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Things To Do in China- The Best of China

China’s collection of attractions is mind-numbingly vast which is why a guide to visiting this magnificent country’s attractions demands a lot of planning and guidance, specifically if you are on a time crunch. Here is our list of things to do in China to ease your burden of planning.


Visit the Great Wall of China

It is, of course, one of the greatest sights in the world, and most importantly one of the most spectacular creations by humans ever; the longest wall in the world. Amongst some of the most remarkable awe-inspiring defensive architectural marvels, the Great Wall of China is one that unapologetically stands. Throughout its total length, its winding structure over the rugged countryside and some absolutely steep mountains provide some ecstatic scenery along the way. This majestic monument was built with literal blood, sweat and tears of many workers, soldiers and peasants from the time and is a representation of the country’s perseverance in time.


Dong Ling Buddha

Situated with only a five-minute drive from the from popular Lushan mountain hotels the likes of Dorsett Lushan Resort in the Jiangxi Province of Southeastern China. It is venerated among the Buddhist followers for being the birthplace of pure land Buddhism and for housing the highest Amidah Buddha statue, standing tall at 48 metres. Legend has it that it took more than billion RMB to complete Buddha statue, having used up a total of 48kg of gold plating to cover it!


The Forbidden City

The extravagant heart of China, the forbidden city was constructed in the year 1420 during the period of early Ming Dynasty, and hosts China’s best-preserved imperial palace which also doubles as the largest ancient palatial structure in the whole world! Its grand halls and exquisitely decorated walls culminate the essence of traditional Chinese architecture better than any other attraction that one could think of. Its rich history and stories of it's becoming would certainly astound you so make sure to explore as much as you can afford to!


The Terracotta Army

It is no real marching army, but it could just as easily be with their extremely realistic, life-sized soldier models with their uncannily realistic expressions on their perfectly moulded terracotta faces! Their story is the most mesmerizing; in summary they were constructed to accompany the tomb of China’s First Emperor as his afterlife guard. The thousands of detailed terracotta soldiers are a true testament to China’s rich history and are one of the must-see attractions if you ever happen to be visiting Xi’an.


The Yellow Mountains

This stretch of mountains is one of the most famous and most scenic areas in China. In the early 90s, it was named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, possibly considering its remarkable natural scenery that it offers panoramic views of, including the bizarrely shaped pines and rocks as well as the mystical seas of cloud which makes visibility simply out of the question! Disclaimer: if you visit the Yellow mountains hoping to see a bright sun-like coloured range of mountains, well you are in for a fair amount of disappointment as the name itself derives from the legendary Yellow Emperor in 747 AD. It is believed that the said emperor lived, refined precious medicines and became a supernatural being right on these mountains.

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