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Vcare offers business process outsourcing services to leading organizations from all over the world. Vcare has contact centers located in United States and India. Our aim is to provide business centric call center outsourcing solutions that could enhance the sales and improve customer loyalty for our clients.

Never Forget the Importance of APIs before Choosing Telecommunications Billing Software

Gone are the days, when establishing a high-quality network infrastructure was the sole requirement of a successful telecom operation. Nowadays, the success of telcos is decided by their ability to launch innovative plans that evoke customer interest. Basic services like voice and SMS are no longer the difference makers. There is a need to bundle basic services in attractive packages and complement them with new and evolved services. If a telecom operator wants to succeed in the current state of the industry, it needs to have a quality telecommunications billing software solution to meet all the emerging requirements.

The Importance of APIs

Application Program Interface (API) has become extremely important for telcos. Due to frequently changing requirements in the industry, a telecom operator needs to find ways to adapt its services according to the market and preferences. However, the cost of sending the telecommunications billing software back to the vendor for customization or buying a new software solution is quite high. This is where APIs come into the picture.

Consider a case where you want to deliver SIM cards to your subscriber; however, you do not have any previous partnership with a shipping vendor. In this case, you can use an API that gives you direct accessibility to the shipping partners of your vendor. Likewise, if you need to integrate different payment gateways, you can simply install an API that instantly gives you access to different gateways for collecting payment.

These are just a few situations, in which, APIs can come in handy. When you use a quality telecom billing service like Telgoo5, you get access to many more APIs that can come in handy in different situations.

Other Things to Look Forward in your next Telecommunications Billing Software

Apart from powerful APIs, you should also look for the following attributes in your next telecom billing software:

Analytics for deriving insights about subscriber preferences and market trends

Telecommunications billing software solutions track and also generate copious amount of data. This data can be leveraged by using an AI-powered software solution that draws business critical insights from the dataset. These insights have many uses. You can learn a lot about customers’ purchase habits, preference for specific data plans, market turbulence etc. After understanding these business-critical insights, you can create effective business strategies.

Convergence in billing

OCS is an integral part of telecom billing system architecture. By procuring a 3GPP compliant OCS as part of your billing system, you can ensure complete convergence in billing and eliminate the risk of any revenue leakage. A quality OCS charges all the services based on number of events or length of sessions. The centralized charging allows you to create convergent bills with charges for all the services reflected in a single invoice.


Customers’ vital data is stored in your telecom billing solutions. This data needs to be protected at all cost. Any lapse in security can result in customer fallout. Hence, you should take security very seriously and always partner with a telecom services vendor that not only uses strong encryption but also provides periodic security updates to counter future threats.

Fulfill Emerging Telecom Requirements with Cutting-Edge Billing and OSS System

In the past, OSS and BSS were considered disparate systems. There was no overlapping of functions between them. Although this clear demarcation reduced complexity in operations, it led to inefficiency as a lot of resources remained idle for most of the time. A much better approach to undertake telecom-related tasks like order management and product management is to use an API-centric approach. With readymade APIs for every business use case, it becomes a lot easier to meet emerging requirements of an ever-transforming telecom industry.

Key Elements of Telecom Billing and OSS System

A telecom operator should look for the following attributes in its OSS telecom billing software solution to ensure maximum efficiency in modern-day telecom operations:

  1.  Centralized platform for charging – A modern-day billing and OSS system should have a centralized system for charging all services. An Online Charging System (OCS) can serve as a wonderful platform for charging customer usage of telecom services in real-time. It has three functions – Event based charging function that charges every usage on the basis of events, session based charging function that charges every usage based on the length of the session and account and balance management function that keeps all subscribers’ account information. 
  2.  Automation – Automation is one of the most important requirements of an OSS telecom billing software solution. The system that you employ should automate both virtualized and non-virtualized functions, so that there is never a bottleneck due to slow processing at a specific layer. 
  3.  Security – As customers’ information is always stored in the centralized platform at all times, you need to employ strong security measures to ensure that the security is never compromised. Ensure that the vendor you choose is sensitive about security and provides timely updates to bolster security.
  4.  Fault tolerance – As all core competencies of telcos depend on the operation of OSS and billing system, long downtimes can be fateful to any telecom business. You should always employ a system that can withstand faults and function till the system has recovered. Good fault tolerance and automatic fault diagnosis are vitally important for hassle-free telecom operations.
  5.  Fast activation of services and self-service option – Today’s customers are patience-less and demand instant activation of services upon payment. Although instantaneous service activation is not possible in most cases, you should try to be faster than your competitors to ensure that your subscribers do not have to wait a long time. Adding an option for self-service as part of your telecom operations is also a good option to lure customers towards your services.
  6.  Application Program Interface – There is still some way to go before BSS and OSS models are completely transformed to meet modern-day requirements. In the meantime, APIs provide a wonderful way to enhance your workflow. APIs can help you use the services of different vendors without any effort. For example, you can simply launch an API for payment gateways that lets you use already-formed partnerships of your telecom services vendor. 

Reporting – Always ensure that your vendor provides you all the reports for all the transactions that take place in your telecom operation. At Telgoo5, we provide our partners a slave database that is updated by a master database (housed in the vendor premises). Hence, you have access to all the reports at any time you want.

How to Boost the Success of Your MVNO in Telecom with an MVNE Partnership?

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have been around in the telecom world since the dawn of the 21st century. However, since their inception, their role has kept on changing. From broadly voice-based service providers to 3G purveyors, MVNOs have evolved in their services with time.

Nowadays, in this world of intense competition, the success of MVNO completely depends on their ability to think out of the box. It is their ingenuity in creating customer-driven plans that decides their fate in today’s heavily saturated telecom market. The present-day MVNO subscribers are finicky, moody and disloyal. It is an MVNO’s task to inspire confidence in them, attract them towards their services and ensure that they stay loyal.

The Challenge Faced by Different MVNOs

Evoking customer trust and then ensuring that it is maintained is probably the toughest challenge faced by an MVNO in telecom. Especially in the competitive world of today that demands a differentiation in service along with an attractive pricing model. Based on their infrastructural capabilities, MVNOs can be divided into:

  1.  Skinny MVNOs: Equipped with their own voice mail, content applications, SMSC, prepaid and VAS.
  2.  Thin MVNOs: Apart from the infrastructure above, they also have AUC, EIR, HLR, and IN.
  3.  Thick MVNOs: Along with infrastructure of a thin MVNO, thick MVNOs also have a VLR and MSC.

Regardless of the kind of MVNO that you are running, there are some major challenges that you need to overcome. While a skinny MVNO does not have to worry too much about the infrastructure, he cannot scale his operations as well as a thin or thick MVNO. On the other hand, a thick MVNO may be able to scale his operations well, but he might get too involved in managing the infrastructure with very little time for branding and marketing.

The Importance of MVNE/MVNA Partnership for Overcoming Challenges

As MVNOs are considerably smaller than a full-fledged MNO (Mobile Network Operator), they need support from MVNEs (Mobile Virtual Network Enablers) to get their job done. A capable MVNE with a comprehensive MVNO software solution like Telgoo5 can provide the following benefits to an MVNO:

  1.  Better billing – Billing is probably the toughest task for an MVNO to undertake all by itself. Any mistake or inefficiency in billing tasks can have a major bearing on MVNO subscribers. But when you partner with an MVNE like Vcare, you get access to a cutting-edge MVNO billing software solution. With a convergent billing solution by your side, you can create itemized bills with details of all types of services used by your subscribers.
  2.  Profitable deals with MNOs – Partnership with a competent MVNE/MVNA can help you get better-priced deals with an MNO. This will allow you to deliver the services at a lower rate to your MVNO subscribers while still making a profit.
  3.  Avoid red tape – Running a successful MVNO operation requires you to get into contracts with different carriers and vendors. By partnering with a competent MVNE like Vcare (who already has fully-licensed platforms and contracts with vendors), you are able to bypass the process of signing new deals, thereby saving considerable time and effort.
Be Smarter Than the Smartphone with a Cutting-Edge Billing and OSS System

The widespread use of smartphone has made life difficult for telcos in a number of ways. Unlike in the past, when their responsibilities were restricted to mainly voice and SMS, they have to now juggle with many services ranging from IPTV to OTT to data (different types of data like 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G).

Not only a telecom operator has to create infrastructure and manage the supply chain for disseminating these services, he is also tasked with generating revenue via his new offerings. And, this can be only done if he has access to latest OSS telecom billing software that ticks all the right boxes in terms of usage capturing, rating, charging and generation of invoices.

Make Smartphones work to your Advantage with a quality Billing and OSS System

Agreed, the fallout due to extensive use of smart services (better known as over the top services) like Skype and Whatsapp has been quite substantial for telecom operators; however, the new developments in the telecom industry have also opened up a window of opportunities. With a vast sea of exciting new offerings at their disposal, it is time for telcos to bring them to market in a new and improved fashion. A few different ways this can be accomplished are listed below:

  1.  Offering bundled services – Nothing excites a customer more than a bundle of telecom services available at a slashed price. With so many services available to an operator, he can pick and choose a few and combine them together to form a bundle that appeals to a user base. The biggest advantage of bundled services is that different plans can be offered to different customer groups for maximum benefits.
  2.  Cross-product discounts – There could be many underutilized services that you, as a telecom operator may want to make revenue from but you simply can’t because subscribers are not interested. In this case, offering cross-product discounts can be a great option. Let’s say if your IPTV service does not have many takers (as people are not aware of its benefits), you can offer one month IPTV subscription for free if the subscribers make over 100 voice calls. This way, you will not only improve your revenue because of an increase in call volume, you will also find new subscribers for your IPTV service (as after using it for one month, they may add it to their active plan).

Just like the advantages mentioned above, there are many smarter ways to make the most of the new opportunities offered by smartphones. However, a telecom operator requires a quality billing and OSS system that can help him come up with innovative new plans.

Key Attributes of OSS Telecom Billing Software

OSS telecom billing software solutions need to have the following features for them to be effective in the current state of the telecom industry:

  1.  Real-time charging function – An OCS (Online Charging System) can charge events or sessions in real-time. If an OCS is a part of the billing system, it allows a telecom billing software to be effective in prepaid billing.
  2.  Convergent billing – A billing and OSS system should allow for convergent billing. With convergent billing, it is possible to send a common bill for all services used by a subscriber. Not only it makes billing more transparent, it also keeps the usage data in a centralized location for easy access by a customer support team.

Some other attributes in a billing and OSS system that can be of use to telcos are:

· Analytics

· Fraud protection

· CRM Software Integration

· Interconnect Invoicing

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Envisage Truly Valuable Services with Superior Telecom Billing System - Trending News And Tech Topics

Every telecom operator wants to improve the quality of its operations and does everything in its power to achieve that. One way to connect with customers is by offering them exactly what they need.

Envisage Truly Valuable Services with Superior Telecom Billing System

Every telecom operator wants to improve the quality of its operations and does everything in its power to achieve that.

Envisage Truly Valuable Services with Superior Telecom Billing System

Envisage Truly Valuable Services with Superior Telecom Billing System Every telecom operator wants to improve the quality of its operations and does everything in its power to achieve that. One way to...

Top-Class Telecom Billing Solutions for Constant Business Growth — Telgoo5

For a telecom operator, it is important to stay consistent in terms of the
quality of service. Therefore, every telecom operator, whether it is an MNO
or MVNO, utilizes telecom billing solutions that are designed for better
monetization, accurate billing and complete revenue assurance.