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Updated by Millennial Mind Sync on May 09, 2021
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Top 10 Platforms To Sell Beats

If you are a music producer or beatmaker and looking for a platform to sell your beats, there are a lot of options. These are the top 10 platforms to sell beats.




Airbit takes the top spot as it truly is a producer and beatmaker friendly platform. Even at the FREE Starter level, Airbit takes 0% commission on your beat sales. And while you're limited to only 10 uploads at this level, the Gold Producer ($9.99/mo) and Platinum Producer ($19.99/mo) levels provide you with a ton of additional features that can take your beat selling business to new heights. Custom licenses and contracts, hosted track outs, custom voice tagging, discounts, coupons, and much, much more! If you're also creating and selling sample packs and sound kits, the value of the Platinum Producer level is undeniable. Take a look for yourself!


BeatStars arguably could've taken the top spot because of their robust beat selling marketplace and platform as well. The only knock we can give them is that their base FREE package comes with a 30% commission where Airbit offers 0% across the board. Their Pro Page Plan is similar to that of Airbit's Platinum tier from a cost perspective ($19.99/mo), but they do add some features that differentiate themselves: SoundCloud and Audiomack monetization. And Audiomack monetization is actually included with the free plan. This is definitely a nice bonus!




What I love about Sellfy is how you can easily integrate it with your own website or Soundcloud page. If you already have a rock solid Soundcloud fan base, you don't need to lose any of that by integrating with Sellfy. Customization is the key here. And if making sample and loop packs or sound kits is your thing, this is also the perfect platform for that. There is a reason why music producer, Decap, choses to sell his Drums That Knock series of packs on that platform. Definitely give Sellfy a look!


The old dog of the group, but still a well-visited and trusted platform for music makers, music producers and beatmakers in particular. Originally launched in 1997, SoundClick is where many industry leading music producers have gotten noticed throughout the years. The platform is 100% free with unlimited uploads and the ability to sell beats through their store. They do take a competitive cut on all sales to make up for the fact that it is free to store and sell all your tracks here. SoundClick definitely gets the nostalgia vote!

The concept is simple. There is definitely more value in owning your brand and your marketplace. That's what aims to provide you. Their excellent website software is custom built suited for all your beat selling needs. With built in Email Marketing, SEO scoring, and a ton of other features, their software will provide you all the tools you need to create your very own robust beat selling website. Just take a look for yourself.


Soundee is a relatively new platform for beatmakers and producers to sell beats on and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I find it pretty cool that the platform was built by producers for producers, and it really shows in the user experience on this platform. It's just a very crisp and clean design and it's extremely easy to navigate! With pricing plans topping out at $14.99, the value is tremendous. There is a free plan as well, but you have limited uploads and they take 30% on all sales. I definitely recommend giving this platform a look!

Beat Brokerz

Beat Brokerz is another excellent platform for beatmakers and music producers to get their music onto. Over 3,000 producers are currently on the platform actively selling beats. And while they do take commissions out at all levels of memberships, they do have a ton of great features. One in particular I like that's even available for free members is the integration with SoundClick. The Basic ($15) and Premium ($30) levels of membership add some additional features to the mix that make them definitely a platform to look into.


TRAKTRAIN puts quality of quantity when it comes to the producers and beatmakers on their unique platform. This is because the platform is by invitation only. If you are lucky enough to get accepted into the TRAKTRAIN community, they take 0% as a commission, offer you the ability to sell not only beats, but your drum kits as well, and much more! Think you have what it takes? Request an invitation today!


Soundgine has a nice platform that makes it real easy for artists to find and buy beats. For music producers and beatmakers, they offer a ton of features to help you sell beats with their platform. My only gripe with this platform is that they don't offer a base tier for free for music makers to get a feel for the platform first. Pricing plans start at $7.99/mo and go up to $19.99/mo.

ROC Battle

Launched in 2006, was co-founded by super producer, Rockwilder (Jay-Z, Redman, Method Man, etc.), with the mission to have producers and beatmakers from around the globe battle, sell beats, and more. And while the platform seems dated, it is still used by many. The other co-founder of this platform went on to create which is a viable solution if you're looking to create your own beat store.