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Updated by Colton Hunter on Sep 24, 2019
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9 Most popular nature sounds

Here are the 9 most popular types of nature sounds to calm down with, ranked by number of monthly Google searches

Ocean Sounds

Ocean sounds are a strong second place, because who doesn't like the sound of waves crashing

River Sounds

The last place on this list goes to the sound of rivers, quite the opposite of the one above

Animal Sounds

Animal sounds are the most popular nature-related sounds on Google.. Then you have all the exact animal name sounds that pile up the total amount of searches

Bird Sounds

Bird sounds are the third most searched for nature sound, yet with all it's search variations and different bird species, it is probably the most popular total

Rain Sounds

The 4. place goes to my favourite nature sound, the relaxing sound of rain. Perfect for falling asleep

Thunderstorm Sounds

We don't like being outdoors in bad weather, with rain, storms, thunder and lightning, but we sure like listening to the sounds of it. 5. Place goes to thunderstorm sounds

Wind Sounds

Further down, we find the sound of wind blowing, howling, rustling leaves and whatnot. Another great sound to listen to while being indoors

Waterfall Sounds

The sound of waterfalls, large or small, tall or short. No matter what size or strength, waterfall sounds are popular enough to be on the 7. place

Fire Sounds

Among the 4 elements of nature, we have fire. The sound it makes is another popular search term