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Future Technologies

Here you know about Future technologies and its benefits

Blockchain Technoloiges & Its Certification

Hello Everyone recently I complete my blockchain certification from udemy & here I know about basic knowledge of Blockchain certification. The instructor is also a friendly and polite nature..

Learn how to use MultiChain to set up a private blockchain and develop a sample application.

The concept of MultiChain is likely to dominate the blockchain space in the next decade as it is a platform which helps to create a private blockchain offering attractive solutions for financial institutions and other industry verticals such as cybersecurity, maritime industries, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, and media & entertainment.


Dash is the first open-source cryptocurrency which is based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s work with built-in privacy functions. The whitepaper of Dash, which was co-authored by Evan Duffield and Daniel Diaz describes Dash as “the first privacy-centric cryptographic currency.




Ethereum (ETH) - A decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. Ethereum is how the Internet was supposed to work. As long as you have enough funds to pay for your code to be run by the network, your contacts will always be up and running.

What is blockchain?

***Blockchain technology* backs up Bitcoin to this day, but there’s been a recent groundswell of interest from a variety of industries in making distributed ledger technology work.**

A blockchain is the structure of data that represents a financial ledger entry, or a record of a transaction. Each transaction is digitally signed to ensure its authenticity and that no one tampers with it, so the ledger itself and the existing transactions within it are assumed to be of high integrity. - read more

Make A Private & Secure Blockchain System By Using Hyperlegeder Fabric

Hyperledger is a system that is designed to support the intricacies and complexities existing across the economic ecosystem. It is a platform for distributed ledger solutions supported by a modular architecture. It is designed to deliver a high degree of flexibility, scalability, and confidentiality to the system.

The Ultimate Guide To Learn Corda

Corda is an open-source blockchain project which allows in the building of interoperable blockchain networks which assist businesses to transact their private transactions directly. It uses known identities to inject trust into the system. It operates with the goal to reduce the effort required to maintain data consistency and to enable in handling a higher volume of transactions. Corda’s focus on security and privacy is what encourages businesses to adapt to the blockchain paradigm. As Corda networks are permissioned, it aids in controlled access.

Learn How To Implement Blockchain In The Field Of Human Resources

Experts say that payroll and recruitment are the two potential applications that are likely to impact the field of human resources. Blockchain, the encrypted digital ledger of public records, would certainly simplify the jobs of HR professionals and transform the HR industry for the better. Blockchain gifts every employee control over their entire academic and work identity.

Learn How To Integrate Blockchain In Legal Industry

Today, a host of opportunities have opened up, thanks to the development of blockchain in legal industry, the decentralized ledger system. Law firms facing stiff competition from non-traditional players and diminishing demand from corporate clients consider implementing blockchain in their businesses to support the changing nature of legal work. Blockchain enables enterprises to enter new lines of business and differentiate service offerings smoothly

Learn How To Implement Blockchain In Supply Chain.

Blockchain technology is a game-changer for the supply chain industry. Businesses are looking for ways to leverage this disruptive innovation to strengthen relationships and increase profits across supply chains. Blockchains help optimize business transactions and trading relationships, which thus result in streamlined inventory management, improved asset utilization, and greater collaboration.

You Want To Become A Blockchain Developer?

Blockchain Council gives you the chance to become a blockchain Developer by taking online training with an instructor on 12th & 13th October 2019. In this online training session, you get the practical knowledge of Blockchain technology and also get certification of this training session.

Learn How Blockchain Can Be Implemented In Financial Services

Blockchain technology plays a pivotal role in guiding financial organizations towards the future they envision- one where routine tasks are taken care of, thus allowing finance professionals to focus on business strategies and operations. Blockchain helps corporates establish standards and governance for data sharing and collaboration.

In this training session, you know how blockchain helps Banks in the KYC Process.

KYC is the business process of verifying client identity to help companies ensure who they are doing business with. KYC is typically a long-drawn process.

Foundational Course on Network Hacking and Wireless Security

Do you want to learn the real-world hacking techniques but are puzzled about the learning direction you must take? The complete Network Hacking Course for you as you can learn the ins and outs of network hacking.

Learn to hack WiFi like a hacker, and learn to secure your Wi-Fi from congestion and countermeasures.

Wi-Fi Hacking refers to cracking the security protocols of a wireless network after which the hacker will gain full access to view, download, or jam the wireless network. A hacker is one who uses hacking tools and techniques to observe the information which is stored and shared over a network.

Learn how a hacker hacks into the system and learn how to secure them from getting hacked.

The Black Hat Approach to Hacking is a Computer skilled professional course where you learn all the basics of ethical hacking and countermeasures respectively.

Advanced Social Engineering

This course will equip you with adept skills to prevent yourself from getting hacked.
Are you one among the thousands of people that make use of “social engineering tools” without knowing human psychology, micro-expressions, kill chain methodology, and the execution principles used for exploiting human behavior? If you answered “Yes” to this question, you have landed at the right place.

Blockchain for Professionals: No Programming Needed

Gain access to the premium content which provides a chance to explore the working of blockchain technology. Enroll now to grab your spot on this course. Explore the fast-changing world of blockchain technology. Explore their potential in this course which is divided into four parts, namely Blockchain Basics, Blockchain Intermediate, Blockchain Advanced, and Blockchain Use Cases.

Beginner's Guide to Ethical Hacking

The Beginner Guide to Ethical Hacking is a Computer skilled professional course where you learn all the basics of ethical hacking and countermeasures respectively.

Want To Know How You Secure Your Websites From Hacker?

We have a Complete Web Penetration Testing 101 Course on Udemy at a discounted price.

By enrolling in this course will help you learn to hack websites and web applications and secure them like security experts. On udemy, you get some benefits also.

Instructor-Led Training | Online Instructor-Led | Global Tech Council

Instructor LED Training. In this training session, you will take online classes with an expert trainer who gives you the knowledge about Future Technologies.

Career Benefits of Cyber Security Certification & Why We Learn Cyber Security? - Wattpad

In the digital era where everything seems to be floating in the virtual world, the importance of data security cannot be undermined. It has given rise to the need for cybersecurity, which can ensure data security.

Certified Machine Learning Expert

Machine Learning Certification will equip you with the most effective machine learning techniques, data mining, statistical pattern recognition.

Certified Big Data Expert™

Big Data Certification focuses on the core concepts of Big Data Analytics including Hadoop, MapReduce, Yarn, Pig, Hive, Spark and much more. The exam is designed by our experts to certify individuals who have comprehensive hands-on knowledge of Big Data analytics.

Art of Footprinting : Information Gathering Tactics

Footprinting is a process of collecting a wide array of information about the target system to find ways to penetrate the system.