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Travel and Cruise

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5 Ways To Make The Most of Your Cruise

A generous amount of people around the world have probably never been on a cruise. With the popularity of air and land travel, a lot of tourists think that their vacation time (not to mention money) will be better spent on plane and road trips.

Fact or Fiction: Riverboat Cruise Edition | | Kosher River Cruise

Whenever travel plans are being made, we are all faced with a list of questions. Where to go? How to get there? What to do? These questions are usually answered with travel ideas. There’s no doubt that one of the best ways to answer all three of these questions is to go on a riverboat cruise.

Kosher Travel Blog: Where You Should Travel Based on Your Shoe Choice

Next to diamonds, a girl's best friend is her shoes, or more like the billions of pairs that she owns that sit in her closet just waiting for a night out.

Cruisin' Season

Are you planning for your next dream river cruise vacation? When it comes to deciding on when you’re leaving for your next getaway, timing is key. The last thing you want is for your waterway of choice to be frozen solid or bubbling like a hot tub.

Here’s a List of Your Pre-Cruise Reminders

Are you off to your annual family vacation and going on another one of those kosher cruises? Before heading out for any trip, everyone has to take care of some things.

Only True Adventurers Keep Journey Journals | | Kosher River Cruise

Technology has made it so easy for us to have that lasting remembrance on our recent adventures. Whenever you see something awesome while you travel, just pull out your smartphone, take a quick photo, and voila! Your memorable travel moments are now ready to be shared with the world.

A Jew's Journey of Rediscovery

We all live our lives on a repetitive cycle of doing what we need and finding time for what we want. Today our lives are so digital. Seeing the world is easier, but stepping out is what we actually need. People are more interested in attaining attention rather than attuning themselves to what's really important.

Jewish Cruises Based on Your Coffee Preferences

How you take your coffee says a lot about you. So, put your morning pick-me-up to creative use and decide which part of the world you're going to see next with Kosher River Cruise's Jewish cruises.

Ways To Keep Kosher While On Vacation

Vacations as a Jew aren’t always easy when you’re in a strange new place. But with these tips, you’ll make your whole stay a bit more enjoyable for you and your appetite.

Taking Your Stress Away With A Jewish Trip With Kosher River Cruise

Jewish trips in Europe have become less challenging over the years, wouldn’t you agree? Many cities in the continent have Chabad houses that will happily accommodate travelers, and if the local Jewish community is large enough, they’ll have plenty of kosher restaurants and lodgings as well. You can even join up with a kosher group for a land tour or a cruise.

What to Do at a Kosher Tour Cruise Port

A port of call is an intermediate stop for a ship on its sailing itinerary. At these ports, cargo ships may take on supplies or fuel, as well as unloading and loading cargo while cruise liners have passengers get on or off the ship.

Vacations with Kosher Europe Tours

Europe, the most luxurious travel destination in the world, is by far Kosher touring's best travel destination. Embark on one of the many European vacations with us, and we'll change the way that you see travel. After all, who wouldn't want to dock at five-star hotels at every port?

Traveling and Meditation

When is the perfect time to travel? The only correct answers to this question can only sound like "now" or "very very soon please". Traveling is an awesome way to get rid of stress. But even if you're out on a luxurious kosher cruise breathing in the cool fresh air in the Rhône, you can still encounter some travel-related stress.

Jewish Heritage Museums to Visit | | Kosher River Cruise

You can’t have a Jewish heritage tour without visiting museums dedicated to standing as a memoir for the hardships that the Jews experienced. These are important reminders for the younger generations of the sacrifices that their families had to make to live the life they do today.

Is Lyon Worth It For Jewish Travelers? - Kosher Tour Guide

Lyon—France's third largest city and also its second largest metropolis. Situated it has definitely made its mark in cinema, world cuisine, and history as a whole since the time of the Roman Empire. In fact, part of the city has been deemed so culturally precious that it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998!

The Daily Life on Deck by Kosher River Cruise

Have you ever wondered what a typical day of Jewish tours aboard Kosher River Cruise looks like? Here's an idea of how your days exploring the great waterways of the world are scheduled:
6:00: Coffee service begins in the lounge
7:30: Shaarit (on-board shul)
8:00: Breakfast
9:30: Morning tour program
12:30: Lunch
13:45: Mincha
14:00: Afternoon tour program
16:30: Tea time in the lounge/free time to explore the port of call/ lecture program
19:00: Dinner
20:30: Maariv
20:45: Lecture program
21:30: Evening Entertainment
22:30: Evening snack

Hanukkah Around The World

The Hanukkah Festival, also known as the Festival of Lights, lasts eight days and is celebrated by the Jews around the world. Hanukkah celebrates the Jewish uprising in the second century BCE and commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Strangest European Laws

Out of all the continents, Europe has some of the most peculiar laws, many of which even the locals aren't aware of. Lucky for you, Kosher River Cruise has collected some of the strangest laws you could be careful not to break on your stay.

The Holy Cities of Kosher Vacations

The Four Holy Cities is the collective term in Jewish tradition applied to the cities of Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed and, later, Tiberias, the four main centers of Jewish life after the Ottoman subjugation of Palestine. As a Jewish travel option, Kosher River Cruises highlights its heritage tours. And if there are four places that all Jews need to visit, it’s the Holy Cities.

Luxury Travel with Kosher Cruises - Kosher Tour Guide

Luxury travel has recently become one of the fastest-growing forms of travel, but Kosher Cruises has actually already been around for more than two decades, making it one of the oldest and best modes of luxury travel. There's no such thing as scrimping on a lavish cruise ship because on board, decadence is celebrated, and vacations were made to enjoy.

The Pope's Jews In Avignon

Europe: a continent that is immensely rich in Jewish heritage. It has a history with the Jews that goes as far back as the rise of the Romans — or perhaps even before that.

It is why we here at Kosher River Cruise are always happy to take you with us on our Jewish cruises along the most majestic waterways. There are so many things to learn about on each trip, and we’d love to learn them together with you.

Are You Turning Into a Francophile?

France: the country that houses the city of love and everything excellent from art, food, wine, and beyond. One of the most influential cultures in the world, it’s so easy to fall in love with France. You're bound to find something that you'd like to hold on to forever.

Even the Jewish representation in France is so fondly unique that it's an easy favorite if you want to spend your kosher holiday in an extraordinary way.

3 Jewish Cuisine Favorites You Should Try

Jewish influence is spread out throughout the world. It cannot be defined absolutely. Try these delectables when you find them! Find out more.

Jewish culture is spread throughout the world. If you are Jewish, you will notice that the Jews have influenced more than dozens of countries through the food they patronize and the heritage they bring along, even in Jewish trips. Generally, Jewish cuisine is shaped by its past and present economics, agriculture and culinary traditions of Jewish communities that settled in different parts of the world. Most of the food also has a history that roots mostly from holidays and Jewish commemorations like the Rosh Hashanah and the Passover. Additionally, there is also an existence of guidelines set by the Torah, which are strictly followed.

4 New Ways To Celebrate Jewish Holidays

Jewish travel is heavily influenced by its heritage. It means visiting synagogues and historical places that are significant to their history. It can also mean celebrating Hanukkah and Passover on a nice holiday trip or a river cruise. In the past, Jewish celebrations are typically spent in the comfort of families’ homes but nowadays, there has been a shift in how these are observed. This is thanks to the rise of kosher tours and Jewish cruises.

Great Ideas for your Jewish Vacation: The Intimacy of River Cruises and Koshering as a Traveler

Say you want to go on luxurious Kosher riverboat cruises with your loved ones and enjoy your Jewish vacation, what should you do first? What if you don’t have a lot of time to plan thoroughly ahead for your Jewish holiday? This article will give you a sort of crash course with the main advantages and useful tips on how to plan and enjoy your kosher holiday without much stress.