildlife safari in Sri Lanka. An indispensable hat or cap should also be available to keep the sun away from one's eyes during the daytime journey into the wilderness. Make sure the clothing and other accessories one wears for the excursion are made from breathable, cotton materials while light coloured attire is also preferable.


A Windbreaker

It can get chilly in the wild without any warning so pack a windbreaker in your day bag in case the weather turns unexpectedly cold. This is especially relevant when exploring Horton Plains National Park and similar high altitude sanctuaries.


First Aid Pack

Cuts, scrapes and accidents are all part and parcel of a wildlife tour and being prepared to meet these medical emergencies head-on is crucial for any diligent traveller. Pack a few Band-Aids, antiseptic sprays and wound ointments for the ride and take any allergy medication or prescription pills that one must consume daily as well. This is in case the safari vehicle breaks down and one needs to spend a few more hours out in the wild than originally intended.



Watching the intricate movements of various animals through binoculars is sometimes the only way to experience wildlife during a safari so carry along a good pair of binoculars.

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