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Market research tool

Suzy is an on-demand consumer insights platform that connects you directly to your target audience to get real-time feedback on any business decision, big or small.

Need of Upright Marketing Strategies by suzycustomers - Issuu

Suzy® is an on-demand consumer insights platform that connects you directly to your target audience to get real-time feedback on any business decision, big or small.

Advantages of Online Market Surveys

Suzy takes out the guesswork, giving us a concrete idea of what our consumer wants. Suzy helps to reduce the volume of traditional marketing research channels …

Advantages of Online Surveys

Before you make a survey, gather information, and begin to investigate it, it’s imperative to consider the most ideal approach to share online review results with your group of spectators.

An Essential Guide to Product Development Life Cycles

On-demand market research provides insights at every step to help guide your product's progress more effectively and efficiently through its life cycle. Read in detail about the Product Development Life Cycle.

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey is Important?

Customer Satisfaction Survey is a research form filled by customers through which you get to know how much the customer liked your product/service. Learn more about customer surveys here!

Ready To Start Your Concept Test

Concept testing is a significant method to accumulate input from the commercial centre. These can be led as an overview in a straightforward organization with direct addressing; enabling you to arrive at the assessment of several purchasers, and furnish the support center you need with which to…

Grow Your Business With the Concept of Customer Research

Suzy keeps you on the front line by facilitating a deeper dialogue with your consumer to test campaign elements in real-time for real results.

Need for Market Research Platforms for Start-Ups

In case you need to make an extraordinary product that individuals love and possibly pay for at that point you need to know your client. What’s more, the most ideal approach to become more acquainted with your client is through Market research firms.

Change Your Business With Research Firms

Market Research platform is the best way to grow the business. In this research, you notice the main important point related to business to reach the top.

Concept And Creative Testing Methods

Structuring great product concept tests require a ton of thinking ahead. You frequently meet customers needing to test product concepts, who are astonished when we talk about every one of the issues we have to consider in product concept testing.

Ranking Scales vs. Rating Scales: Which Works For You?

When it comes to research and development surveys, the types of questions we ask can have a profound impact on the results – both positively and negatively. In order to create products our consumers will see and love, it is more important than ever to produce surveys that generate significant and useful results. But how do you choose the most effective type of survey question?

Tools And Resources You Need for DIY Market Research

Get the best idea about market research. how to go about market research if you decide to go down the DIY route. Find the best help with Suzy software.

How Concept Research Works?

What is Concept Research? Calculated research is characterized as an approach where research is directed by watching and examining effectively present data on a given point.

How co-creation and product research can add value to your brand

Co-creation is tied in with including a network outside your organization in the ideation period of the new product or service advancement.

Strategic Marketing Planning for Business Growth

With the help of Strategic marketing planning, we do analyzation of internal and external factors in business.

Different Types of Market Research (And How to Succeed With Them)

Market research can be categorized according to the data collection method used and the type of information being collected. Read on to find out more about what questions each market research method can answer for you.

Significance of Concept Testing for Products And Services

Concept testing is a stage that each business needs to fuse into its item or promoting the effort advancement process. It includes going out to the market to accumulate data on whether clients will acknowledge or cherish another idea. You can perceive any reason why testing is significant by taking a gander at an epic item that bombs like Coors' filtered water.

Mom2020: Food For Thought

Knowing that food is a huge and complicated subject for many families, Suzy set out to learn more about how today’s mom’s navigate their kitchens, and reached out to a consumer panel of over 2,500 mothers – 79% of which said they frequently cook at home – to find out more.

Essential Function for Marketing

Market research is the initial and most important step for Marketing. This process helps to collect information about the characteristics of the customers like age, gender, economy, etc. With the buying habits of the customers.

What Are The 7 Functions of Marketing?

f you’re hoping to brush up on your marketing skills, and fast, then there’s no better foundation for understanding this topic than the seven functions of marketing listed below. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man startup or a Fortune 500 company – these functions are essential for testing that you have a viable product and growing a sustainable customer base.

Understanding of DIY Consumer Characteristics

The DIY Research (Do - It-Yourself) ethos has permeated a great deal of modern culture. There is a distinct source of pride in self-made home projects and giving second-hand items a new life.

The Need for Strategic Marketing to Reach the Goals

Many young company businessmen, or even a small businessman for that matter, are confused when questioned who do you think would be your customers, or who do you think would purchase your product?

Strategy for business growth

There are several factors that may contribute to a missed business growth plan. Ceo strain, inadequate planning, unsuccessful advertising and marketing, and inaccurate pricing are all causes that may contribute to the failure of a previously profitable product. Join Suzy right now!

Destroying Assumptions With Avi Savar at CMA/SIMA 2020

“When you assume, you make an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me.’” Odds are you’ve heard this saying before, and for good reason: It’s pretty catchy! But as any business owner knows, a pithy quote can’t capture the real, damaging effects that a bad assumption can have on your bottom line – and it certainly won’t give you a roadmap for better navigating your way through those decisions.