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Riversweeps Platinium

Riversweeps Platinium has developed an excellent platform which provides services for casino software. With the professional team of experts, we offer a comprehensive list of services. Having long industrial experience, we provide premium-quality software and maintenance service for your casino business. If you are planning to build up online casino business or local sweepstakes cafe, then Riversweeps Platinium is the most convenient tool for your business.


Cafe Software

Internet cafe software is required to fulfill the daily tasks of any cyber internet cafe. It is essential to control your internet cafe and monitor all the computers in your location. You may have a lot of computers in your cafe that it would be almost impossible to manage without advanced internet cafe software. When using our cafe software, all of your computers in the internet cafe will be connected to the cashier station.

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Cyber Cafe Software

Cyber Cafe Software is required to fulfill the daily tasks of any cyber internet cafe. It is essential to control your internet cafe and monitor all the computers in your location. You may have a lot of computers in your cafe that it would be almost impossible to manage without advanced internet cafe software. When using our Cyber Cafe Software, all of your computers in the internet cafe will be connected to the cashier station.

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Sweepstakes Slots

In a world where everybody and everything moves at a fast pace, yearning for money, we all need a pause. Sweepstakes slots are a great idea if you want to have fun and earn some cash. These games are easy to play, and they don’t require a lot of knowledge. That’s why almost 80% percent of gambling profits, both online and land-based, come from slots. Sweepstakes slots are top-rated nowadays, and you can choose from several categories, some games, including our favorite movies and artists.

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8 Liner Machines

Majority of gamblers prefer to play with sweepstakes machines if they have other options. For that reason, the commonly used gambling device is sweepstake machines. However, the gambling business is a competitive market, as the number of rivals is high. Specifically, 8 Liner machines become one of the challenging competitors for sweepstakes in recent days. Sweepstakes machines have various additional benefits that could prevail in 8 liner machines

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Online Slots Casinos

Slot matches are likely the most common form of online slots casinos amusement owing to the simple principles and the full range of accessible topics. There are a lot of casino locations that offer the most excellent online slot games. Some of them even specialize in them, so you’re spoiled for decision. There’s a bunch to imagine whether you’re looking for online slots casinos, fruit machines, 3D cards, standard cards or portable cards.

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video slot games

If you ever searched for video slot games, you probably noticed that there are millions of games available on the internet. The number of people who is a fan of playing them increases day by day. Most of the time, users are facing some difficulties in the process of finding a perfect game, and they spend more time to search for it rather than playing it. For that reason, this article will provide you with top video slot games, and help you to make an easy choice. 

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Classic Slot Machines

The first slot machine was an example of classic slot machines with three reels. When a gamer pulls the lever, unlike an online slot, that was on the side of the classic slot machines, reels start spinning. You can see symbols like playing cards and a cracked bell. Eventually, the reels stop and results revealed.

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online slots

Due to the high development in the field of software providing online casinos, there exist different types of online slots. Players can enjoy the thematic diversity, different methods of payments, original graphics, ease of use, etc. We are going to discuss some of the main categories and types of online slots in today’s society.

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slot machine

Casino slots are very accessible to the public and winning slot machine as well. However, you need to know how to pick them. Because these games are not only convenient, but they come in thousands and thousands of variants and options. We made up a beginner’s guide on how to pick a winning slot machine and win. Browse through general sweepstakes data, tips and tricks, and other fun facts. 

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real money online casino

Want to experience a fantastic adrenaline boost in your blood and earn real cash while you’re playing? If you believe real money gambling is hazardous, I’ll assist you in selecting the best real money online casino games from credible casino pages with high-paying credits. The first option of games on renowned online casino is also a real money online casino machine.

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online turnkey casino

You can start up your project in any digital industry. And one of such industries is online turnkey casino. The online turnkey casino software development will help you even after installation. Their service consists of regular check-ups and helps desks, which will help you when you have some issues.

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online gambling slot

There are a lot of options to spend your leisure time interesting on the internet. Online Casinos are one of these options. These casino sites have many different slot games. But, the question arises from this gaining about how much the amount will be? In this article, we will mention four essential tactics to increase winning with online gambling slot. Any online gambling slot site does not guarantee you with the exact amount of dollars coming back to you from spins.

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online casino reviews

The process of selecting an online casino can be a challenging task for these games. Because there are hundreds of working locations, participants may be overshadowed by the decisions. Reading online casino reviews is one of the most excellent places to choose a credible and trustworthy internet online casino. Online casino reviews are an excellent tool to choose a location and train participants for what they’re going to encounter when making their choice.

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trusted online casino

There is one more type of player who likes betting games, but they do not have enough time to go to a casino. It is also possible that they do not have any casinos nearby. There is trusted online casino sites where gamers can access hundreds of engaging games instantly. Therefore, this article aids you in your choice of a trusted online casino by creating a list of the best ones in 2019.

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online slot machines

We can say that classic slots are online slot machines that aim to imitate the look of the real slot machine. They are a traditional approach to the slot machines. While playing online slot machines games if you see that the game offers you bonuses, stories, and hundreds of paylines, you could guess that the game is a classic slot. 

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777 slot machine

Online slot versions, as a 777 slot machine, only offer you a superior slot experience. As a result, it makes you feel like you are in one of the fancy, land-based casinos. People who want to enjoy this feeling and win prizes from time to time prefer this old- school game. One type of those games is offered by 777 slot machine which will take you to the land-based casinos of the ’20s.

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inferno slot

More than 75% of the revenue that casinos generate comes from a slot game, whether a traditional or Inferno slot. Slot games have an extensive history through which various types of slots emerged. Nowadays, you can play a classic, progressive, multi-line, multi-reel, online, video, and Inferno slot.

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casino software solutions

If you show patience and does every step correctly, then you will probably manage to get profit from the casino software solutions. You should also include the functionality of your casino, detailed description of the campaign, all the risks, their potential casino software solutions, your income, and even operating expenditures. 

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sweepstakes software

The history of the sweepstake games, as a separate type of sports betting, dates back to the Middle Ages, when gladiator fights in ancient Rome were widely popular. Mr. Oller invented the rules of the sweepstakes software games used to this day in 1874 in Paris. Let’s first learn more about sweepstakes in general, then move to sweepstakes software.

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popular slot games

Slot games software developers come up with new updates and innovations including popular slot games every year and 2019 was no exception.  We are very excited about all these new ideas, and we cannot wait to try every new slot game available. However, we did try the popular slot games out there until now.

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play internet sweepstakes

As technology has become one of the most frequently used tools, you can play internet sweepstakes at home. In doing so, you save time by avoiding going outside home to play games. In this sense, online gaming facilitates the work too much. Once you start to play internet sweepstakes at home, you have more time to become a master gambler.

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video slots

In 1976, video slots entered the limelight; the very first one as the screen had a 19-inch Sony TV. What we can claim were more comfortable times. During the mid-90s, video slots created another gigantic jump – from hotel rooms to the web – and the picture card never stared away from there.

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internet sweepstakes games

To play internet sweepstakes games at home does not depend on your location, so whether you are in Florida, Maine or anywhere else. You could enjoy the best internet sweepstakes games while drinking your favorite drink at your home. In this article, we have provided several online games so that you could easily play internet sweepstakes at home.

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online casino tricks

There are some online casino tricks that you must know and understand. Since in the short term, it’s possible to defeat the online slot machine, and we will let you in on some of those online casino tricks, but don’t plan to win money all the time!

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sweepstakes machines

Sweepstakes games are widely-spread format in the gambling industry. Majority of gamblers prefer to play with sweepstakes machines if they have other options. Sweepstakes machines have various additional benefits that could prevail in 8-liner devices. 

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