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Updated by Dheeraj Sharma on Oct 03, 2019
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Understand, Working of New Keyword Selection Preferences in Google Ads

Google Ads’ keyword selection preference would be changing said by Google. Through Google Ads platform advertisers display searchers brief advertisements and other stuff by paying some amount. With new keyword selection preferences, competing with keywords on Ad Rank with each other can be avoided. Here are several situations through which you’ll be able to have an idea of Google Ads’ keyword selection preferences working design.

4 Tips To Establish Content Marketing Strategy With Instagram

An SEO expert’s on-page activity will mostly rely on content because the content creation strategy used by SEOs is fundamentally done on search engines to generate leads, drive desired and quality traffic to your website. But here we are not going to discuss content marketing strategy or its use on search engine and talk about the content plan for social media, especially on Instagram.
Content creation for any kind of marketing or for any platform has always been the first focus of every expert because a quality content marketing planning not only will increase your engagement rate but also raise and build your brand awareness.
So, here is an important platform known as Instagram which is useful to strengthen your content marketing at best because of its popularity and increasing active user, which crossed 1 billion last year. Stats have revealed that about 80% of Instagram followers, follow one or more business on Instagram.
So either you choose for Instagram Influencer Marketing or want to strengthen your content marketing through Instagram, first you need to understand something before starting.
Creating your Instagram Business Account is not enough, for enhancing your game you need to work on content you going to display.
Content is not just sentencing formation, it becomes appealing, engaging and strong when you put feeling to it. So let’s read the 4 tips to improve and strengthen content marketing strategy with Instagram.

Understand the use of Hashtags:
An essential part of an Instagram post, hashtags must consist in your every image or video, so using relevant hashtags, will make your post discover able more quickly to followers.
Basically, hashtags are keywords in terms of Instagram, hashtags used should be business-related and also relocatable to the target audience. To find relevant hashtags on Instagram, (just like finding keywords on search engines), you need an investment of time to recognize suitable hashtags.
Follow this step to recognize suitable hashtags-
Research and collect all hashtags relatable to the brand’s product or service.
Analyze if those hashtags are used by your competitors or are those page is appearing when searching collected hashtags.
Throw the rest and use those hashtags which is useful.
Hashtags in use should be generic and unique, maybe the unique hashtags is not popular but they will represent your brand and through them, your website will be driven by high-quality traffic.

See the below image, you will see a unique hashtag “#WalkersPoppables”. What the brand did are used both unique and generic hashtags. Generic hashtags like- #snacks or #yummy. This post was viewed by more than 4k people on Instagram.

Right Frequency
Right frequency is not learned by any rule book but through experience and its more consist of trial and error method. Being active on Instagram, when your target audience is the foremost thing you need to keep in mind.
Through this, you will be able to increase your engagement rate and connect your audience, and eventually, you will be on a way to have high-quality traffic on your website.
So here’s a guide to building your Instagram Marketing Strategy, be sure to read that.
At first, Posting regularly is the key to discover the right time to post, then analyze engagement and also other parameters like- shares, visibility, through this you will be able to have an idea which post performed and which not and also when to post.
Once you figure out the right time to post, start practicing this exercise with consistency.

Avoid Promotional Content
Be crystal clear about your primary goal, Is it to drive traffic and increase sales or be a stupid salesman. Don’t just always post about your product, and also when posted it should not be overly promotional. Because exaggerated promotional content many times irritates followers and can result in the audience being away from your posts. Mix up your promotional content with what your target audience wants to hear or read.

Content can be funny, or interesting facts or informative but should not be on a sensitive topic such as religion or politics, your content should always be with inline of your brand. Here’s how you can be successful content creator.

Instagram Live Audience
The significant and powerful feature of Instagram is Live videos. Live videos as compare to other tools can drive and engage more audiences and of course generate leads.
Because people love to watch live videos, as they are funny and interesting. Through videos, you can make the target audience understand what do you sell? A good amount of Instagram account holders prefer to watch online video content and in that good amount, about 54% likes to watch video content from brands or business.

Strong video content will not only increase your connection but will bring audience attention. Strong video content consists of engaging and compelling content, which will through its long-lasting impression bring traffic to your website and boost sales. Through live videos, you can establish an emotional connection with your target audience, also you can collaborate with Instagram Influencer and can have live QandA but be aware of Fake Influencer.
The other ways you can generate leads is sharing behind-the-scenes videos, launching a new product, doing creative things.

You cannot afford to ignore the power of social media, if you ignore it you will be destroyed and if you understood and grasped social media power you will definitely rock, thus your revenue will boost. If you know any other tips for your content marketing strategy you are free to share that in the comments below.

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