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Blogging and Money

How to Use Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags for Blogger/Blogspot?

If you own a Blogspot/Blogger blog then you must know how to use Facebook Open Graph meta tags for Blogger/Blogspot. Find complete info here.

10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site with Google Plus Profile

Google Plus profile is very popular social media and you can use it to drive traffic to your site. Which is important to gain rankings and popularity.

Mobile Technology Advancements Speed Up the Growth of Tourism

The tourism industry is growing worldwide with the mobile technology advancements. Learn how it becomes possible and what is upcoming.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Track Online Video Campaigns

Tracking your online video campaigns is really important to know whether it is a success or not. Learn here how to make it more popular.

How to Report Blogger Related DMCA Complaints to Google?

“How to file DMCA complaints to Google?” is the most common question to fight with plagiarism or content copying. Google recently launched a DCMA complaint form for all users who have copyright for his contents. In this article, I will cover how to make a DMCA complaint related to Blogger/Blogspot platform i.e. if you’re on Blogger and some other blogger is copying your content without your concern you can file a DMCA complaint against him/her/whosoever. But make sure you are the copyright owner of the original content because if you’re going make a false claim then you may be a victim.

How Can Warranty Management Create Brand Benefactors?

Warranty management is a discipline that focuses on creating effective warranties on products and services. Here is how can you create brand benefactors.

How to Understand Keywords in Searcher Context

Keywords play an important role to give search engine rank to your website or article on some other blog. You must understand keywords in searcher context.

How to Enable Quick Edit Pencil on Blogger Posts?

If you write a blog and have hundreds of posts then it is not an easy task to make changes in a specific post because first, you have to search this post under Posts tab and then may need of scroll down, navigate or both to get this post. To get rid of this hectic exercise you have to Enable Quick Edit Pencil on posts pages. This Quick Edit Pencil will be visible only to blog owner or administrators.

How to Use Infinite Post Loading by Infinite Scrolling for Blogspot/Blogger?

Today I will explain to you how to create a WordPress kind infinite post loading (scrolling) effect on Blogspot/Blogger. This script is originally created by Simplex Design. Infinite scrolling for blog posts in very charming effect with lite loading effect. I’d first saw this effect on my blog from that time I am desiring this effect for Blogger. If you are not able to understand this effect then you should go to your Facebook wall then scroll down the page. There you’ll see the autoloading of old wall entries, this effect is called infinite scrolling until it gets your very first post. In my article, I am just changing Blogger pageType tag to make your blog faster and responsive to this script. The main benefit using my version will be you’ll able to load infinite scrolling on the home page, archive page and search page while this script will not load on your item page and static pages i.e. blog posts and pages. This means your blog will be more responsive and fast.

Configure the Custom Favicon for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

You all are aware of default Blogger favicon for your blog. Have you ever thought your blog audience is getting bored with it or simply ignore your blog by thinking that you are not a professional blogger because you’re not using a custom favicon? In the year 2012 Blogger has already added a Favicon gadget in the Layout section. This is on the top left of Layout page above header gadget. After clicking on Edit on Favicon gadget, you can upload the custom favicon to your blog icon. It is best to select a square image which should be less than 100KB. Favicon gives your blog a unique identity. Visitor’s can easily identify your blog with its favicon. When someone bookmarks any page then your blog’s favicon appear next to page title or link.

Product: You - Online Advertising and Marketing - An Infographic

Online service is always doing surprising things and adding value to its user’s choice. Millions of users prefer to use social networking sites like Google, Facebook & Twitter in time of promoting their products, brands or Business. And social media is a source through which you can connect with others to sell your products and advertise your business. Online advertising and marketing are much easier & cheaper than a physical marketing and advertising processes. It’s a great beginning for business professionals for selling more products as well as gaining new customers. Many companies are applying developing strategies to their social media posts, links to connect with their online customers which engaging them with the social channel.

Attractive Social Profile Widget - Pure CSS3 widgets

Social profile widget is a most demanding thing for a blog because this is a biggest social media weapon to promote your blog through social media. You can cross check this thing when you add a social profile widget on your blog you grow blog readership and followers. Many bloggers are using basic social media widgets but most of the new bloggers are unaware of its benefits and but they want to use it for fun and popularity and showbiz. This unique social profile widget will let you connect your social media profile to your blog. With this social profile widget, your blog readers will reach on your social profile and pages and add you as a friend or subscribe page updates or follow you. Four major social media platforms Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin are available in this widget including your blog feed to make feed subscription simpler to various online feed readers.

Web Vs Native Vs Hybrid Mobile App Development: Which Should Prefer

This article is able to make an informed decision about the most appropriate mobile app development process for your project.

VPN Service Reviews Offer Valuable Information to All of Us

VPN service reviews are offering valuable information on the net & print media. Anyone can get this information and use it for personal or professional use.

How to Create a Pure CSS Advertisement Space or Box?

A pure CSS advertisement space can be a great idea to attract new advertisers to your site. Here are two codes to show CSS ad blocks.

How to Use Read More Option with Thumbnail on Blogger/Blogspot?

Read More Option with Thumbnail hack is far better than Blogger’s default jump break option because it automatically creates a summary of posts on archive pageType and index pageType i.e. home page, label page and search result page with standard defined thumbnail size and words length. One more best feature of this hack is you can skip any number of posts on the home page that you need not shorten i.e. if you want you can show any number of a full post on the homepage. It gives a very professional look to your blog. Most of the professional Bloggers have already adopted Read More Option with Thumbnail hack for their blogs and this trick is not unknown to you. But the best thing is this it is available to you now. My belief is that you’ll try and use on your blogs.

Get Google+ Add to Circles Popup Widget Advanced Version

My friends were asking me about Google+ Add to Circles Popup Widget with Lightbox Effect including one-time popup for a single user in n number of days. I did not found such widget on the web through a google search. So I planned to create and share with your friends. I am using GUI of “Facebook Likebox Extended using Colorbox jQuery Lightbox “, that I have published a few days ago. I have managed widget GUI with the help of “Colorbox – A jQuery Lightbox” by Jack Moore. I am here launching Google+ Add to Circles widget with white and black lightbox effect. You can choose any of these as per your blog design or choice. This widget’s customization in really simple. No tech expertise is necessary, just read and follow this article carefully. This widget is designed and optimized with HTML5 so your site/blog performance will not be compromised anyhow.

15 Twitter Bootstrap Goodies for Quick Web Designing

Twitter Bootstrap is one of the best and free collections of tools for quick website development and web applications. Learn awesome 15 tools and plugins.

5 Reasons to Take Personal Interest in WordPress Customization

Today custom WordPress development is a big need for businesses. Here you will learn why you should take a personal interest in WordPress customization.

3 Reasons the Cable Merger Will Benefit Satellite TV

Cable merger will definitely be going to give benefits to satellite tv companies. In this article, you can read the top three benefits of this merger.

Responsive Web Design: An Excellent Technique to Amazing Website

The current scenario of the internet and smart computing devices has changed the way of online users to interact with the website. All online users want to have the smooth and easy experience of the website on their smartphones as well as computing gadgets. This has become a challenge for webmasters to deploy the website that can work with superb interaction & save lots of time. Therefore, the only strategy that can work to enhance the website interaction is Responsive Web Design.

Auto redirect to homepage if page not found on a Blogger blog

When any reader comes to your blog and unexpectedly does not get the searched post then error 404 (Page not found message) occurs and a message appears on page “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.” by default. This may be a chance of losing a blog reader. Because only a few readers will think to move at home page or use the search bar to search that particular content on your blog. I am sure many of readers will close the window and move again to search results.

Exceptional Offices - Useful Additions to Find in An Office

The global office environments have changed. This infographic on Exceptional Offices outlines some of the most progressive and innovative office additions.

How Defragmenting Your Computer Can Speed It Up?

Defragmenting your computer is a routine housekeeping chore that is similar to straightening up your office. Defragmentation software can help you in this.

Air Balloons and Satellite Dishes: 4 Exciting Possibilities for Internet in Remote Places

Air balloons & satellite dishes can be most promising forms of technology and they can be used to provide online access practically anywhere on the planet.