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Updated by Misty Burrell on Sep 19, 2019
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EmBeance Marketing and Design strives to turn your dreams and goals into reality through providing quality Digital Marketing and Paid Advertising Services complete with Google and Facebook Ads Advertising, Branding, Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Management Solutions.

Are Adwords Enhanced CPC's Worth It In 2018 Moving Into 2019? — EmBĕance Marketing & Design

Many Businesses Use Enhanced CPC. But Is Enhanced CPC the Best Google Ads
Strategy In 2018 and Moving Into 2019? Take A Look At The Good, The Bad And
The Ugly To Find Out The Truth About Adwords Enhanced CPC In 2018 and find
out whether your business and brand should be using Google Ads Enhanced CPC
or Manual CPC bidding strategies into the future to achieve the highest
return on investment, and maybe even more clients.

Build A Brand That People Trust To Improve SEO Rankings In 2019 — EmBĕance Marketing & Design

Do Branding and SEO connect? What if I told you that they do? Most
Entrepreneurs, and small business owners do not think about the elements of
their business from their logo and tagline to their color scheme, social
media platforms, reputation management directories, and their content
marketing strategy all connect but, as a Digital Marketing Strategist
turned small business owner, I can tell you first hand that quite literally
everything connects, and in today's EmBeance Marketing and Design's Panda
Saturday I'm going to explain to you just why you to need to build a brand
that people trust to improve SEO rankings in 2019 and beyond.

Story Telling With Facebook Ads – How To Use Facebook Carousel Ads To Connect With Your Target Audience In 2019 — EmB...

The Best Way To Write Ad Copy That Connects With Your Target Audience Is
Through Story Telling. If everyone has a story to tell, and your target
audience is looking for a solution to their problem, the best way to meet
them where they are is to tell a story that they will connect with.

The 6 Google Ads Extensions Every Business Should Use In 2019 — EmBĕance Marketing & Design

Inside of each Google Ads campaign, no matter how new or old your account
is, you’ll see a tab called “Ad Extensions” when you are in the ads and
extensions section of your campaign. From there you can click on the button
that starts with “View:” to view all of the available Google Ads Extensions
that are available to you.

Build Your Funnel Then Build Client and Business Connections & Relationships. — EmBĕance Marketing & Design

You can spend your time building network connections, business
relationships, and building a general sense of an email list but if you
never keep your audience engaged, they are not going to receive anything of
value, and in between the time you meet or connect with those individuals
or businesses and the time that it takes you to build out your funnel you
have already probably lost that person to a competitor.

The 5 Best Call To Action Examples And Where To Effectively Use Them — EmBĕance Marketing & Design

Getting visitors to your website isn’t as easy as many marketers make you
believe. Maybe you want your target audience to sign up to book an
appointment with your sales team or perhaps you want them to sign up to for
your weekly or monthly newsletter where you provide valuable insight and
materials that fit their needs and wants. Regardless of the goal, it’s not
easy to accomplish if your prospective audience isn’t even making it to
your website to begin with. And therefore, it may be time to revisit your
call to action in order to begin generating the conversions that you want
to accomplish.

The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Facebook Business Manager — EmBĕance Marketing & Design

Facebook Business Manager allows business owners to retain control over
their Facebook pages, and Facebook ad accounts while setting account level
permissions for employees, freelancers, and even agencies so that a
business can keep the data generated from their ads without having to
change accounts, switch accounts and or lose the data generated from their
ad campaigns due to a fall out with an employee or an agency.

Transparency Of Business Owners On Facebook For Business In 2019 — EmBĕance Marketing & Design

In advertising especially in highly regulated industries, it is imperative
that the owner of the business shows authority, expertise, and transparency
in that business, and in 2019 the rules are starting to change, and most
platforms are no longer allowing a business or it’s owners to be and remain

Local SEO Tips: The Top 6 Business Listing Services And Why You Should Sign Up For Them. — EmBĕance Marketing & Design

Free Business Listings help meet the requirements when launching your
business because they serve as a listing service that proves you are who
you say you are, and they additionally prove that you are equipped to be in
business while serving as a very limited source for advertising.  But
here’s the secret that most SEO providers will not tell you.