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Travel and Cruise

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5 Ways To Make The Most of Your Cruise

A generous amount of people around the world have probably never been on a cruise. With the popularity of air and land travel, a lot of tourists think that their vacation time (not to mention money) will be better spent on plane and road trips.

Fact or Fiction: Riverboat Cruise Edition | | Kosher River Cruise

Whenever travel plans are being made, we are all faced with a list of questions. Where to go? How to get there? What to do? These questions are usually answered with travel ideas. There’s no doubt that one of the best ways to answer all three of these questions is to go on a riverboat cruise.

Kosher Travel Blog: Where You Should Travel Based on Your Shoe Choice

Next to diamonds, a girl's best friend is her shoes, or more like the billions of pairs that she owns that sit in her closet just waiting for a night out.

Cruisin' Season

Are you planning for your next dream river cruise vacation? When it comes to deciding on when you’re leaving for your next getaway, timing is key. The last thing you want is for your waterway of choice to be frozen solid or bubbling like a hot tub.

Here’s a List of Your Pre-Cruise Reminders

Are you off to your annual family vacation and going on another one of those kosher cruises? Before heading out for any trip, everyone has to take care of some things.

Only True Adventurers Keep Journey Journals | | Kosher River Cruise

Technology has made it so easy for us to have that lasting remembrance on our recent adventures. Whenever you see something awesome while you travel, just pull out your smartphone, take a quick photo, and voila! Your memorable travel moments are now ready to be shared with the world.

A Jew's Journey of Rediscovery

We all live our lives on a repetitive cycle of doing what we need and finding time for what we want. Today our lives are so digital. Seeing the world is easier, but stepping out is what we actually need. People are more interested in attaining attention rather than attuning themselves to what's really important.

Jewish Cruises Based on Your Coffee Preferences

How you take your coffee says a lot about you. So, put your morning pick-me-up to creative use and decide which part of the world you're going to see next with Kosher River Cruise's Jewish cruises.

Ways To Keep Kosher While On Vacation

Vacations as a Jew aren’t always easy when you’re in a strange new place. But with these tips, you’ll make your whole stay a bit more enjoyable for you and your appetite.

Taking Your Stress Away With A Jewish Trip With Kosher River Cruise

Jewish trips in Europe have become less challenging over the years, wouldn’t you agree? Many cities in the continent have Chabad houses that will happily accommodate travelers, and if the local Jewish community is large enough, they’ll have plenty of kosher restaurants and lodgings as well. You can even join up with a kosher group for a land tour or a cruise.

What to Do at a Kosher Tour Cruise Port

A port of call is an intermediate stop for a ship on its sailing itinerary. At these ports, cargo ships may take on supplies or fuel, as well as unloading and loading cargo while cruise liners have passengers get on or off the ship.

Vacations with Kosher Europe Tours

Europe, the most luxurious travel destination in the world, is by far Kosher touring's best travel destination. Embark on one of the many European vacations with us, and we'll change the way that you see travel. After all, who wouldn't want to dock at five-star hotels at every port?

Traveling and Meditation

When is the perfect time to travel? The only correct answers to this question can only sound like "now" or "very very soon please". Traveling is an awesome way to get rid of stress. But even if you're out on a luxurious kosher cruise breathing in the cool fresh air in the Rhône, you can still encounter some travel-related stress.