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Child’s Digital Protection

Are you worried about your child for digital protection? Bit Guardian Parental Control is best for busy parents to track and secure their children. Also, provide a bunch of features like time schedule, app blocker, child GPS tracker, call blocker, panic and SOS alert.


How Can You Protect Your Children From Android Addiction?

Are you seeking a solution to mitigate kids Android addiction? Don't worry, the kid-safe app for Android comes in rescue.

Which is the Best Time Tracking App for Android?

Are you looking for best time tracking app for android? Bit Guardian Parental Control is best for busy parents to track and secure their children. Also, provide a bunch of features like time schedule, app blocker, child GPS tracker, call blocker, panic and SOS alert.

The Best Parental Control and App Blocker Tool for Android

Are you looking for the best parental control app for Android devices? Then, stay tuned for more insights. With technological advancement, the internet has become a pop tool for each person. One-click is enough to get all types of information.

5 Advice to Prevent Gaming Addiction in Young Children

5 Advice to Prevent Gaming Addiction in Young Children

Reasons to control smartphone usage with Parental control app

you should block the internet at certain times of day to protect your children from various problems that occur due to device addiction. Let us check the objectives and ways to take a break from the cyberworld.

8 must-have Parental Control and Phone Monitoring Apps

phone monitoring app enables parents to scrutinize and hinder social websites, online games and provides reports and alerts. These software performs various tasks – track the child's location, monitor text messages, and calls, limit the access of explicit online content, and many more.

Are teens’ devices need of Anti-virus apps? | Bit Guardian Parental Control

While parents are obsessed with screen time control apps and kid safety apps, they entirely forgo the security of the device. Especially the teen’s device, which contains private and confidential data. It is essential to use anti-virus apps as much as any parental control app.

5 Basic Cell Phone Rules For Your Kids

Are you using kid safety apps to beat teen's cell phone addiction? Parental control apps are an excellent solution in setting each cell phone rule for kids, take some more glimpse of phone tracking applications.

6 Basic Internet Safety Rules And Tips For Parents And Kids

Internet safety tips are inevitable nowadays because this incredible resource with endless knowledge and fascinating content has its darker side too.

10 Best Android Anti-Theft Apps to Protect Your Device

Owning a mobile phone is not enough, handling it with due care is more important. So, do you use the GPS tracker app for device safety?

How To Combat Digital Distraction Of Kids?

Are your kids getting digitally distracted? Child monitoring app will address online interruptions. Stay on this page to find your answers.

6 Basic Internet Safety Rules and Tips for Parents and Kids

Internet safety tips are inevitable nowadays because this incredible resource with endless knowledge and fascinating content has its darker side too.

How To Control Social Media Screen Time For Your Kids?

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Protect Teens from Cyber-Security Threats | Bit Guardian Parental Control

Teens often get tricked and targeted by online criminals. Through channels like email, social media, e-commerce sites, and more, online offenders are on a watch for easy targets. In spite of the available parental control apps, it is essential that teens are educated on the repercussions of cybersecurity issues.

7 Things Parents Must Know About Online Dangers For Teens

Do you use child monitoring app to keep your kids safe on the digital platform? Stay tuned to get deeper insights about online hazards and kids safety applications.

Effects of Social Media on Teen’s Self-Esteem and Dignity

Do social media sites affect your teen’s self-esteem? Use the kid safety app to mitigate the risk of online applications.

How to Put a Parental Block on Android?

According to studies, the duration of screen time a child spends is between 4-7 hours, which is quite unacceptable. Such prolonged hours put parents under worry.

Is Free-range parenting safe? | Bit Guardian Parental Control

Free-range parenting style encourages kids to work independently while keeping a check on their safety using parental controls. Raising independent children benefits both parents and kids in the long run.

Parental Control Apps, Improves Parent- Kid Relations!

Parental Control Apps, Improves Parent- Kid Relations! Do you know which applications are your kids using on their phone? Child monitoring app allows you to keep a check on your teen’s internet...

Best screen time control app to limit kids screen time

Today's parents are concerned about kids' excessive media hours. Screen time is not confined merely in watching television, includes all electronic gadgets.

Smartphone Era Kids VS. Children before the Smartphone Revolution

Smartphones are counted as the most distracting and fatal instrument of today’s generation that has spoilt the simplicity and quality of life cherished by kids in the pre-smartphone era. Can parental controls help? Can kids’ safety and phone monitoring apps rescue the lost childhood?

Are you fed up with your kid's tantrums and their unpredictable behavior of whining and crying for no reason? We are here to help you by providing useful parenting tips and best parental control app to tackle your child's outburst.

Parental Control App for Android | Kid Tracker App | Bit Guardian

Bit Guardian Parental Control App for android lets you keep your kids safe and secure. This parental control app allows you to manage and track your child device.

Best Parental Control & Child Monitoring Tips | Bit Guardian

Sign Up now to Know your kids are always safe: Get location updates, instant panic alert, schedule screen time and more!. Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation.

Bit Guardian Parental Control - Secure & Safe Kids Apps on Google Play

Bit Guardian Parental Control is designed to secure kids and balance their digital lives. You can manage your kids' screen time, find out what applications are being installed, block addictive apps, locate them with child GPS tracker and more.

To set up, install it on the parent device, create an account and add your kid. Then install the app on the kid’s device and log in to the app.

★Remote control app features of Bit Guardian Parental Control

App Block: Find out what apps your kids are using and control their access. Block apps you do not want them to use by allowing the Accessibility permission.

App Install Block: Prevent your kids from downloading any new app altogether.

Kiosk Mode: A remote control of your kids’ devices. Customize their home screens, allow limited apps and block everything else.

Time Schedule: Apply screen time control for different app categories like games, social, media, education and more. Except for Pick Me and SOS emergency features, block everything else on their phone during bedtime.

App Time Limit: Restrict child’s app addiction by limiting extra hours.

★Real-world safety features for kids

Panic and SOS: On the child mode, there is an SOS button. When used, the app automatically sends panic alert to the parent device with the current location so you can contact them immediately.

Note 1: The app requires DND permission (optional) to keep receiving uninterrupted panic sound alerts on your device.

Geofence & Speed (Child Location Tracker): Track kid’s outdoor locations, set virtual geographic boundaries and speed limits at which they are supposed to travel. The app sends instant notification when they cross geofences or exceed their speed limits.

Note 2: GPS can consume a lot of battery power.

★Unique features of Parental Control

Calls: You can restrict all or selected number of contacts on your kid's phone.

Anti-Theft: Locate your kid’s device on the map in case of loss or theft. You can remotely ring your kid’s phone from the parent device even in silent mode. You can also restore default settings by performing factory reset remotely from the parent device.

Note 3: To perform a factory data reset, Device Administrator permission for Bit Guardian Parental Control is needed.

Reports: Detailed reports of kids’ activities via panic, speed, geofence alerts and requests.

Requests: Get unblock app requests from kids or request to change screen time schedule and more.

Bit Guardian Parental Control lets you use the Panic Alert, App Block, App Install Block and Kiosk Mode for FREE. You can try other features like GPS, Calls, Time Schedule and Anti-theft for FREE FOR 7-DAYS.

Other important app notes

Note 4: This app uses Accessibility permission on the kid’s device with parental consent to prevent a kid from uninstalling the app. The app will ask for the parent credentials. This permission also ensures smooth functioning of the app blocker, app install block and time schedule.

Need help uninstalling? Visit the link to learn more.

Note 5: This app keeps kid’s data encrypted with a Data Protection Password (DPP) at all times. This password is not stored anywhere on our servers and only the parent can decrypt kid’s data by entering the correct DPP.

Note 6: This app requires an overlay permission on the kid’s device to ensure that the kid doesn’t uninstall the app or access blocked apps.

Note7: The app requires DND permission on the child’s device to generate uninterrupted Ring Alerts under the Anti-Theft Feature.

Note 8: Allowing Auto-start permission ensures the smooth running of the app without ceasing parental control functions.