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Best Eco Friendly Reusable Produce Bags

Naturally Sensible strives to provide high quality, eco friendly, ethically made products. Reducing the use of plastic to help better our planet.

Why We Need To Make The Switch To Reusable Cotton Mesh Produce Bags - Naturally Sensible

Reusable mesh bags made from cotton are also tougher than they look. This is an important benefit for those that make frequent trips to farmers markets.

Reusable Shopping Bags Are A Perfect Tool In The Fight Against Plastic - Naturally Sensible

Reusable grocery bags as a simple, passive symbol of civil disobedience in the fight against the anti-environmental measures of major corporations. We can stop the threat of plastic bags one fabric tote at a time.


Here at Naturally Sensible, we have made it our goal to help reduce the amount of waste that people create by doing something as simple as going to the grocery store and shopping. Naturally Sensible was founded by a husband and wife who noticed that every time they went to the store they had so many disposable bags that came home with their groceries. They started out by trying to order reusable grocery and produce bags online but were very unhappy with the quality of the product that they received.




When you buy cotton mesh produce bags wholesale from Naturally Sensible you won’t just get a better price, you’ll have in your hands the ability to help others to reduce their plastic usage just like you have.



Spring Hill, FL. September 30, 2019. —, an eCommerce store that sells eco-friendly products that support and promote sustainable living, has announced that it now sells reusable produce bags. Naturally Sensible believes in selling hand-made and high-quality bags that reinforces their mission to end plastic bag waste through the use of their new products.

Since launching their company in 2015, a husband and wife team decided to create to produce zero waste and protect the environment from the flimsy plastic produce bags. Many customers use these flimsy plastic bags in supermarkets to hold their fresh vegetables like lettuce, carrots, cilantro and other items that contain water.

Company founders, Wendy Erb and husband Michael Erb created these new bags as a way to give their customers more options to help the environment when they shop for fresh fruit and vegetables.

"Naturally Sensible is focused on bringing sustainable bags to market that are biodegradable and great for the environment. We are committed to upholding the mantra to have zero waste," said Wendy Erb. "Our new bags reflect our mission of putting the earth first. And is in a position to support biodegradable bag manufacturers like the ISO 9001 Certified company from Pakistan, that is also Global Organic Textile Standard — GOTS — Certified. Erb also noted that "We chose to make products to connect with like-minded customers who can feel like they're a big part of our family when they purchase one our bags."

The four new biodegradable products that sell comes on the heels of the other eco-friendly products that they have. Some of the features of their reusable produce bags and reusable grocery cart bags include:

  • Made of 100% Organic Cotton Muslin and Mesh

  • High-quality

  • Eco-friendly

  • Large, durable and lightweight

  • See through and washable

  • Easy to store bags when on the go

The many features of these produce bags will only enhance the shopping experience of our customers who want to put the earth's environment first. "No one understands how important it is to protect the earth's fragile environment, more than our customers," said Michael Erb. "We're happy to sell these four new bags, and we continue to look forward to upholding our mission to sell products that support sustainability measures that will protect the environment."

Since 2015, Naturally Sensible has assisted over 40 thousand people in ending their plastic bag use when shopping in a supermarket or many other locations where fresh produce is sold. The staff at Naturally Sensible have been doing their part to make the earth a better place, one eco-friendly bag at a time! We truly want shoppers to be a part of our green family by living Naturally Sensible™ today!

Learn more about Naturally Sensible™ by visiting their website at They can also be contacted by filling out their form at You can also find out more about Naturally Sensible™ by visiting their Facebook page and Instagram.

Why are plastic bags so dangerous? : naturallysensible

Cotton produce bags are made of 100% Organic Cotton Muslin, making them durable enough to withstand any shopping trip. They are made in many different sizes, so make sure you have plenty of bags in the right sizes for the items your family needs.

Organic Reusable Vegetable Bags

As more and more people and companies are starting to realise about the state of the world and the fact that we need to make a lot of changes to make it a viable future, more and more options for organic reusable vegetable bags are appearing. You can buy cloth bags, bamboo ones, woven versions – any of them will help reduce your impact on the world.




Microplastics have already been found in every corner of the planet: on land, in the sea, in plants, in lakes, in rivers and in animals. Microplastics have also been found in people’s intestines. The only solution to this problem is to reduce the consumption of plastic. And the best way to start doing this is to replace the plastic-derived plastic shopping bags with green shopping bags.

Ecological Shopping Bags - Naturally Sensible

Organic cotton shopping bags are very reusable. It can also be washed in the washing machine and easily dry quite quickly thanks to the fact that it is on a rack.




Our soft cotton muslin produce bags are green, Eco-friendly, and safer for the environment than plastic. However, it's not only the better choice for our environment; they're also a great option for carrying large quantities of produce.




Days are gone when homeowners used to store all essential kitchen accessories and produce in the loft. Significantly, you can easily use your countertop these days as the best place to keep your basket stand.

Naturally Sensible - Naturally Sensible - Medium

Ecology and ecofriendly-ness is becoming more and more of a concern in our current era: with global warming advancing faster than previously thought and having many different, visible effects in our…




Naturally Sensible is an up-and-coming company that produces natural, eco friendly, reusable bags. Our cotton muslin reusable produce bags and organic cotton mesh produce bags are made out of organic and biodegradable materials, which means they have less of an impact in the degradation of our environment; and they also have a very low carbon footprint in production, which means that we don't release a lot of CO2 to the atmosphere during the production of this bags.




If you would like to take things a step further and motivate others to protect the environment, then buying cotton mesh produce bags wholesale can help you to do that. Naturally Sensible is a company founded on the idea of helping people to reduce the amount of plastic that they use.




It is wise to compare prices from one store to another as you look for the best 2 tier wooden countertop basket stand. Go for a budget-friendly design that will still meet your needs. The cost of the available basket stand should not compromise its quality.

Reusable Nylon Mesh Produce Bags | Eco Friendly See Through Reusable Produce Bags | Naturally Sensible

Strong Durable Nylon Mesh Bags - These see through, lightweight mesh bags are made to last. Unlike cheap tote bags, these mesh bags will hold together under all normal conditions.