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Updated by IndiaLends on Apr 09, 2021
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Personal loans: Best way to deal with cash crunches

Personal loans become a great option with the presence of features like being multipurpose or unsecured. It will also help in building your credit faster when compared with other forms of credit. Read more -

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Online personal loans have risen in popularity as it can be applied anywhere and anytime unlike earlier times, where one needs to apply for a loan by visiting personally only during its working hours and standing in long queues but now the application can be filled online.

Personal Loans Are A Way To Make Smart Planning To Serve Financial Goals!

Personal loans are a perfect credit instrument to tackle any kind of financial emergency be it is related to plan the wedding, home renovation, travel purposes or paying off any bills. It is available at affordable interest rates along with an easy repayment option. All these features of personal loans help in getting quick access to funds.

Personal loans are a way to make smart planning to serve financial goals!

Online Personal loans are a great option if you need money for debt consolidation, pay off big expenses and for dealing with any kind of financial shortfalls. Being multipurpose it gives enough flexibility to the borrower to use money as per its discretion. Always try that before going to apply for a personal loan, all dues should be settled down.

Apply for Personal Loan: Mistakes to avoid

Are you facing any kind of financial emergency? Personal loan is generally the go-to-go in that situation. It is an appropriate choice where you get access to funds quickly. Here are some mistakes mentioned below to avoid while applying for a loan as errors can cause your credit rating to plummet.

How to avail the best interest rates on a Personal loan?

Even if you get a little discount on the interest rates at the time of applying for a personal loan it will result in saving some amount of money which will add on your finances. So never leave any scope and try your best to get the best interest rates on your loan. Learn the tips to avail low-interest rates personal loan offers.

Online Personal Loans: Fastest way to meet all Unique needs

If you are planning to take Online Personal Loan to deal with any financial emergencies whether it is to fund a fairy-tale wedding or to explore the world, it could be a perfect decision. It is an unsecured loan where there is no need to keep any collateral or security against the loan amount. Unlike other loans, the procedure of applying an online personal loan is a much-simplified due to the availability of features such as online application, secured process, quick approval and disbursal, and zero pre-payment charges. Applying for a personal loan is no more a painful task anymore. All you need is a phone or a laptop to file it and get it approved easily at your fingertips.

FinTech’s made easy to access Personal Loans

FinTech with features such smooth documentation process and not having a stringent eligibility criterion made it possible to take online personal loans quickly. If you are looking to get an instant loan, then FinTech would be the most favorable option, as disbursal takes here in a matter of minutes.

8 Reasons Explaining Why You Should Avail A Personal Loan Online

When you are facing a financial crunch, personal loans come into your mind as they are one of the easiest options to get the funds because of their easy online application nowadays. Also, it has a plethora of benefits like one does not need to worry about any security or collateral, can make use of funds anywhere. Make sure you should have a credit score of above 750 before you apply for a personal loan.

Some effective tips to choose the best bank personal loan in India

Applying a personal loan has become a hassle-free today. Due to its easy online application process, instant approval and simple eligibility criteria. Before you decide to opt for a personal loan online, make sure that you check and compare certain things like rate of interest, fees and charges, eligibility criteria across lenders etc to get the loan easily.

Borrowers can avail of personal loans to meet their immediate financial expenses. With online easy applications, many peoples are opting for online personal loans nowadays. Most of the borrowers do not look at the important factors attached to personal loans and commit mistakes that prove to them a costly affair later. Read on to know the mistakes to avoid while applying for a personal loan.

Personal Loan application online : Quick & Time Savvy process

The days of waiting in line to file a personal loan application are long gone. Online you can compare and choose the loan offers that match perfectly with your eligibility, just in few taps. So, need not to get worried about applying for personal loan application online as it is very easy once you understand the process and eligibility criteria.

Bank Personal Loan

Personal loans India are the perfect solution to meet your urgent requirements of finance. This loan can be easily availed at attractive rate of interest. Every third lending authority like ICICI, HDFC personal loan, Kotak personal loan and so on, offer personal loan schemes with easy documentation and quick process.

Golden tips to boost your personal loan eligibility

Personal loans are one of the most popular modes of financing among individuals these days. The easy application process, zero collaterals, and quick disbursal make this loan option a popular one. However, to get it approved easily you need to meet the standard eligibility criteria. Here, we have listed some of the golden tips to improve your chances of personal loan approval.

Personal loan EMI Calculator: A hassle-free way to calculate your loan EMIs

It is very important to check your loan EMIs before applying for a personal loan. There is a hassle-free process to do it online. You can do so by using a simple online tool i.e. Personal Loan EMI Calculator. Find out here the step-by-step procedure to do so and the benefits associated with it.

Get the benefit of low-interest rates Bajaj Personal loan

Bajaj FinServ Personal loan works best to meet various kinds of expenses that may arise due to a financial emergency or if you need money for a planned expenditure such as for home renovation or a vacation. You can take a loan from here for any reason with a loan tenure of up to 5 years. The amount of loan you can get from here is up to 25 Lakhs that is collateral-free. Different kind of Bajaj Personal loans are as follows:

  • Personal Loan
  • Flexi Loan
  • Personal Loan for wedding, travel, medical emergency
  • Personal loan for Doctors, Chartered Accountant
  • Personal loan for self-employed
How to get a lower interest rate on a personal loan

If you want to save your money in the long run, getting a low-interest rate personal loan could be a smart choice. Therefore, it becomes important to find a low rate loan while opting for it. This requires you to explore the multiple lenders and NBFCs and choose the best one that matches your requirements.

Online Personal loan: Easy to access as compared to traditional loans

It is immensely easier to apply for online personal loans over traditional bank personal loan. The benefits such as convenience, easy access, time-saving process, and lower rates made these loans highly popular among the people. You only need to put the right details to make sure that the appropriate details given to the lender. After the quick verification of details, you will receive a loan confirmation SMS. After the confirmation, the loan amount credited into the same bank account of which the bank statement shared by the applicant.

Refinancing your existing personal loan proves a great financial decision if opted in the early years of your loan tenure. The reason is that your interest component becomes progressively lower that will make your EMIS also lesser. The best way to refinance your loan is a personal loan balance transfer. Read here about the benefits of getting the best personal loan balance transfer offers.

Personal Loan Balance Transfer Calculator, Top Up Loan Calculator - IndiaLends

Use the personal loan balance transfer calculator to calculate your savings on transferring your personal loan balance. IndiaLends provides Personal Loan EMI Calculator to check your monthly EMI payments. Calculate your EMI and apply for a Personal Loan now.

Finance your dream wedding with a personal loan

Wedding is one of the most joyous parts of Indian families and one cannot evaluate in advance how much expenses are going to be incurred to make your D-day as you expected. To meet such situations, personal loans come to your rescue which can help you avail of instant funds and meet all your needs in a hassle-free manner. The loan is very popular owing to the flexibility and easy documentation and instant disbursal criterion. So, one need not worry about the unexpected expenses, opt for an instant personal loan online, and meet all your immediate financial needs.

The demand for personal loans has increased these days. People have started applying for a loan online because of flexibility and instant availability. There are certain things that one should not ignore while applying for a personal loan online. One should also take a wise decision before borrowing. This will help you save giving nasty surprises later on.

Small loans: Apply For Small Personal Loan Online in India

A small personal loan from IndiaLends can help you take care of your urgent credit needs without having to wait for your salary. From buying the latest smartphone to paying your credit card bills, a small personal loan can help you keep your financial status healthy. IndiaLends offers Small Amount Personal Loan ranging from Rs. 15 k to Rs. 2 Lac for the maximum tenure of 2 years.

Personal loan: the best way to get the short-term loan

As we already know that an offline application is quite exhausting, which is why you can opt for an Instant Loan. Because of its less complicated process, it’s the most suitable for a short-term loan. An interested borrower can quickly have the disbursal amount by adhering to our simple sequence of steps. When you’re faced with an urgent need, a short-term loan works best. This is where an instant personal loan can be extremely effective.

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