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Cheap Umrah Package USA

Cheap Umrah Package US is the most reliable Umrah Services. Travel Agency for Umrah Packages in the USA especially for the Citizens of California, Ohio, North Carolina and Texas etc.

The Significance, Virtues And Manners Of Adhan in Islam

The literal meaning of the word Adhan in Islam is to notify, to announce or to proclaim. In the Islamic context, the Adhan refers to the call to prayer.

Ways To Become A Better Muslim In Daily Life

To become a better Muslim, it is most essential that you are grateful to Allah. Muslim must do one thing when he gets up is to be thankful to Allah.

Islam –The Shield for Women

Islam is the religion of peace, equality and freedom from all forms of oppression. Before the advent of Islam, women were seen to be tortured.

Life Changing Journey on the Way of Islam

The Hajj has been termed as a life changing journey for more reasons than one. Individuals spend a lifetime preparing for this holy pilgrimage.

Importance Of Sahaba In Islam

They were amongst the blessed ones and this is why there is great importance of Sahaba in Islam.

What is Islam

Islam is not just a religion instead it is a way of how to lead life. Meaning of Islam is to surrender oneself to the will of Allah the Almighty.

What Do You Know About Islamic Virtues?

Islam is a religion that inculcates lessons of the collective good of the society in the form of justice, peace, kindness, and equality.


Allah Loves Those Who Seek Forgiveness

Allah Loves Those Who Seek Forgiveness

Allah has sent human beings to this world with a purpose and objective. This purpose is to believe and proclaim the Oneness of Allah. From time to time Allah sent prophets and messengers for the guidance of mankind read more...


What Quran says about Heaven (Jannah)

What Quran says about Heaven (Jannah)

As Muslims, we must have faith in the concept of life after death. This world is a temporary station. This life is a journey towards death after which eternal life begins. Those who embrace Islam are given the glad tiding of a pleasurable everlasting life in the gardens of heaven read more...