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Updated by Stratview Research on Sep 17, 2019
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Healthcare & Life Sciences Market Reports by Stratview Research

Our reports combine evidence-based research with a flavour of deep scientific, therapeutic, clinical and innovative technologies which helps our readers get insights of the brand and marketing trends in the industry, competitive environment and the upcoming disruptors in the market. We have helped clients in market entry, business intelligence, product launches, sales force effectiveness and many other studies.

Liquid Biopsy Market | Forecasts up to 2025

Liquid Biopsy Diagnostic Market: Competitive Dynamics & Global Outlook 2025

Addressing the most sought-after questions that occupy the minds of entrepreneurs and decision makers, the new report of "Stratview Research" on the Liquid Biopsy Diagnostic Market, answers all the important questions.

Getting to the bare bones of the issues and factors which are sculpturing the market, Stratview Research brings out the best actionable market intelligence for the global Liquid Biopsy Diagnostic Market.

The analysts have scrupulously studied the trend and cautiously forecasted the future market developments for 2019-2025.
The important questions the report answers are:
1. What will be the market growth rate in the near future?
2. What are the major developments in the market wrt regulations, acquisitions and innovations?
3. What are the growth drivers as well as the constraints?
4. What are the regional growth hotspots?
5. What are the segmental growth forecasts?

These questions and many more, big and small, are all discussed in the report in great detail.

Liquid Biopsy Diagnostic Market: Highlights
According to a report published by The World Health Organization in 2017, the number of breast cancer deaths around the globe is expected to increase. By 2040, more than 991,000 women are expected to die annually of breast cancer across the globe.

The potential for liquid biopsies to lead to early detection of cancer may impact several product lines, mainly critical illness (CI) and medical insurance. Over the past few years, CI has undergone several innovations. Companies now offer staged, multi-pay, and cancer-only plans. A unique selling point of cancer-only and staged CI plans is they cover early-stage cancers as well. Increased near-term utilization of liquid biopsy as part of routine screening tests or diagnostic protocols could lead to higher cancer incidence rates than anticipated. This could impact the pricing assumptions of certain products, especially those offering early-stage cancer benefits.

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Market Segments
Recent mainstream news flow has made much of the CancerSEEK diagnostic test, particularly its ability to detect multiple types of cancer from a single blood sample. In reality, further confirmatory tests will be required post-screening before a patient is placed on the current standard of care for their particular cancer. Also, the test’s sensitivity falls to 70% for the purposes of screening certain cancers, which is insufficient to drive standalone clinical decisions. Therefore, considerable further development and validation of liquid biopsy-type platforms are required to establish such a ‘one stop’ diagnostic test. Among the key competitors in liquid biopsy, Biocept, Oncocyte and few others are creating buzz in the market.
Overall, the liquid biopsy (LB) concept complements the personalized medicine approach and provides an innovative way for patient selection in clinical trials, here mutational analysis supports patient eligibility for targeted therapy.
While we do not anticipate that LB will fully replace or directly compete with SB for most diagnostic purposes any time soon, we do very much foresee that LB will complement SB rapidly within the next 3–5 years and will become a tool of choice for dynamic monitoring of patients on treatment or under active surveillance. In many instances, LB will also prompt further imaging workup and/or re-biopsy of tissue lesions.

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The Burning Questions This Report Will Answer:
If you are an active player in the Laboratory reagents market, how do you deal with situations where the client is struggling to switch from semi-automated to automated systems? The client struggles to deal with reproducibility issues (due to quality of chemicals/reagents)?
If you belong to the strategy or business development team, how do you track the pulse of the market and cater to the upcoming demands from different regions?
Can global purchase behaviour mimic regional purchase pattern? If not, then you need to compare region by region to demarcate between facilitators, influencers and decision makers. What does the voice of customers say in 2019?
If you belong to R&D then, how do you track the technology segments that will disrupt your current business and make your competitor stronger?