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Ars Ltd UK

ARS LTD UK is an Essex based building repair and Refurbishment Company which offers a professional Glass Repair, Onsite spraying, industrial spray painting & Suspended ceiling Repair service in the UK and Ireland.

ARS : 5 Best DIY Window and Glass cleaner

Though it may seem tedious and dreary to clean glass and windows, but with a little effort, you can make them look tidy; your friends will wonder that they've been professionally cleaned like you’ve hired Onsite Glass Repair service.

In this blog, we’ve provided a few cherry-picked, excellent DIY remedies that will clean your glass without leaving toxic residue in your home.

Insights into Acoustical Ceiling Restoration

Acoustic is a study that deals with mechanical waves such as sound and vibrations. Therefore, acoustical ceiling refers to a coating done on the ceiling to make it soundproof. Whereas, ceiling restoration is a process of restoring a ceiling into its original position through cleaning and repairing processes.

Advantages of Curtain Wall Refurbishment

A curtain wall is an exterior layering affixed to the outside of a building to safeguard the structure. The core purpose of its design is to obstruct elements from making their way in.

The curtain wall has grown into a permanent staple of modern facade fashion since its inception almost 100 years ago.

With its glistening, sleek and streamlined look, the curtain wall facade came into existence in the year 1918 and become more prominent by the 1930s.

The post has been designed to impart you knowledge regarding the benefits of curtain wall refurbishment.

Ways By Which On Site Spraying Can Improve Commercial Premises

Are you planning to update the look of an outdated commercial enterprise? Or attract more visitors to your commercial premise. Onsite spraying is indeed the smart and effective means to enhance the aesthetics of commercial properties.

We live in an era where customers are overwhelmed with choices. Upgrading your commercial premise look will help to attract more visitors and portray the brand's message aptly.

Folks, refreshing to new look doesn’t have to be time-consuming, troublesome and expensive. Consider the help of site spraying experts at ARS. With the help of experts, you could revamp windows, doors, cladding, roofs and ceilings on a commercial building.

ARS UK LTD is an Essex based building repair and refurbishment company established as a family run business in 1992. We primarily offer a professional specialist On-Site Spray Coating & Repair service to the UK and Ireland. With vast experience and dedication to getting the project finished on time - first time - every time in the services we offer.

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Pros and Cons of Using Metal Cladding

Metal cladding is a coating done for protecting the substrate. The protective material is bonded to the substrate by applying heat or pressure. Metal cladding is significant because it is a reliable and cost-effective way of protection from corrosion.

The method used for preventing corrosion by forming a layer of one metal over another metal surface with the help of diffusion, deformation and lasers is called as metal cladding. Cladding is a protective outer covering that is used for covering buildings, walls and roofs. They are generally used for commercial and industrial projects such as for the shop front cladding.

Curtain Walling Vs Cladding Read Through Which is Better?

Whether you are recreating the structure of your building or planning to build a new structure from scratch, there are numerous options available in the market to choose from and to get the desired look.

In order to create an attractive structure and faced you will have to choose wisely, here are the main differences between the cladding and curtain walling.

Shop front cladding is a decorative and protective coating over the building to keep it protected from damages that may occur due to weather. The cladding also serves as an insulation for heat and sound.

Curtain Walling
The primary function of curtain walling is same as cladding but work in a slightly different manner. The curtain walls are used where buildings are non-structural because they do not hold the weight of the building.

Benefits of Industrial Spray Painting

Spray painting is typically designed for industrial applications and is a popular choice for professional craftsmen in heavy-duty industries. It is the most economic and fast way of applying smooth, even and good quality paint to a wide range of surfaces. Let us understand its site spraying benefits in depth.