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US Global Tax Australia

Companies and Trusts – US Global Tax - Australia

We Handle Foreign Company Taxation In addition to individuals, we also assist Australian and New Zealand based companies and trusts which have a US owner or trustee. Whether you are self-employed with a small business or have a family trust to safeguard your assets, you may have a US reporting requirement. Foreign trus

NZ & AU Based US Tax Specialists - US Expat Taxation – US Global Tax - Australia

Looking for NZ & AU based US Tax specialists? US Global Tax are trusted professionals, and know how to help you file your NZ US tax returns. Call us today!

Who needs to file – US Global Tax - Australia

Who must file a US tax return?   Any US citizen or green card holder based anywhere worldwide, with a total income greater than $12,000 (USD equivalent) for individuals. This threshold varies for married individuals filing jointly/separately. Lower thresholds exist for other types of income, such as self-employment inc

Non-Residents of the USA – US Global Tax - Australia

Helping Non-US Citizen with Tax Returns Did you know that any individual with US income or investments may have an obligation to file a US tax return, regardless of their citizenship? We’re able to assist in all non-resident tax issues, related to the US. Whether this is obtaining a refund of withholding tax for a temp

Individuals – US Global Tax - Australia

Individual US Taxation Specialists At US Global Tax Ltd., we are specialists in individual US Taxation. Most US citizens residing outside the United States have a tax filing requirement to the IRS, regardless of where in the world you may be situated. The filing requirements for individuals will vary depending on your

Doing Business in the USA – US Global Tax - Australia

Doing Business & Investing in the USA Doing business in the United States can be a minefield of complex issues not only for large organisations but also for “Mom and Pop” investors. Investing in the US can be an attractive proposition, whether this is through a rental property, shares, or other business investments

Migration – US Global Tax - Australia

 Expert Tax Advice For Migration    Whether you’re a US citizen moving to Australia or New Zealand, or a migrant moving to the US, we’re able to provide expert tax advice with regards to the tax implications. As a US citizen moving overseas, we’re able to help with the transition for tax purposes, such as: What will be

Paying the IRS – US Global Tax - Australia

At US Global Tax, we are extremely pleased to offer a unique service, in partnership with OFX. Unique amongst accounting firms in NZ and Australia, we’re able to offer a direct IRS payment service from your NZ or Australian bank account (or other countries). This service enables easy, smooth transactions to the IRS, wi

401K and IRA – US Global Tax - Australia

We are able to assist with the withdrawal of US-based pensions and retirement funds. Many individuals, both US and Non-US citizens frequently experience difficulties when the time comes to withdraw from a US-based retirement fund. This can be a complex, and time-consuming process. In addition, there can sometimes be un

FBAR - FinCen114 – US Global Tax - Australia

What is an FBAR? This is a very widely used Google search term, and something which leaves many US expatriates scratching their heads. FBAR is an acronym for “Foreign Bank Account Reporting”, with the actual form name to be FinCen114 (Report of Foreign Bank Accounts). An FBAR is required to be filed by any US citizen r

  • The US taxation specialists at US Global Tax pride themselves on assisting clients with expert US tax compliance services. Through high tech systems, professional staff, and friendly customer service, they’re able to make even the most complex situations straight forward for their clients.

    US Global tax provides a wide range of services, not only for US expats but also businesses, trusts, and or any individual with US-based income or investments.

    United States citizens are subject to tax on their worldwide income, regardless of its source. For most, this usually requires that they file a US tax return, even if they’re living in Australia. This makes it critical that expats know their FATCA and FBAR obligations, and properly fill out the requisite forms to report all financial holdings and claim all available exemptions.

    The clients of US Global Tax range from students with limited income up to multi-national corporations and high net-worth individuals. The wealth of experience at US Global Tax guarantees they’ll be able to assist with even the most complex situations in a friendly, jargon-free manner.

    US Global Tax’s wide range of services also includes assistance with expats’ 401K Australia, Fbar FINCEN114, and other issues pertaining to both individual taxation and foreign company tax.

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