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All the details of Rental Agreements and also the types of Rental Agreements

Rental Agreements | Agreements - Business & Legal Agreements

A Rental Agreement is a document that binds owner of the document and tenant. Terms commonly mentioned in the rental agreements are Duration, Rent, Deposits, insurance, repairs, and maintenance

Novation Agreement Template Download - Word & PDF |

A novation agreement is used to transfer the rights and responsibilities of one party to a contract, to a third party. It can also replace a contractual obligation with another contractual obligation. The agreement is legally binding. Download PDF/Doc

Nominee Agreement- Download PDF & WORD |

A Nominee Agreement is a contract whereby certain rights in a property are transferred to a nominee by the owner of a property to execute certain transactions. The purpose of the agreement is to lay down the powers of the nominee. The agreement is important to clearly define the role of the nominee.

Trust Agreement, Sample Trust Agreement

The trust agreement is a legal document used to transfer ownership of a property from one person to another. it can be two types: Irrevocable trust and revocable trust. This agreement lists the terms and conditions that are necessary for the entire arrangement. Download PDF/Doc

Factoring Agreement - Download WORD & PDF |

A Factoring Agreement is entered between a business and a factoring company. This agreement transfers a company’s accounts receivables to a third-party factoring company in exchange for cash advances. The purpose of the agreement is to help the company raise capital for its short-term requirements.

ISDA Agreement- Download Word and PDF|

An ISDA Agreement is a master agreement for trading in over the counter derivative transactions on an international scale. A master agreement is a contract which contains the terms and conditions governing all the transactions that are taking place or may potentially take place between the parties

Credit and Share Pledge Agreement Template PDF| Agreements.Org

The credit and share pledge agreement entered between the shareholder and a financial institution. Its purpose is to offers a loan against the pledge of consists term like credit provided, and date of credit, shareholder, etc."Download PDF/Doc".

Exclusivity Contract Agreement - Download PDF |

Exclusivity Contract ensures that the buyer and supplier are mutually exclusive and do not do business with another entity in that geographical region. The contract gives both parties a competitive edge and ensures that they stringently follow the terms and conditions stated in the contract.

Contract Mining Agreement - Download WORD & PDF |

Contract Mining Agreement is a contract signed between the mine owner and contract miner through which the owner engages a second party to work in his mine and both parties agree on some terms and conditions including the right to work in the mine for a specific time period and the amount to pay.

Colorado Lease Agreement Template Download PDF |

A Colorado Lease Agreement is an agreement that is drawn between two parties, lessor and lessee for leasing a property that is mentioned in the agreement, where a certain amount is paid to the lessor. The terms depend on the type of the lease taken. Download PDF/Doc.

Insurance Agreement, Sample Insurance Agreement Template

An insurance agreement is created between the two parties. One is the insurance firm, and the other is a person or a company. Here the insurer agrees to pay the policyholder for any damage to the insured property or item. Some major Insurances include life, medical, auto, property. Download PDF/Doc

Reseller Agreement Download PDF & Word| Agreements.Org

A reseller agreement is a document drawn between a vendor and a reseller that allows them to sell the vendor’s product to a third-party. There can be different kinds of reseller agreements.Download PDF/Doc

Project Agreement Template Download - Word & PDF | Agreements.Org

Project agreement is made between the owners/developers of a construction project and the trade unions. Both public and private construction projects use this agreement. The agreement must specify management rights, hiring laborers, grievance procedures, wages, working hours, etc. Download PDF/DOC

Restricted Stock Agreement- Download Word and PDF |

A restricted stock agreement imposes some restrictions on shareholders' rights and is known as restricted stock units. Few restrictions include the lock-in arrangements by startup founders, drag along, tag along rights, limits on contribution, non-compete, non-solicitation covenants. Download PDF

Tax Sharing Agreement- Download Word and PDF |

A tax-sharing agreement defines economic expectations among a group of co-operations. Such contracts are used to create combined or consolidated tax returns.

Definitions and Rules of Construction Agreement - Download WORD&PDF

A Definitions and Rules of Construction Agreement is a legal document that is entered into by two parties; the first being the owner of the property on which the real estate project is taking place and the second being the developer who has undertaken the project. Download PDF/Doc

Factory Building Agreement - Download WORD & PDF |

A Factory Building Agreement is a legal document which is created between a parent organization and a construction agent when the former issues notice for a factory to be built. This document is a legal proof of a transaction taking place and outlines the details and specifications of the job order

Business Separation Agreement Download-PDF |

A Business Separation Agreement is a legal document that is created between two organizations when the first party called the Parent has decided to separate from the second party known as Subsidiary. It acts as proof of a transaction taking place and can be presented in court if there is a need.

Exclusive Supply Agreement- Download PDF |

Exclusive Supply Agreement is created between two or more parties when they have entered into a business agreement of supplying and rendering an exclusive service or product for the other. This document acts as a bond between both the organizations and can be presented to the court if needed

Security Agreement

A security agreement is a mutual document between the loan lender and the borrower. The security agreement includes crucial information such as the details of the object which has used as a security amount, the repayment loan amount and proof of ownership of the borrower

Non-Employee Directors Benefit Plans Trust Agreement

A non-employee directors benefit plans trust agreement is an agreement between the non-employee directors of a company and the authorities in charge of the administration of the company where the details of the benefit trust plans to be provided to non-employee directors are laid down.

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An Underwriters Warrant Agreement enlists and elucidates clauses that make provision for compensation to an underwriter through stock warrants.

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Design and build contract is a common term used in the construction industry
It is also known as single-source responsibility and design-construct. The designer and the contractor work together as a single entity and provide design and construction services according to the owner’s requirements.

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An amended certificate of incorporation is followed by all the authorities of the organization to maintain the coordination between the workflow

Corporation Stock Incentive Plan Agreement

The corporation stock incentive plan agreement is prevalent in the business organizations and is a mutual contract between an employee and an employer