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About Islam for USA Muslims

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The Significance, Virtues And Manners Of Adhan in Islam

The literal meaning of the word Adhan in Islam is to notify, to announce or to proclaim. In the Islamic context, the Adhan refers to the call to prayer.

Ways To Become A Better Muslim In Daily Life

To become a better Muslim, it is most essential that you are grateful to Allah. Muslim must do one thing when he gets up is to be thankful to Allah.

Islam –The Shield for Women

Islam is the religion of peace, equality and freedom from all forms of oppression. Before the advent of Islam, women were seen to be tortured.

Life Changing Journey on the Way of Islam

The Hajj has been termed as a life changing journey for more reasons than one. Individuals spend a lifetime preparing for this holy pilgrimage.

Importance Of Sahaba In Islam

They were amongst the blessed ones and this is why there is great importance of Sahaba in Islam.

What is Islam

Islam is not just a religion instead it is a way of how to lead life. Meaning of Islam is to surrender oneself to the will of Allah the Almighty.

What Do You Know About Islamic Virtues?

Islam is a religion that inculcates lessons of the collective good of the society in the form of justice, peace, kindness, and equality.


Allah Loves Those Who Seek Forgiveness

Allah Loves Those Who Seek Forgiveness

Allah has sent human beings to this world with a purpose and objective. This purpose is to believe and proclaim the Oneness of Allah. From time to time Allah sent prophets and messengers for the guidance of mankind read more...


What Quran says about Heaven (Jannah)

What Quran says about Heaven (Jannah)

As Muslims, we must have faith in the concept of life after death. This world is a temporary station. This life is a journey towards death after which eternal life begins. Those who embrace Islam are given the glad tiding of a pleasurable everlasting life in the gardens of heaven read more...


Status Of Women In Islam

Status Of Women In Islam

Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a source of enlightenment and uplift of the world. He came as a savior for the weak and vulnerable. His teachings and conduct raised the status of women in society read more...

Prayers In The Holy Quran For Muslims

Praying to Allah is the simplest way in which you can worship, glorify, please, make a wish and invoke your Creator all at once. It is something that can be done anytime and anywhere. In fact, this form of worship is one of the most admired forms of worship of Allah the Almighty.

The Blessings Of Daughters In Islam

Children are one of the greatest blessings of Allah. There is no joy greater than having your own children. Thanks to Allah who is blessed with children. Allah says in the Holy Quran that it is absolutely at His discretion to bless with children be it a girl or a boy, or both gender children.

The Stone Of Heaven-Hajr-E-Aswad

The sacred Hajr-e-Aswad also is known as Black Stone is placed on the eastern side of the holy Kabah. The stone was gifted to Prophet Ibrahim (AS). It was brought from the Heavens.

Superiority Of Surah Ar-Rehman

Surah Ar Rehman is the “Beauty of Quran”. It is one of the most powerful Surah of the Holy Quran. It is the 55th surah having 78 verses. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said about Surah Ar Rehman:


Halal Food And Its Presence The World Over

Halal Food And Its Presence The World Over

According to Islamic law, anything that is permissible is known as Halal. On the other hand, things that are forbidden in Islam are known as Haraam. With respect to food, Halal foods are those that are allowed to be consumed as per Islamic law read more...


Islam As A Religion Of Tolerance And Moderation

Islam As A Religion Of Tolerance And Moderation

Islam-religion of peace derives its meaning from the word “salaam”. The meaning of “salaam” is peace. It means submitting yourself to the teachings of Allah that are based on peace and tranquility read more...


The Way To Develop Deep Relationship With Quran

The Way To Develop Deep Relationship With Quran

Holy Quran is the last of the holy books revealed by Allah. It was revealed to the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is the ultimate source of guidance for mankind until this world lasts. Allah has ordered Muslims to recite this blessed book and reflect upon it.

The Power Of Astaghfar-Astaghfirullah (I Seek Forgiveness Of Allah)

The power of Astaghfar is immense. Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has emphasized many times on the power of Astaghfar. Recited through a simple supplication, it saves a person from the wrath of Allah in this world and hereafter.

Download Zakat Calculator To Compute And Pay Your Obligatory Charity

Islam is a religion that inculcates values of the collective good, income equality, and circulation of wealth, social and moral progress. Its teachings are not limited to individual forms of worship.

Miswak Because The Best Habits Are Always Sunnah

A chewing stick used for teeth cleaning and oral hygiene is referred to as miswak. It can be used as a perfect (even better) alternative of toothbrush and toothpaste. Miswak is no stranger to a Muslim household across the globe. It is used for its various health benefits as well as due to the spiritual factor attached to it for the Muslims.