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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 22, 2019
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10 Surprising Things to Know Before Travelling to Dubai – Make a ‘Responsible’ Trip to Dubai!

This lavish destination known for its endless shopping sprees, luxurious resorts, popping nightlife and exquisite architecture and bigger and better everything has its own principles and policies which, as visitors, we need to respect and observe. Here are 10 such surprising facts you need to know!


Dress Appropriately

Being an integral part of the UAE, Dubai is a Muslim nation, meaning that travellers should make it a point to dress more modestly in keeping with their principals. You would not be shot down or thrown in jail for wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt, but as responsible travellers trying to sustain the tourism trade, it is important that we learn to respect the local culture, specifically when visiting Mosques and the likes.


The Hot and Hotter!

Dubai’s only two seasons are ‘the hot’ and ‘the hotter’. Summers get really warm- up to a whopping 113 degrees on the worst of days with extremely long, hot, dry and humid days. Their winter, ironically, is the best season to lounge at the beach; November to March sees beautiful, clear skies and flocks of tourists coming down to get their tan on in lavish Dubai.


Nightlife happens at Lavish Hotels

Some of the most vibrant clubs and bars of the world are found in Dubai, and most often than not found inside its lavish hotels, like Avani Deira Dubai Hotel. Although the truth to this statement remains unclear, it is rumoured that the swankier joints only let in the best dressed first. So really do dress to impress!


Dubai could be the next Orlando?

For those constantly wondering what other things to do in Deira Dubai, you would be delighted to know that Dubai wants to match up to the level of theme park-experience that Orlando state of USA offers. if all goes well, the year 2019 should end with the opening of Six Flags park featuring the largest rollercoaster ride on the planet!


The historical sites are everything

It is easy as pie to get distracted by Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle and adventures, but do not for a second forget to enjoy the beauty of the country in its architecture, monuments and rich culture.


Safety is exceptionally good in Dubai

In a country as rich as Dubai, you would be befuddled to know that crime rates are exceptionally low. Street crime is rare, mugging is unheard of and a taxi ride is perfectly safe in the night. However, it is always advised to be mindful of pickpocketing and road safety as sometimes drivers could be reckless.


Taxis are Cheap!

This is probably not the same in most other tourist destinations, but in Dubai, taxis are said to be ‘dirt-cheap’ and ideal for budget travellers. Still just to be on the safe side, you are advised to negotiate a rate. However, the only concern is that the drivers barely speak English.


Weekends are unusual!

In a twist of events, we find that the weekend in Dubai is Thursday and Friday as opposed to Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the world. So, party spots are bursting with energy on Thursday and Friday nights with a mix of crowds mainly of Eastern and Western origin. Malls too are usually heavily occupied over the weekends with days as long as midnight!


PDA is not cool!

As bizarre as it may sound to some, Dubai takes social interactions between couples so seriously that sometimes couples may even be expected to provide a marriage license when sharing a room together in a hotel! In a public setting, any form of PDA could even be punishable by arrest, so it is advisable to keep those smooches in check!


The bigger the better is their motto!

On your pre-visit research on the country, make sure to dig down to find all the ‘biggest in the world’ attractions that Dubai houses. For instance, the Burj Khalifa, the highest waterslide, the biggest hotel suite, the highest rooftop terrace bar and the list goes on and on.