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Use Your Over-The-Counter Medicines Smartly and Safely!

According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, over-the-counter medicines keep the U.S. population healthy. Their accessibility and affordability empower consumers to meet their healthcare needs. With OTC medications normally being the first line of treatment preferred by consumers, it is important to make use of the OTC drugs that you purchase from your reliable pharmacy in San Leandro, California in a smart and safe manner.

What Pharmacists Can Teach You About Your Prescriptions

According to a 2017 article posted on WebMD, the American population takes more drugs than ever, with around 55% regularly taking at least one prescription medicine. Since the things that patients do not know about their prescribed medications can hurt them, your retail pharmacy in California has listed down a handful of reasons why you would find it beneficial to talk to your pharmacists about your prescriptions:

Asthma Care: Put a Cap on It!

Do you own an inhaler? If yes, Medical Arts Pharmacy advises you to replace your inhaler’s cap immediately after use as small particles and other objects may get inside. Here’s why:

Inhalers treat conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Unlike swallowed medications, inhalers from any retail pharmacy in California get the medicine directly to the lungs.

Protect Your Child from Accidental Poisoning

Leaving your medicine where your children can reach it, e.g., on counters, nightstands, and in your purse, is a major hazard, especially when they have no restraint with what they put in their mouths. Anything brightly-colored and candy-looking can be appetizing to them.

The Significance of Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration

Clinical health is at its most effective when considered in a multidisciplinary framework. What this means is that depending on patients’ specific circumstances, their treatment and care are not only performed by physicians. There is an entire health care team that consists of various medical professionals including physical therapists, nursing assistants, and dietitians, among plenty of others.

A Guide to Vitamin Selection

Multivitamins are dietary supplements that help us meet our daily vitamin requirements. To determine how much and what kind of vitamins we need to best suit our physical conditions and lifestyles, it is important to consult doctors and dietitians. The following, however, are general guidelines when it comes to vitamin selection according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health:

The Use of Technology in Retail Pharmacies

In terms of industry growth, retail pharmacies have always been characterized by steady and continuous growth. It comes as no surprise that retail pharmacies are favorable to incorporating new technologies to better serve its consumer base. The many benefits that may be identified from this use of technology include the following:

The Role of Retail Pharmacies in Assisted Living

Assisted living or in-home care refers to home care and home health services that aid beneficiaries with old age or those suffering from illnesses or disabilities. Home care services are non-medical and deal primarily with personal care, companionship, and homemaking. By comparison, home health services are administered by licensed medical professionals that include home health aides, nursing assistants, medical social workers, and physical therapists.

The Need for Pharmacist Consultations

More than places where one can rely on for prescription medicine and medical supplies, the most effective pharmacies offer a service where customers can get one-on-one care through pharmacist consultations. The availability of easy and accessible pharmacist consultations guarantee that customers are able to get the most out of their partner pharmacies. This allows them to receive expert advice about their medical supplies like Mepilex and medication management reminders including the following:

Knowing the Essentials for First Aid Kits

Whether you are moving into your brand new home or if you are just looking to amp up the emergency measures that you already have in place, the importance of a reliable and well-assembled first aid kit, including a bandage roll cannot be stressed enough. Your first aid kit is your guarantee against common injuries and some emergency situations. To guide you with the basics of organizing a foolproof first aid kit are the following pointers.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Pharmacists

Pharmacists are key performers in health care. This is especially apparent within the multidisciplinary framework with which health care is viewed. On the outset, pharmacists supplement the treatments that patients receive from doctors and other medical specialists, and their work contributes largely to the success of said treatments.

What Is Pharmacist Intervention?

Such acts have proven to be vital in the success of medical treatments and programs, and the benefits of incorporating pharmacist intervention in hospitals and pharmacies have been widely acknowledged in the field of health care.

A study published in the Health Affairs Journal attributed an increase in patients’ adherence to medication to pharmacist intervention. Additionally, pharmacist intervention was a huge factor behind the success of the medical treatments and programs that the patients were receiving.