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iPad Apps for Literacy Instruction

LetterSchool By Boreaal

★★★Best Younger Children’s App 2013 - KAPi Award★★★★★★Reached the TOP 10 of App Store’s Education Category (iPad) in several countries★★★★★★Listed in US App Store’s EDUCATION COLLECTIONS★★★★★★EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD - Children’s Technology Review★★★★★★One of 12 BEST CHILDREN EDUCATIONAL APPS 2012 - TeachersWithApps★★★★★★BEST EDUCATIONAL GAME - Best App Ever★★★★★★BEST EDUCATIONAL APP -★★★★★★FAVORITE MOBILE APP FOR HOMESCHOOLERS -★★★An amazing, intuitive game to learn all about letters and numbers: writing, counting, phonics and more.WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY★LetterSchool got lots of accolades from just about everyone (including us!) for being a spectacular app. TWA gives this app a huge shout-out! And, oh yes, this app makes everything cool! TeachersWithApps★Learning to write letters and numerals will never be the same after a child tries LetterSchool. This app has raised the bar for all letter/numeral recognition apps. Children’s Technology Review★Top Pick–A very well-done letter-writing app with tons of energy and even some phonics and counting mixed in. Highly recommended. SmartAppsForKids★Editor’s Favorites–Great concept, overall look and feel, simple operation and navigation, types of activities, great educational value. AppySmarts★Editor's Choice–A great tool for teaching young children proper handwriting.★What a fantastic job these developers did! A handwriting lesson the fun way! This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life! Certainly this app should be in all preschool and kindergarten classes!★We can’t possibly recommend the graphics enough. Simply put, they’re divine.★Wow! LetterSchool is a colorful handwriting app that is going to capture your child’s attention. One of the most engaging handwriting apps.★This is a must have app. It is so wonderfully made and will keep children entertained but wanting to come back again and again.★I absolutely love this app!!! This is definitely the most amazing writing app of individual letters I've seen yet. I highly highly highly recommend this app.★Your kiddos can learn their letters with LetterSchool and its off-the-hook, awesome set-ups. CafeMom★Learning a letter on this app is like being on a great party. Every letter is a surprise!★This app of breathtaking beauty and simplicity is one of the top must-have apps. W. van Bochoven, Educational consultant★This intelligently designed app will captivate the user through entertaining animations and an easy to navigate interface.★I have tested out a few letter tracing apps and I give this one the award for the best so far. YourTherapySourceMore reviews on LetterSchool.comHOW IT WORKS Kids practice essential skills as they play four exciting games per letter/number:INTRO - discover the letter’s shape, name and soundTAP - learn where to start, change direction and finish by tapping the dotsTRACE - learn the letter trajectory by tracing itWRITE - test your knowledge by writing from memoryPLAY TO LEARN…◆ how to write letters and numbers◆ letter names and sounds◆ uppercase and lowercase letters◆ manuscript handwriting style◆ count to 10◆ fine motor skills◆ eye-hand coordination◆ the foundations of literacy and numeracyFEATURES:✓ many awesome games with different learning approaches✓ two challenging levels for twice the fun and twice the practice✓ impressive free-form writing in advanced level✓ highly effective visual and auditory feedback✓ stunning graphics, exciting effects and sleek animations✓ characters at maximum scale regardless of device orientation✓ choice out of three most popular typefaces in handwriting education✓ scorekeeping: star-tokens and self-written characters in menu✓ progress and settings stored for up to three playersRecommended for ages 3–7

SoundLiteracy By 3D Literacy, LLC

Sound Literacy is the first iPad app that brings your letter tiles in to the 21st Century. It is NOW being used in 19 countries across the globe and growing quickly! Spread the word and integrate Sound Literacy into your curriculum.Named one of the 12 Best Apps for Special Needs of 2012 by Teachers with AppsA portion of all proceeds benefit the International Dyslexia Association.The tiles of Sound Literacy do not create audible sounds, but do represent the spellings of the English phonemes. If you use an Orton-Gillingham influenced program, this app will make perfect sense! If you are a parent that wants to reinforce the phonics principles that your child is being taught in school this app will help. Created by teachers for teachers, Sound Literacy was intentionally designed with open-ended possibilities and maximum flexibility. The particular methodology, approach, specific language for spelling rules, and the sequence of presenting the knowledge is  left up to the teacher and determined by the needs of the student(s).Unlike individualized computer software instruction, Sound Literacy is intended to facilitate interaction between a teacher and student(s). An instructor is needed to demonstrate concepts and skills as well as guide practice sessions with student(s).  Sound Literacy can be used in conjunction with any curriculum that emphasizes phonemic awareness, phonological processing, systematic phonetic instruction, or word building with 'meaningful word parts'. Sound Literacy features: • Blank tiles for counting, ordering, and manipulating the phonemes within words • Tiles organized in pantries and ready to be pulled onto the workspace for spelling words • A workspace for ‘tapping’ and creating boxes for the tiles to be placed in • Six specially designed ladders for building and comparing phonemes• Unique phonetically ordered consonant and vowel phoneme maps • Popovers on the sound maps that indicate various ways to spell each phoneme; spellings are ordered from the most common to the least common• Included on the popovers, are the origins of some spellings which help to categorize and make sense of a seemingly irregular spelling systemVisit our website for more information and ongoing discussions on how to improve Sound Literacy. Have fun studying words!Please note that at this time Sound Literacy does not include the phoneme sounds on the Sound Maps. We are working to put this in place.

Beginning Sounds Interactive Game By Lakeshore Learning Materials

Kids match words that share the same beginning sound! Children just “grab” fun picture balls and drop them into the correct spots on the board. For ages 4-7 years. Plus, check out the other Lakeshore Learning Materials apps: Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game and Letter of the Day Interactive Activities.Requires iOS 3.2 or higher.

Letter Find By Matthew Thomas

Letter Find is an app designed to help children practice quickly identifying letters when they are amongst other letters. Children tap on letters and need to find all ten to move on. This is an activity used by Reading Recovery teachers to help quick recall of letter identification.

Starfall Learn to Read By Starfall Education

At last, all the content from's Learn to Read index in an app!Since 2002 Children around the world have learned to read with Zac the Rat — and your child will too! Each numbered section features a vowel sound and its related spelling. Your child will hear, touch, read and eventually master this sound-spelling through a variety of engaging activities, movies, and songs. Encourage your child to play and explore! Your child will come to recognize the relationship between spoken and written language while having fun learning to read. This app is excellent for emerging readers and English language learners.

Bob Books #1 - Reading Magic HD By Learning Touch

★ Winner 2011 Editor's Choice Award, Children's Technology Review★ 15 Great Apps for Kids, Babble.comMillions of kids have learned to read with Bob Books. Now Bob Books is coming to the iPad with Bob Books Reading Magic!Start your child reading with this phonics-based interactive game. The simple drag-and-drop interface can be used by the youngest children. Your favorite Bob Books characters and full-color animations encourage kids along the path of learning to read.Bob Books Reading Magic continues Bob Books’ commitment to bringing children a satisfying, successful first reading experience, with easy first steps, wholesome values, authentic hand-drawn illustrations, and beautiful full-color animations.Bob Books Reading Magic will show your child how to:-Make the connection between letters and sounds.-Sound out simple words.-Spell the words they’ve read.The game includes twelve scenes for a total of 32 words. Four game levels provide increasing challenges to children as they play.Bob Books Reading Magic follows the same method and principles as the #1 bestselling Bob Books series. Bob Books were created to lead to the ah-ha moment when letters first turn into words. By slowly introducing new letter sounds, using consistency, repetition and stories that fit short attention spans, your child will quickly find his or her own ah-ha moment. This is the reading magic of Bob Books. Soon your child will join over 3 million children who can proudly say, “I read the whole book!”Bob Books Reading Magic was created by Learning Touch, the makers of the best-selling First Words series of learning-to-read apps. It marries First Words' breakthrough learning-to-read interface with the beloved characters and stories of Bob Books.*** We love getting feedback from our users. If you have questions or comments, please send them to ***For more information about Bob Books, visit http://bobbooks.comFor more information about Learning Touch, visit

Word Wizard - Talking Movable Alphabet & Spelling Tests for Kids By L'Escapadou

➜ "Speak ‘N Spell for the iPad Generation" - The New York Times ➜ Featured by Apple as 'New and Noteworthy' for iPad and iPhone, and in ‘Apps For Learning to Write’ & 'Apps for Kids'➜ Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design - Children's Technology Review➜ Used in US Schools (23K units sold to schools)➜ More than 100,000 Units Sold Word Wizard is a unique app that lets kids hear the sounds of letters and words using a talking movable alphabet. Featuring advanced text to speech capabilities, the app can pronounce and spell-check an unlimited number of original words and sentences built using the movable alphabet. Word Wizard also provides spelling practice with a list of more than 1,400 questions and answers, and the best is that you can add your own words to create any spelling quiz, and track the progress of your kids thanks to detailed reports.____★ Accolades and Awards ★➜ The New York Times "This is an important breakthrough in reading instruction, because it leverages the iPad’s size, powerful speech synthesis abilities and touchscreen, so that every letter can be a building block of phonetically accurate sound" ➜ AppleFeatured as 'New and Noteworthy' for iPad and iPhone, and in ‘Apps For Learning to Write’ & 'Apps for Kids'➜ Children's Technology ReviewEditor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design - 4.8 stars out of 5 - "Turn your iPad into a talking alphabet/language generator - and the perfect tool for a child just starting to experiment with letters and their sounds"➜ Wired's GeekDad "This is a fantastic app for young children, right through to children in later elementary school which makes it an app worth having on your iPad." ➜ theiPhoneMom"This is a terrific educational learning tool for emergent readers. It’s also a fantastic resource for spelling practice." ➜ BestAppsForKidsEditor's Choice - "This is the perfect app for any child who is learning how to read, or to supplement advanced vocabulary lessons through fifth grade." ➜ “I love the talking alphabet. (...) The app supports letter recognition, phonological awareness, spelling and self-correction without sacrificing fun. I will certainly recommend it to early educators.”Mary Ellin Logue, Ed.DAssociate Professor, Early Childhood Education,University of Maine_Check demo on YouTube to understand how this app is unique:➜ Talking Movable Alphabet Activity★ Pronounce and spell-check any word or number★ Natural Sounding Voice (two American voices and one British voice) ★ Letter sound (phonic) or name when a letter is touched in the alphabet★ Alphabetic or Qwerty Keyboard★ Optional magnetic grid to ease letters placement★ Uppercase or lowercase letters★ Keyboard emulation option (dragging letters is then optional)★ 4 letter sizes available (allowing more or less letters on the board)★ Voice Transformer (speed,tone) for added fun★ You can even customize pronunciation of any word _➜ Fun Spelling Quizzes ActivityWord Wizard also features hundreds of fun spelling quizzes using the talking Movable Alphabet. Features of this activity are:★ 184 word lists of 10 words: Words for beginners, Dolch Words, 1000 most frequently Used Words, body parts,...★ Create custom Word Lists by entering custom words and sentences, and even share lists★ User Profiles and Detailed Spelling Test Reports★ Hints are available if kids do not know how to spell a word★ Colorful animations are displayed when a word is completed★ Once a quiz is completed, interactive animations are available as a reward__Word Wizard is a universal application that can be used on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (without requiring you to purchase it twice)._____Please send your suggestions to We are listening to our users to improve our products.

SpellingCity By SpellingCity

VocabularySpellingCity is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing engaging learning games using any word list. The most popular activities are a spelling test, HangMouse, and the vocabulary games. The most popular lists are Sound Alike Words, Compound Words, the Hunger Games, and SAT Vocabulary.Students can access any of the hundreds of thousands of word lists available on VocabularySpellingCity including lists created by their parents or teachers.The app includes seven learning games and activities.Spelling TestMe is an online spelling test that reads each word aloud, uses it in a sentence, and repeats the word. Children can work at their own pace and receive instant feedback upon submitting the completed test! HangMouse is a VocabularySpellingCity favorite that lets children decode each word in a friendly version of traditional Hangman. Kids love trying to figure out the word before the cat catches the mouse! TeachMe is a great activity to introduce a new word list to children. Each word is read aloud, spelled letter-by-letter and used in a context-rich sentence. MatchIt Sentences encourages children to match each sentence with the spelling or vocabulary word that best completes the sentence.WhichWord? Sentences is a multiple-choice game that allows children to choose from four words to determine which word best completes a sentence. Sentence Unscramble help kids practice sentence structure as well as using words in context by unscrambling words to form a complete sentence for each word on their list. Vocabulary TestMe is an online multiple choice vocabulary test. Students must choose the correct word that corresponds to each definition provided. Test results are automatically given upon completion of the test. Vocabulary TestMe is a Premium game, which may be accessed by students of Premium Members who are logged in.Custom word lists may be entered by registered members (registration to save lists is free!) on for use in the games and activities on VocabularySpellingCity’s app.This is our first app for the Ipad/Iphone. We would love know how you like it. Please start by telling us whether you were first a user of our website or are you first encountering us on the device. John, aka the Mayor of VocabularySpellingCity.

abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words By Apps in My Pocket Ltd

Independent research found kids learnt nine times as fast using PocketPhonics compared to a lesson in a classroom (see”There’s no denying that “abc PocketPhonics” is an amazing app. A universal app—it works with both iPhone and iPad—PocketPhonics teaches the basics of reading and writing to young kids. Most surprising? It seems to work.”★★ If you ever need help, please contact us from within the app or at as we are unable to respond to reviews.★★Letter sounds. Handwriting. First words. PocketPhonics teaches all three. Kids, parents and teachers love it. That’s why it’s a best-seller.Aimed at kids aged between 3 and 6, and using the best ‘phonics’ teaching techniques, PocketPhonics introduces kids to each of the key letter sounds. As they learn the sounds, the app guides them how to write each letter through its unique follow-me arrow making it easy to learn how to correctly form letters. There’s nothing else like it in the app store.★What experts say★➜ Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner➜ Editor's Choice Award 2011 from Children's Technology Review➜“If you are working on phonics for your kids, this is the best application to have.” Technology in Education➜“This app feels much like a private tutoring session for early readers with emphasis on letter sounds and writing.”➜“PocketPhonics is seriously educational and I think it’s a terrific tool for helping early readers. You can tell that a ton of thought and research was put into it and best of all, they talked and listened to teachers. It shows.” ➜“When it comes to learning apps for young learners and early readers, there is no better choice than abc PocketPhonics." ipad-applications.neiia.comWe've also had coverage in the WSJ, and more than 20 other media outlets.★Designed with and tested by teachers★Only PocketPhonics follows the ‘Synthetic phonics’ teaching method - the keystone of the “Reading First” part of the “No Child Left Behind Act”. To understand the best educational practice underpinning PocketPhonics, order the FREE GUIDE to teaching kids to read from the app.Buying PocketPhonics for school? See★Letter sounds★Simply put, phonics (letter sounds) help children learn to read by understanding the sounds that letters make. The Congressionally-mandated National Reading Panel concludes that “children who have phonics instruction read better and spell better than other children”.Letter sounds (how we say the letters when we use them in words) are not the same as the letter names (what we call the letters). Montessori & other experts recommend not including letter names when teaching letter sounds as it can confuse children by introducing too much at once. PocketPhonics focuses solely on letter sounds so children can learn to read more quickly. (See our DotToDot numbers & letters for letter names and alphabetical order). PocketPhonics teaches the sounds for all the letters in the alphabet plus over 30 letter sounds like ‘sh’ and ‘ch’, because they are key to reading so many frequently-used words.★Letter writing★PocketPhonics visually demonstrates how to write each letter. Children enjoy practicing their writing by following the on-screen arrow tracing the letter with their finger (Montessori kids learn first to trace letters with their fingers). PocketPhonics works with iPhone-compatible styluses.PocketPhonics will also check the accuracy of your child’s writing.★170 First words★Using a unique, “letter sounds make words” spelling game, children learn how to sound out and spell over 170 frequently used words.★PocketPhonics puts you in control★Using the app, you can:✔ Customise it to the needs of your child through its wide range of settings (e.g. lowercase, uppercase, or cursive letters; two popular handwriting styles like those taught in most US schools)✔ Get help

PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit By Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

★★ iPad Hall of Fame ★★★★ iPad Apps Starter Kit ★★★★ Kirkus Top Book App of 2010 ★★★★ Winner of Parents' Choice Gold Award ★★★★ Children's Tech. Review Editor's Choice ★★★★ iPhone and iPad App of the Week ★★★★ Common Sense Media - 5 Stars ★★★★ FWA Mobile of the Day - Feb 2011 ★★★★ CTR Best Apps for Kids 2010 ★★★★ iTunes Rewind - Top Storytelling App ★★★ Featured in Mashable, NY Times, The New Yorker, NPR, FOX, SLJ ★Since its release, PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit has been one of the best-selling book apps and has quickly become an interactive sensation captivating children, parents, and educators from around the world.★ "What makes Loud Crow’s version of Peter Rabbit so remarkable is the care and ingenuity with which the company has adapted the classic Beatrix Potter tale to the touchscreen medium." - Mashable★ ”An amazing interactive experience!” – FOXNews★ "Loud Crow Interactive hits one out of the park with their first of the best children’s book adaptations we’ve seen.” – Common Sense Media★ ”Elegant, easy to navigate and beautiful, it combines the best of print and digital.” – Kirkus Reviews★ "This storybook app is unlike any we’ve seen so far.." - Pad Gadget★ ”Pop Out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit has won me over." - The iPhone Mom★ "I highly recommend this book-app for children. You won't regret buying this app." - iPhone Life★ ”PopOut! takes it to a new level with Beatrix Potter’s perennial childhood favourite.” – UR MagazineOne of the most revolutionary digital books ever created has arrived for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit is the first installment in the PopOut!™ series of unique interactive digital books.Relive this age-old classic tale of a mischievous rabbit's romp through a grumpy farmer's field as pull-tabs, spin-wheels, and spring-mounted elements bring each of Beatrix Potter's wonderful original illustrations to life.Sit back, relax, and enjoy. A beautiful classical piano soundtrack accompanies a charming vocal performance mixed with the soothing sounds of birds, bonfires, and wind rustling through the fields. Explore every scene and discover the many delightful life-like interactions at your fingertips.This is truly an unforgettable experience you won't want to miss! Features:* Touch and drag objects to make them “spring” to life or tilt to watch them slide and move* Objects that literally PopOut!™ of the page to delight you and your family* Beautiful vocal performance, music, and sound effects will immerse you in the story* "Read to Me" with word highlighting to help improve reading skills* Or read it yourself and hear individual words spoken with the tap of a finger* Over 50 pages of authentic text and illustrations with realistic page turning interactions just like the original hardcover book★ Check out our latest book in the PopOut! series: PopOut! The Tale of Squirrel NutkinVisit us: www.loudcrow.comFollow us: us:

Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime By ustwo™

FREE for 1 week to celebrate the launch of our first ebook, Whale Trail: The Curse of Baron von Barry, and Whale Trail Junior!Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime is a magical book. Play with Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill, Three Blind Mice and other classic nursery rhyme characters.“This is one of the most beautifully designed and interactive books in the App Store.” - Chris Stevens, creator of Alice for iPad.Elegantly hand-crafted by the seriously magical elves at ustwo and Atomic Antelope. We think you’ll love it.

Word Wit By Ballpoint Inc

----> PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be running iOs 6 or higher in order to use the ApplicationMake sure your software is updated before using.iOs6 does not support iPad1, iPhone 3G or 3GSIf you previously owned the App, and the new version is not working on your non-iOS-6-supported device, delete the updated application from your iTunes library and install a previous build from your “My Applications" folder located in your iTunes Music.2011 Rewind: Top 5 for iPhone Lifestyle Apps. Featured in New & Noteworthy, What's Hot, Staff Favorites, Banner Promotion in the Education Store. Rose to #1 in Lifestyle Paid Apps. Apple Education Store, volume discounts available.Word Wit makes it fun and easy to learn — and remember — the difference between life's most vexing word choices. The goal: Never mix up those confusing words again! And when it comes to your writing, you'll have new confidence. Word Wit presents learning in small bites, with complementary and mutually reinforcing parts:➻ A list of commonly confused word pairs➻ An incisive explanation➻ A quote➻ A quizWHO IS WORD WIT FOR?➻ ELL (English Language Learners) and ESL (English as a Second Language)➻ Adults who want to solidify their word usage knowledge➻ Students and teachers (middle school and up) who want a fun classroom supplement➻ Employees who need to improve their writing skills➻ Schools or corporations interested in remedial or supplemental writing tools for everyoneREAD & LEARNEnjoy "leafing through" Word Wit. Find words that are tricky for you. See how we explain even pairs you think you know.PLAYWord mavens, you may think you already know every confusing word pair in this basic list. But — can you Master It in the quiz?➻ Quiz questions are designed to deepen your sense of the word pair's differences.➻ Wrong answers cycle back so you can try again.➻ Plans are in the works for free upgrades with more content and more game features. Stay tuned!WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU: Ballpoint is committed to our users, and to making the Learning and Play features compelling. Can we improve a description? Got a juicier quote? Do you have ideas for advancing the game? As you Learn and Play with Word Wit, we invite you to tell us what you think via email:

Vocab Rootology HD – Greek and Latin Roots and Etymology By PrepInteractive

With over 5,000 combined Flash Cards and Multiple Choice Questions designed by Harvard, INSEAD, and University of Chicago Graduates, Vocab Rootology HD is the most comprehensive Vocabulary Etymology App on the market.Whether you are preparing for the GRE®, SAT®, ACT®, TOEFL®, or just want to learn Vocabulary and its origins, Vocab Rootology teaches you the most common Word Roots in the English language.But best of all, Vocab Rootology’s unique methodology helps you learn how to use these Word Roots to derive a Vocabulary Word’s meaning within PrepInteractive’s innovative game format. Check it out!*************************************************FEATURES:**********************************************- 3,500 Multiple Choice Questions included within 900 unique timed Drills that test your knowledge.- 1,588 Flash Cards within 12 categories to help you learn over 470 Word Roots and close to 1,000 Words in a variety of different ways.- 10 different ways to learn the most common Prefixes, Suffixes, and Latin and Greek Roots used in the English language.- Game play that includes Leveling and Experience Points to track your progress.- GPA and Grade calculations so you know how well you are doing.************************************************Look out for more PrepInteractive products coming your way soon.Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders.

Inspiration Maps By Inspiration Software, Inc.

2012 Tech&Learning Award of Excellence Winner! Visual learning for the iPad - and move files to and from Inspiration 9.1 on the desktop!Eligible for discount through Apple’s Volume Purchase Plan for Education. VPP buyers! Get a free app for every 20 purchased: students in active learning with Inspiration Maps. Students build their knowledge by creating diagrams, maps and organizers that help them brainstorm, plan, organize and build thinking skills. Tap to transform visual work into outlines that export for writing. Use Inspiration Maps to:- Brainstorm new ideas and capture insights- Analyze information- Understand cause and effect- Organize projects- Organize thoughts and topics for writing- Take notes- Study for examsFeatures:- Friendly design developed specifically for iPad- Diagrams are easy to build - and save instantly- Create an unlimited number of documents- Diagrams transform to outlines with a tap- Personalize with images, color, shape, arrow style, and backgrounds- Use images from the web or the iPad camera- Attach notes to any item to start writing- Add hyperlinks- Dozens of templates are included- Share files with other apps on your iPad, such as Pages- Share files with other iPads via Dropbox or iTunes- Additional templates available in Spanish and UK English- Localized in Spanish and UK EnglishInspiration Maps Lite---------------------------Inspiration Maps Lite is a preview of Inspiration Maps, the visual thinking and learning app for the iPad. Work with up to five diagrams to create maps, edit and stylize content, transform diagrams to outlines, and preview templates.For more information, please visit

Draw Everything! GLOW Note Free! By Jae Kwang Lee

==================================1.1.4 New Update! Send your card to Friends!==================================♦ GLOW Note, a sequel to Neon-sign Look At Me, is now available!GLOW Note for all your electronic display needs- Tired of the existing simple electronic display app?- Want to create your own special electronic display?- Bored when you’re waiting your friend to finishing signing at karaoke?- Want your electronic display to always appear on TV?- Want to show the lyrics of your favorite song through electronic display?♦ GLOW Note provides revolutionary features that can’t be found in other existing electronic display apps- Reinforced text effect (emoticons, special characters, refined colors & fonts added)- Applies separate animation (able to apply separate animation effect per object)- Provides Move / Enlarge / Edit functions- Dozens of stickers per each category - Moving frame with eye-catching effect - Background Edit / Photo Edit functions (black & white / hazy) - Background Effect Sound / My Music Import functions (useful for making a propose and writing lyrics)- Auto Save / Edit functions - Universal support (phone/pad simultaneous support)Stickers and frames are continuously updated♦ GLOW Note is ideal for following purposes- Creating eye-catching cheer chants- Confessing love to your admirer (Love Actually)- Creating and sharing the same cheer chants among fan club members (Share function support expected)- Cheering on your friend at sports field / karaoke- Creating musical refrain to your favorite song- Cultivating your child’s imagination as a toy (picture board)- Catching a cab- Informing your whereabouts at crowded places♦ The next version of GLOW Note will support the following functions- Voice recording function during playback (ideal for proposing!)- File Share / Transfer (share files with your fan club members / friends)- Create your own cheer chants for your celebrity starts with the reinforced sticker frame * Free Version limited adding slides, stickers and shows advertisement. No-ad product purchased users are treated same with Full

Smart White Board HD By Pad read

★1."WhiteBoard ", an electronic white board, an indispensable tool for your machine, a very useful educational tool, helpful for you to do family training. Writing drafts, showing models, writing, drawing pictures, Demonstrate what your thoughts in meetings, Demonstrate for coaching soccer、basketball Coach...and so on...... ★2.Manual: One finger writes, two erases,three clears the board. shake to  save the image or simply press the Save button。Three colors and three thicknesses. A blank white space. Just so easy. Nothing more, nothing less, Super Simple. Super Excellent.let's download it quickly. ★Q1: where it saves the drawings? ★A: the drawings will be saved as a picture in your iPad's Photos album. ★Q2: Hello, when i update IOS6, My drawing image can't be saved. why ? ★A: It is caused by the IOS6's privacy. Please open the Settings --> " Privacy " -->"photos", then select the allow whiteboard to access your photos. ★Q3: Can i use one finger to erase?★A: In fact, you can also use one finger to erase, The operation is as follows tips: 1. When you want to erase something ,Press two fingers on the screen at the same time, 2. And then one finger off the screen ( note: the other one finger don't leave the screen ), 3. Now the other one finger continued move , this finger works as erase now.★★★★★Customer Reviews★★★★★★**USA Super Simple. Super Excellent. ★★★★★ by SCrabtree - Does what it says -- Nothing more, nothing less. EXACTLY what I needed. Love it ★★★★★ by JehnJehn - Version 2.01 - Apr 13, 2012 This app is perfect. Simple and effective. Just what I need. Three colors and three thicknesses. A blank white space. One finger writes, two erases, three clears the board. Perfecto! Smart white board ★★★ by Star dazzler - Well I love this app because I can save all my work by touching the button in the middle of the board. To open my files I just go to my pictures and there they are:) finally it is good for students because they can do the work,save,and come back to it at any time Great App! One Suggestion ★★★★★by SisTB - I use this app in my college undergraduate courses. Instead of going to the classroom chalkboard, I just write (would like the function of typing as well) onto this app in my ipad and it projects onto a screen. Great app. ★★★★★by diggerdpilot - Version 3.0 - Jan 2, 2013Great app, no issues. Great for coaching soccer.Whiteboard ★★★★★by Govygirl - I was in a board meeting needed a quick whiteboard to demonstrate my thoughts. Found and downloaded whiteboard for iPad and voila! Great product for the job.Smart White Board HD ★★★★★by Edd W - The new revised white board is just the improvement needed. I was having all kinds of problems with everything erasing when I tried the two finger erase for only an area. This is now solved and the program is excellent.A must for IT sales ★★★★★by MacNDallas - This is the simplest (and best) white boarding tool I have found. I am in technology sales and often have to draw out a customers environment or draw the solution we are proposing. This tool is perfect for "over lunch" discussions as well as in the boardroom!FIVE STARS ★★★★★ by Miss. Lovely Does everything it says...., it is an awesome app and great for little kids! Wonderful ★★★★★ by - This app is great.I teach and it is very useful to teach on. It's just like a white board Nice app works great ★★★★ by Big Love this app just wish could access the settings for output video to calibrate to aux displays.(Video projectors or large tv screens). I also would like to know where it saves the drawings? its a cool app keep up the great work! **UKGreat start ★★★★ by CandyFP - This is a great start to replacing White boards in small meetings. It's very intuitive and three colours means lots of flexibility. Really good app for education love it

Explain Everything ™ By MorrisCooke

Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.Create slides, draw in any color, add shapes, add text, and use a laser pointer. Rotate, move, scale, copy, paste, clone, and lock any object added to the stage.Add new or existing photos and videos. Import PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and RTF files from Evernote, Dropbox, Box, GDrive, WebDAV, Email, iTunes, and any app that allows you to open these files types using "Open In…". Export MP4 movie, PDF document, PNG image, or XPL project files directly from your iPad. No account is necessary to use Explain Everything and share creations.Please rate and review the app if you like it and please direct all technical issues to support@morriscooke.comExplain Everything has been a top paid education app since its release in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Finland.*** 50% discount for educational institutions *** Check for details - The App Store Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase iOS apps in volume - Explain Everything is available under this program - please search for "morriscooke" in the VPP App Store. Download our free Explain Everything iBook manual from the Apple iBooks bookstore: proud member of the Evernote "Trunk" […] it not only has this local export feature included, but a raft of others that make it feel like a 2.0 or 3.0 release in comparison to the others I've tried in this genre - like import of PDFs, powerpoint or keynote files, and full Dropbox and Evernote integration. For those like me who use Evernote to 'remember everything', being able to pull in any note I have stored there and annotate over the top, or even record a narration, then export this enhanced note straight back is brilliant. For students, they can import an existing PowerPoint presentation and just draw and highlight over the top of slides, all the while verbally explaining, and export to a movie that encapsulates their understanding much better than the mere slides would. For educators, it means the option to create video podcasts is now available whenever and wherever we require it. The different pieces you draw, type or import become objects that can individually be manipulated (resized, deleted and are treated to be a on a layer that can be send to back, front, etc) […] Export features: I am not forced to upload the video file to the company’s site. I have CHOICES! I can export a screenshot of the slide I created to my Photo Roll (this feature is huge for me, since I can now import the movie file directly from here into iMovie on the iPad and make the screencast part of a larger movie), via e-mail, to Dropbox or Evernote.

Dropbox By Dropbox

Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and even the Dropbox website!Features:• Access all your photos, docs and videos from any device.• 2 GB of space when you sign up -- free!• Automatically save photos and videos to Dropbox and earn up to 3 GB additional free space.• Share a link to even your biggest files— no more attachments!• Add files to your "Favorites" for fast, offline viewing.Use Dropbox to save and share photos and videos in a snap or even take your work on the go. If something happens to your iPhone or iPad, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox!Terms of Service:

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Exploring 6 Interactive Storytelling Apps that are appropriate for both classroom and home use, helping students learn language arts skills while having fun