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Updated by Ganpati Engineering on Mar 20, 2020
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Ganpati Engineering Industries

Ganpati Engineering is a leading copper wire manufacturer in India. Our products are bare copper wire, braided copper wire, tinsel wire, tinned wire etc.


What are the benefits of bare copper wires

One of the greatest advantages of using the bare copper wire is its conductivity. Amongst all metals, copper enjoys the best conductivity that makes it the first choice for electrical goods.
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Stranded flexible copper wire connectors

Stranded flexible copper wire connectors

We manufacture stranded flexible copper wire connectors, braided copper tapes and round standard copper cables. These highly flexible connectors are manufactured by using copper wire of any diameter as per requirement. Call us: 91-9414048492.


Braided Copper Wire

Braided Copper Wire

Braided copper wires are extensively used for high quality electrical products such as high and low volt electrical appliances, mining explosion devices, proof switches etc. Ganpati Engineering is the name to reckon with Braided Copper Wires manufacturer, supplier, exporter in India.

Benefits Of Laminated Copper Wire

Laminated copper wire is environment-friendly, light-weight covering, resistance against corrosion, etc. Buying ready-made laminated copper wires from a reliable Laminated Copper Wire Flexible Jumpers Manufacturer is better than purchasing copper wires and then getting them laminated.

What Are Stranded Copper Wire Connectors? Why Use These?

Wire connectors, as the name suggests, are the electronic devices that are widely used to connect wires. They were invented to fulfill the purpose of bridging the gap between one another, which cannot be combined otherwise. You can contact Ganpati Engineering. Call @ 9414048492. Visit @

Various Aspects Of Using Bare Copper Wire In Homes

Different suitable wiring is used in homes. The most popularly used is the bare copper wire because of its various useful properties. These include flexible diameter, conductivity, elongation, and resistance. These bare copper wires are most suitable for grounding at home as these can be used with all sorts of wires and cables. Call @ 9414048492 Visit @


Bare Tin Coated Copper Wire

Bare Tin Coated Copper Wire

Ganpati Engineering provides high grade and stable Bare Tin Coated Copper Wire, which are recommended by some of the top manufacturers and producers. Call us @ 9414048492.

Top 6 Home Renovation Tips You Need To Know

Home renovations are something that requires modern advancements. The best trick to get started with the home renovation is when you divide the tasks and then begin the work individually on them. Electrification of the house with braided copper wire or some new flooring, always look for the ones that are safer and have longevity. To know more call us @ 9414048492.


Aluminium Wire Rod

Aluminium Wire Rod

Aluminium Wire Rod has advantages over the older copper wire in that it is lighter, more flexible, and less expensive. Ganpati Engineering Industries provides best Aluminium Wires. Call us @ 9414048492.

Stranded Copper Wire Manufacturer: 6 Pitfalls Must Be Avoided

Selecting efficient power cables from trusted stranded copper wire manufacturer will reduce operating costs by helping you create the most efficient network with resistance from corrosion, loose ends, or interference. To know more Call us @ 9414048492.

Benefits Of Investing In A Braided Copper Wire

Braided Copper Wire is the most extensively used wired cables. As we know, copper is known as an excellent conductor of heat. To know more Call us @ 9414048492. Visit @


Braided Flexible Copper Wire

Braided Flexible Copper Wire

Ganpati Engineering Industries offers the best quality Braided Flexible Copper Wire for high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is widely used in electrical products such as high and low volt electrical appliances, mining explosion devices, proof switches, automobile industry and marine industry. Place your order today