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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 22, 2019
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4 Popular Types of Wedding Ceremonies in Bali - Which one Should You Choose?

Bali has become a popular location for weddings. Why wouldn’t it? The setting is just perfect. Here are the four types of weddings you can choose to have in Bali.


Hotel and Resort Weddings

Most resorts and hotels offer wedding packages as part of their service. As Bali has become a popular wedding destination, it isn’t a surprise. Most of these resorts will fully take you on and manage all the tiny details of your wedding. These packages they offer are all-inclusive, and you don’t have to stress at all. Having said that, if you would like to make some changes, you can do so. The resorts try their best to make sure you have an experience of a lifetime. And that's exactly what you want your wedding to be. Make sure to know what these packages cover and what you might need to pay extra for before you book a particular resort. The resorts often offer all kinds of packages, from low budgets to grand ones. Many people choose an Ubud wedding due to the surrounding scenic views. If you are looking for a resort in this region, you can start checking out properties like Chapung Sebali, for a good wedding venue.


Chapel Weddings

Recently, many couples have been looking for chapel weddings in Bali. And why not? There are around twenty chapels here in Bali and they are sometimes part of a resort or hotel. So, you do get the best of both. You might even get an all-inclusive package, so check out all the offers before you make up your mind about one. These types of weddings were made available about fifteen years ago, and since then, it has transformed a lot. Now, couples can have a tailor-made wedding as opposed to a package that is on offer. All your dreams for this beautiful day can come true. Having said that, these types of weddings don’t come cheap and aren’t suitable for ones on a strict budget.


Bali Beach Weddings

Bali beach weddings are the most popular type of weddings out there. Why ever not? One should fully utilise the turquoise waters and the white powdery sandy beaches. You won't get these views elsewhere in the world. On top of that, there are beautiful beaches to choose from. Bali is full of them! You must be aware that wedding held on public beaches is prohibited. Most beach weddings are linked to hotels and resorts. This is ideal as they can offer all-inclusive packages that fit your budget.


Villa Weddings

The next one on the list is villa weddings in Bali. You might not have heard of this one, rest assured, this is a popular style of wedding here too. These villas are amazingly designed surrounded by scenic views that will make your jaw drop. If you require privacy and freedom to organise your wedding, then the villas are the most ideal places. Having said that, this is the complex one of the four. And you will have to plan it all to pull it off. And it’ll be absolutely worth your effort!