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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 22, 2019
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6 Indonesian Breakfasts to Try in Ubud - Wake up to some of the most Delightful Breakfasts in Ubud

If you love trying out different foods you would love to try the different Indonesian breakfasts that are available in Ubud which allows you to have a kick start for the day.



Soto is the most popular breakfast all over Indonesia and if you visit Ubud and miss the opportunity to try out Sato at least one morning, during your stay, you have missed out on one of the most delightful experiences that Indonesia has to offer. Even though it is breakfast, this dish can be passed for lunch or dinner as it is quite heavy.There are many ingredients that go into the dish, some of which are chicken or any meat of preference, vegetables of your choice, water and eggs.


Bubur Sumsum

The Bubur Sumsum is a sweet breakfast which is not a common occurring in Indonesia. It is a kind of white porridge made with rice flour and topped off with a sweet sauce. The basic porridge can be combined with anything that suits your palette. While some only add meat others prefer to add a combination of meat and vegetables to give a good balance. Even though this is mainly considered breakfast in Ubud, there are some states in Indonesia that serve this as a dessert as it is a sweet treat.



Ketoprak is a food that can be found throughout the day even though it is known as breakfast. It is a delightful treat that should not be limited to breakfast hence, many restaurants and street food vendors serve Ketoprak for lunch and dinner as well as breakfast. The dish is similar to a bowl of mix rice which has vermicelli, bean sprouts, mushrooms, fried tofu mixed with peanut sauce topped off with crackers to add crunchiness to the dish. Chapung Sebali is known to serve a delightful ketoprak throughout the day.


Nasi Uduk

Nasi uduk is a popular Indonesian breakfast that is made with rice and coconut milk. Other ingredients such as nutmeg, cinnamon, lemongrass and ginger leaves are added to the mixture allowing the flavours to blend and create a mouthwatering aroma and taste. Each state tends to have a different approach when it comes to the ingredients but the flavouring and spices are almost the same.


Bubur Ayam

The Bubur Ayam which is a chicken porridge is a popular breakfast in many households. It is a traditionally made porridge which is generally made with chicken, but with development and time, there are many flavours to the porridge such as pork or lamb. The porridge is made with white rice mixed with water and allowed to simmer on the stove while adding the other ingredients and spices to add flavour. Most Ubud, Bali restaurants will have this dish on their menu as this is a sought after breakfast by locals and foreigners alike.


Longtong Sayur

Longtong is a popular breakfast in Indonesia but depending on the region the ingredients and spices tend to change. Most common Longtong Sayur you can come across in Ubud is made with coconut milk and long beans. The main dish is not very spicy but the side dish can be spicy or mild depending on your taste and requirements.