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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 19, 2019
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10 Best Dishes in Hong Kong - Top Dishes to Try Out in this Iconic Destination

The food scene in Hong Kong is vibrant for sure! There are plenty of great dishes that you can try out here. This article details 10 dishes that you must not miss while travelling in Hong Kong.


Sweet and sour pork

Meat lovers who visit Hong Kong should surely not miss the sensational sweet and sour pork dish! It is succulent, flavoursome and extremely addictive! The dish is, in fact, popular all over the world.



If you travel in Hong Kong and return without trying out wantons, you really have missed out on an epic experience! Wantons are incredibly popular here and a number of restaurants serve it to hungry customers. Wantons, which are known as Chao shou are generally added to clear soup.


Roast goose

This is yet another fancy dish that meat lovers should not miss. It is known to be a speciality in Cantonese cuisine. When you order the roast goose, you can expect an incredibly flavoursome and succulent goose, delivered to your table! A special species of goose is used to prepare this exotic dish and that is why it is quite unique.


Wind sand chicken

Now this is a dish that looks as great as it tastes! Wind sand chicken is an incredibly popular dish in Hong Kong. It essentially includes a full chicken, roasted to perfection. The name is derived from its crust, which is made up of crushed garlic. This is what renders the unique look to the dish. You will be able to find it at many leading restaurants in the city. If you stay at a centrally located hotel like Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong, you will be able to visit the many leading restaurants in the city with great ease and have an unforgettable food tour!


Shrimp and chicken balls

Shrimp and chicken balls which are quite often included in festive menus is a remarkable delicacy with supreme flavour! This is a deep-fried dish that can leave you yearning for more. You will be able to treat yourself to this exquisite concoction when you dine at a local restaurant in Wanchai.


Phoenix talons

If you are willing to try out something bolder, you should certainly consider Phoenix talons. When you order this dish, you will be served chicken feet! Of course, the nails are clipped and the feet are deep-fried to perfection, but still, one will need quite a lot of will power to tackle this dish!


Steamed shrimp dumplings

Har gow, or steamed shrimp dumplings are also quite popular in Hong Kong. You will be able to find it at many leading restaurants in the city. The shrimp is generally quite juicy and flavoursome so you will become addicted to it for sure.


Fish balls

Fish balls are cute little delicacies which are packed with flavour! There are plenty of street food stalls in the city which sells this remarkable concoction.


Hong Kong-style milk tea

Tea is a popular beverage all over the world. In Hong Kong too, you will find a unique rendition of this delightful beverage. It is made up of Ceylon black tea, evaporated milk and sugar.


Pineapple bread

This is a delightful sweet dish that can tantalize your taste buds effortlessly! It is interesting to note that the pineapple bread doesn’t actually contain pineapples. The appearance of the bread is what gives it its name.

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