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Premier Nationwide Security Services

Our purpose is to meet your needs by providing quality service, years of professional experience, a sense of traditional values to exceed industry standards.

Security Risks for Construction Sites

Oftentimes construction sites prove to be prime targets for thieves since they hold high-value materials and tools. This problem gets especially more grave when the site is not adequately secured.

Consider These Before Arming Your School Staff or Faculty

A number of schools have started implementing “Guardian programs” which arm teachers and other staff members as a precautionary action to any possible attack on the establishment.

Benefits of Hiring Hotel Security Services

Managing a hotel can be a stressful job. Giving your guests the best services and ensuring that they are safe and secure during their stay is one of the top priorities a manager holds.

Signs You Need Security Services for Your Business

No matter how big or how small your business is, having reliable security services in Califonia is still an essential part of effectively running your operations. Even the smallest ventures may experience theft and other criminal activities.

Strategies That Can Prevent Workplace Violence

Aside from providing corporate office security services in Los Angeles County, California, there are other ways for an employer to ensure their staff’s safety. This may be done by implementing some of these suggestions.

Preventing Workplace Violence with Security Services

As a business leader, it is your duty to take care of your employees. You are legally obliged to provide them a safe workplace and you can do this by anticipating potential threats and taking action by hiring quality security guard services in Tarzana, California.

Tips to Minimize Event Security Risks

There is more to event security than just hiring security guard services in Tarzana, California. Event security has a complex process that requires extensive coordination and communication with inside and outside sources.

How Venue Risk Assessment Can Support Security and Safety

The threats to venue security come in a myriad of forms – which means that event venues must have a wide-ranging mitigation plan in place.

Why Hire Security Guards for Construction Sites

Did you know that the expensive building equipment and materials placed in construction sites have become a big target for burglars? You have to watch out and make sure that they won’t succeed! After all, replacing the stolen materials can cause you to overstretch your budget as a result. To avoid the loss of materials due to theft, you should consider hiring professional security guard services in Tarzana, California.

Tips to Effectively Improve Hospital Security

Hospitals, regardless of the season, will have a high traffic volume daily. Most of the people who come and go are unidentified visitors. With that in mind, hospital owners should pay attention to their facility’s hospital security services in Los Angeles County, California, considering that hospitals usually have valuable equipment worth millions of dollars.

This Is What Your Business Needs

Crime is one of the major concerns for all businesses and organizations, but only some are aware of the threat it poses. Even with crime continuously decreasing in the United States, businesses still need to safeguard their employees, inventory, and property.

Things to Know About Being a Security Guard

There are plenty of job opportunities for individuals looking to be hired by a security guard company in San Diego, California. Clients often hire for various reasons e.g. to patrol their businesses after normal operating hours, to provide security details on certain people, or to prevent people from entering certain areas of their organization’s vicinity.

Hospital Security and Safety, a Necessity

A hospital in the United States continues to be one of the most threatening places to work. Health care organizations are faced with a varied and constantly evolving risk landscape that spans from workplace violence and infant abductions to more modern malicious activities such as cyberattacks and data breaches.

Mitigating the Incidence of Workplace Violence in a Healthcare Setting

Violence in the workplace is still a number one problem for medical facilities, despite its declining number in overall assault rates nationally in recent years.

Reasons Why Hospital Guards Are Important

Even healthcare facilities in California need are not exempted from crimes of differing nature. This is why security services in Califonia are very important. Why are unarmed security services in Los Angeles County, California essential anyway?

Key Reasons to Hire Guards for a Building Project

You can install CCTV cameras when you are in the initial stages of a big construction project. But security guard services in Tarzana, California can help you maximize security on your project. This particular manpower can help you in various ways, including:

How Can Security Guards Ensure the Safety of Hospitals?

With the threat of the pandemic still looming, the tension inside hospitals and other healthcare facilities remain at an all-time high. This makes these places vulnerable to crimes and delinquencies.

Know Your Physical Security Needs During This Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way how a lot of businesses run their operations. But despite this, one thing remains the same – protecting invaluable assets and infrastructure. This is doubly true for healthcare facilities, transportation industries, and construction.

Tips to Know the Number of Security Officers You Need

Often, more security officers mean better security. After all, there is power in number. It’ll be easier for them to designate tasks and assist each other when need. However, hiring too many officers when you only need a few can make things complicated. Not to mention a waste of money.

Situations That Calls for Security Services

Many businesses nowadays rely on security cameras and security guard services in Tarzana, California for protection. However, there are business owners who are still on the fence about whether or not their business needs security officers to keep the premises safe.

Reasons to Hire Fire Watch Security Guards This Summer

Sometimes, installing a fire alarm system is enough in preventing fires. However, there are instances where you may need fire watch security services in Los Angeles County, California. Such situations include heightened fire risk, fire alarm malfunction, or water shut down due to repairs.

Unarmed Security Services in Orange County, California

When you get fire watch security services in Orange County, California, you can expect security professionals to play an active role in ensuring your property’s safety. Specifically, you can expect them to perform the following roles.

Why Hire Security Services for Your Cannabis Facility?

As the legalization of cannabis continues to be pushed forward, the demands for cannabis-related products grow. While this is great news, this also means that businesses in the industry face a higher security risk than before. So, even though it’s tempting to skimp security, not having security guard services in tarzana, california to protect your business is one way straight to ruin.

Safeguard Your Cannabis Facility With Premier Security

Cannabis growers and dispensaries are easy targets for thieves. Not only do they have easy-to-sell products, but these places also store a large amount of cash-on-hand. So, if you run a cannabis facility, it’s important to have comprehensive and reliable security guard services in Tarzana, California to keep your business safe. With this, Premier Nationwide Security Services can be your reliable partner.

Suspicious Actions Your Should Be Aware Of

Concerned assistance of responsible citizens helps make security services in California function effectively. There is a faster response when suspicious behavior is reported immediately by onlookers to security guards. While suspicions can be proven false at times, this is better than not informing the authorities at all.