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9 Inspiring Real World Augmented Reality Examples and Use Cases -2019

Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that is growing at a consistent pace in this emergent market. This engaging technology has become a game-changer in the overloaded market of mobile apps. AR has given the reason for the business to embrace the new possibilities it is offering to the startups and enterprise. Augmented Reality is helping businesses of any size to pitch potential customers globally.

iOS 13: Utmost Features For Whole New User Experience - Quytech Blog

The all-new iOS 13 is all about performance and privacy. iOS 13 comes with improvements across its major functionality. It introduced new features that are helping developers develop better apps. With a suite of new features, Apple is facilitating the iPhone users with the utmost and integrated features. Here are some of the major features that Apple revealed.

Augmented Reality in Sports – Innovative way to drive sports excitement outside the stadium

The blend of Augmented Reality technology and the sports industry is adding new possibilities to engage fans more. Augmented Reality technology has generated opportunities for users to experience an immersive environment. In the sports industry, applying AR helps businesses in this industry to integrate virtual elements. Sports app are launched to engage the users with the aid of mobile devices, smart glasses, and 3D projections. Thus, AR in Sports is flourishing with the time expanding the participants of the user out of the stadium or playing ground.

Parking Finder App: Convenient Way to Book Parking Space

There are a number of reasons for the growing demand for car parking apps. The on-demand parking app is on gaining fame in the market. According to IoT Analytics research $3.8 billion in spending on smart parking solutions by 2023. The solution of car parking follow the process of non-cash payments and helps the users find and reserve parking spaces. The smart guidance also helps the users avoid parking tickets whenever possible. The app focuses to offer clear directions with real-time information to avoid traffic jams for the convenience of the users.

45 Best Startup Mobile App Ideas in 2019 - Android, iOS, AR, VR

Try These cool app ideas, app development ideas, new Business ideas, Startup App Ideas in 2019. You will definitely get influenced after reading these simple and best startup mobile app ideas for both android and ios platforms.

Integrate AI in Taxi Booking App to Uplift Your Services

AI helps to improve efficiency with the accurate retrieval of the historical data. With the analysis of the data, AI with the advance strategies effectively connects the demand for taxis and time slot. Hence, data-driven analysis and predictive analysis helps to boost the level of demanding taxi services.

3D Modeling Design Services

We provide Outsource 3D modeling services to enhance user experiences and add value to the business. We offer 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, 3D Walkthrough, Interface design, Texturing, Sculpting, Simulation as per clients need.

Clutch Names Quytech as Leader in Retail Mobile App Development

At Quytech, we love to work with emerging technologies like AR/VR and artificial intelligence. However, at the end of the day, our bread-and-butter is making solid mobile applications.

Blockchain Development Company

Quytech is a top Blockchain Application Development Company with experience in Hyperledger, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Supply Chain, Smart Contract and Private BlockChain Development service. We help you to develop blockchain app development technology for your business with multi-disciplined domain expert team.

Finance App Development

Quytech specializes in development of finance & banking based mobility solutions for. Contact us for finance app development, digital wallet app, mobile banking, stock market, Money budgeting app and many more.

Artificial Intelligence Dating Apps

Dating Apps are using AI technology and data to find a match for potential users. It is reported that the concept of online dating App is offering the comfort level with online dating services for the potential dates. Thus, AI helps to include the sentiment in the user’s communication, response times, and customized profiles. With AI empowered dating App people can save hours of hunting through their impressive online profile.

AI in Games: Realistic Transformation in Game Industry

AI in games(Artificial intelligence in Games) development changed the scenario of the game with realistic challenges for the players. Today, AI is used to build games to create more sophisticated games than ever. Games in the current market are way more advanced in term of engagement and realistic.

Taxi App Development Company

We recently developed taxi app for one of our prestigious client. If you are looking forward for developing custom taxi booking app, ride sharing app and car rental app then you are at right place for expert consultations.

How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Security in Mobile Technology

Currently, Artificial Intelligence has become a great inspirational source of the interaction of humans with machines and devices. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has offered immense utilization in terms of advancements and competence to the businesses in various verticals.

Develop Social Media Video Sharing App for Android and iOS

We develop social app to create and share videos. Users can be Requester or Recorder or Receiver. The app also has features where users can like, Share videos moreover can follow/ block and report against other users.

How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining the Electronic Industry?

Advanced electronics companies are incorporating Artificial Intelligence concepts to handle the challenge in this evolving market. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence is the best way to brings innovative into practicality. The electronics industry is fervent in the practicing innovation in day to day task.

Benefits of using Unreal Engine for your next Game app development

The use of the latest engine is helping the developers to build a high-quality and realistic game. With time VR games are creating its own significant space in the game industry.
For outstanding VR games, developers are utilizing trendy gaming engines. In the market, the unreal engine is one of the finest game engines for the best results.

Hire Unreal Engine Programmer

Hire Remote Unreal Engine Developers with Quytech. Our dedicated Unreal developers suitable for startups and mid-sized businesses. We provide you one or team of professional developers which can deliver high standard results.

Tips to Consider Before Creating a Mobile App for Your Business

Tips to create a potential mobile App - Here are some smart tips to develop a mobile application. This makes challenges for businesses to choose the right strategy for developing a mobile application.

Develop Personal Productivity App for Android and iOS

We developed Personal Productivity App for Android and iOS on Harada Method. Using this app, users can set Goal, set task, keep note, being coached, self -analysis, confidence evaluation while scheduling their daily activities.

3D Modeling Design Services in USA

We provide Outsource 3D modeling services to enhance user experiences and add value to the business. We offer 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, 3D Walkthrough, Interface design, Texturing, Sculpting, Simulation as per clients need.

Reasons to Choose Unreal Engine for Gaming

Unreal engine is all about a new generation of computer games with the amalgamation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. Thus, players can experience a realistic perspective of game action through a variety of VR gaming devices and accessories.

Create Web Based Augmented Reality

We design and develop Web AR platform that open new opportunities to add highly engaging and immersive content to your website. Create web based helps business to project AR content across their brand’s website.

Virtual Try on Glasses App

3D Virtual Try-On glasses app - We design and develop Augmented Reality Solution For the Eyewear industry. We offer Virtual try on glasses solution to enhance the customer journey and help grow your business.

VR Surgery Training: Offer Realistic Environment to Practice

The medical field has started leveraging VR technology to achieve a remarkably high bar for patient’s safety. Thus, using virtual reality technology in surgery training may play an important role in improving skills.