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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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9 Vital Things that Every Melbourne Visitor Needs to Know - Top Melbourne Travel Tips for First Time Visitors

Revered as Australia's cultural epicentre, Melbourne welcomes visitors from around the globe every year. Here are 10 important facts all first-timers should know before heading to the city.


Check out Local Festivals

Travellers heading to Melbourne should time their visit to coincide with some of the city's funkiest local festivals. Highlights include the LGBTQA Midsumma Festival in January, the Comedy Festival which takes place in April and the Fashion Fest in March while the Good Beer Week in the month of May is also a great time to head to Melbourne.


Get a Myki Card

Similar to buying an Octopus card when in London or a Skytrain pass when in Bangkok, those who wish to travel around Melbourne with ease should buy a Myki card beforehand. Machines dispensing the cards are found in train stations and local retail hotspots and can be topped up depending on the duration of the visit.


Pack for Every Season

Melbourne's weather is known to change at the drop of a hat so pack for every kind of weather imaginable and save yourself the trouble of shopping for umbrellas during a downpour. Known for its unpredictable heat waves and chilly nights, bring layers of clothes that one can wear or discard based on the climate.


Sign Up for a Walking Tour

The best way to see Melbourne is on a walking tour organized by countless local institutions and heritage trusts. Accessible to visitors free of charge, the informative and entertaining walking tours are advertised online and in travel brochures so pick one that intrigues you a sense of adventure.


Go for a Late Night Meal

Restaurants in Melbourne and most Australian cities are notorious for closing early and being closed after 10 pm but those hankering for a meal after hours in Melbourne will find that Musashi Ramen and several other local restaurants stay open as late as 1 am. So don't assume there's nowhere to grab dinner after a show.


Discover the Coffee Culture

Regarded as the coffee capital of the country, the sheer variety of coffee houses and trendy cafes makes Melbourne a caffeine addict's dream destination. There's literally no such thing as a bad cup of coffee in Melbourne so sample some of the best brews in Australia during a trip to Melbourne.


Note down the Cheap Eats

While fine dining is all well and good, every traveller needs to know where some of the city's cheapest and best meals are available. Matteo's is a local institution where price points are concerned while Chinatown is also known to have some of the most affordable meal options in the city.


Enjoy Live Music

Melbourne's live music scene is nothing to scoff at so head down to The Gasometer or The Tote to hear local bands that are rocking up the local music sphere. Travellers based at Avani Central Melbourne Residences or any other similar serviced apartment in Melbourne will have easy access to other live music hubs in the city.


Souvenir Faux Pas

Be careful when purchasing aboriginal arts and crafts in Melbourne as all are not ethically sourced.