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List of World Records Owned by UAE – Out of the Ordinary Achievements of the UAE

The UAE is the home to marvellous wonders that grabs everyone’s attention. The desired travel destination loves to provision the world with many novelties that are quite iconoclastic.


The Tallest Chocolate Sculpture

Home to the world’s tallest building, Dubai also boasted the tallest chocolate sculpture that was meant to commemorate the nation’s 42nd national day. This colossal sculpture was, in fact, the replica of Burj Khalifa which complements the greatness of the building. With a height of 13.52 meters, the world’s tallest chocolate sculpture required 500 tonnes of chocolate cubes and 1050 work hours.


The Longest Handmade Gold Chain

The longest handmade gold chain is the Dubai Celebration Day, which took 45 days to complete with the employment of 100 skilled artisans. The length of 22-carat chain was measured to be 5.522 kilometres with a weight of 256 kilograms. The unveiling of the chain took place at the Deira Gold Souk and later the shoppers were able to buy the chain in pieces. This masterpiece was produced to mark the 20th anniversary of Dubai Shopping Festival and holds the world record for being the longest handmade gold chain.


The Highest Suspended Hotel Suite

In addition to the likes of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, Dubai is also home to the world’s highest suspended hotel suite. This title is claimed by the Abu Dhabi Suite in The St Regis Abu Dhabi. Seemingly held midair – 656 feet above the ground – the hotel suite spans over a 1,120 sq meters. This palace-like hotel charges $27,000 for an overnight stay. Located on the 48th and 49th floors, the suite offers an unobstructed view of the skyline and panoramic view of the city. Redefining the concept of luxury, the suite boasts a lounge bar, a fitness room, two kitchens, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a spa, butler service and a theatre room. The opulence of the place is accentuated by nineteen crystal chandeliers, gold accents, local artistry and leather furniture.


The Biggest Picture Frame

Also known as the Dubai Frame, this 492 tall picture frame reaches the city’s skyline. The frame took no less than ten years of planning, and the unveiling of this frame took place this year. Meant to be the new face of Dubai, the Dubai Frame is as captivating as Burj Khalifa – the frame seems to be segmented into the contrasting old and new, one side showcases modern landmarks, while the other side is dedicated to displaying historical spots.


The FireWorks Extravaganza

If you happened to be at a Palm Jumeirah hotel back in 2014, you might have had the chance to witness this. Breaking the previous record set by Kuwait, Dubai released 479,651 shells within six minutes – around 80,000 shells were released per minute and 1,332 fireworks per second. According to adjudicators of Guinness, the project took about 5,000 man-hours and ten months of planning.


The Largest Standing Lantern

Another addition to the list of world records held by the UAE, the largest standing lantern in the world can be found at Souq Al Jubail. With a height of 13.09 meters, the lantern is made of copper and wood, which also serves as a famous landmark.