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Birla Institute of Management Technology

The fully residential campus of Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) located in National Capital Region is one of the top MBA colleges to study in India. It provides a highly conducive academic environment, interaction with hard working and industry-academia mix professors, proximity to the strategy makers of the industry and practitioners of the service and manufacturing companies, exposure to the international universities and companies.

BIMTECH: Best Business School in India| Top Management College

BIMTECH is one of the best PGDM/Management college in Delhi NCR, India renowned for creating leadership in International Business Management. It is one of the Top B-Schools in India.

Best PGDM Executive Program in India, Post Graduate Diploma in Management - BIMTECH

BIMTECH offers full time best Executive PGDM Program in India for working professionals. This 15-month residential (optional) PGDM course imparts right management knowledge among the aspiring business leaders. Apply Now.

The Insider Secrets for Hello World | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management College

You will carry on to let it operate since you stop by this next report. Nothing might have assisted them longer. Yes, in the event that you should be doing Math.

Why and How AI and Robotics Are Making Their Way into MBA Curriculum | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top M...

It was the rainy afternoon of July, one of the welcome days for the parched of Delhi NCR. We were sitting in a cozy office at 12th floor overlooking the vast green landscape and the overflowing Yamuna. The tea was served and the discussion veered towards MBA education, the purpose of our meeting. By then we exhausted the usual topics of weather, environmental challenge, economy and of course Stock market downfall.
My colleague and me were having open discussion with a CEO of a leading Publishing house on this subject. He has joined Publishing Industry after illustrious track record in other industries.

Digital Transformation Risk in Insurance Sector BIMTECH Top Management College Business Schools

Digital Technology made its way in middle of 20th century. It was based & developed on binary system of calculation. This gave rise to the high degree of computation capability & coupled with the latest technological advancement in chip making, it revolutionized the computing.

Farmers Woes: A re- look at issues; is corporatization of farming a solution? | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in Ind...

India has been a predominantly agrarian economy. Yet farmers in the country are plagued with umpteen problems leading to unbearable misery. The large number of farmer’s suicides in many parts of the country are an indication of the untold miseries the farmers in India have been facing.

Wireless Networks in India: Move to 5G | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management College

In Davos this year, among many business topics discussed 5G had a central stage. The other topic that drew attention of business executives was quantum computing. Both these topics generated a lot of interest.

Structure of The Fellow Programme in Management - BIMTECH

The Fellow Programme in Management recruits researchers in areas like Finance, Insurance, Marketing, etc. After two phases of successful evaluation, you can get awarded with the title of Fellow of BIMTECH. Browse for the detailed information. Apply Now!

Intelligent Robots: Big Relief for Corona Warriors | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management College

The corona warriors, in turn, promised to work with double dedication to fight corona. The frontline doctors, nurses and health workers are not only in constant contact with corona patients but at times abused by them.

In Search of a Logic in the Infectious World of Covid19 | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management Col...

Recently, I had a severe ache in my back, the pain was so high that I had to be rushed by ambulance to my nearby Yathartha hospital in Greater Noida, where some areas had been totally locked down. In the ambulance my mind was wandering, fearful with Covid19 – what if the driver or the attendant had Covid19? Even if they don’t have, what will happen when I am taken out of ambulance to emergency ward?

To Detox the Natural Environment, Should we have a Mandatory Lockdown, Once Every Year? | BIMTECH: Best Business Scho...

As on today, the continuous turbine of economic growth across human civilization has come to a near standstill, as the world struggles to live through the pandemic of COVID-19, investing in the search for a cure, ensuring social distancing, and drastically changing the way we live our day to day lives.

HR Trends: How to Deal with the Major HR Challenges Post Covid 19 Pandemic? | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India...

CoVID-19, the most unforeseen and unprecedented pandemic, has not only changed the life style of every individual but it has also impacted tectonically, the structure of the workplace across geographies.

Transformational Technologies in the Time of Covid 19 | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management College

Since the beginning of the year 2020, the entire world faced an unprecedented challenge of rapidly spreading pandemic called Covid 19. This engulfed most countries and at the time of writing these lines in April 2020, the end is not in sight. In the absence of any proven medicine for cure or vaccine for prevention the death rate is very high especially to the people with low immunity and senior citizens.

Crude Crashes as Corona Bites | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management College

Colonel Drake, who dug the first oil well in Pennsylvania in 1859, and Rockefeller, who created an integrated oil industry in 1865 to become oil baron, would be restless in their grave to know that Crude has been bitten by Corona so deep that it has plunged to an unthinkable level of minus $38 a barrel.

Is the Covid 19 Pandemic Creating a New Consumer Segment? | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management C...

Around the globe, the life of individuals has undergone incomprehensible changes in the past two to three months. The COVID-19 pandemic keeps on affecting most businesses at an exceptional scale all around, including retail.

Inspiration from Guru Rabindranath Tagore: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Internationalization in Higher Educatio...

In today’s world, more than ever, there is a call for higher education to be international in perspective for multi-level and multi-cultural inclusion; entrepreneurial in approach to not only live through the rapidly changing world but also inspire young people to be entrepreneurial, and also contribute to the momentum of sustainability through an appreciation of the societal, economic, and natural environment.

Life or Livelihood: What to Protect in the Times of Corona? | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management...

Life has different meanings; it depends upon the lens you are using to look at life. One of the dictionaries defines life as “the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifest by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.” Biologists have a similar definition of life.

Crisis Communication for Leaders: Compassionate Empathy is the Key | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Man...

The coronavirus crisis, which began in China in late 2019 but emerged as a full-blown pandemic in March, has plunged us all into a global health crisis and an economic downturn. It has dramatically redefined what a normal life means.

COVID-19 and Indian Marketers : Strategic Imperatives | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management College

The enormity of the COVID 19 pandemic has brought about a significant change in our day to day activities and has resulted in a tectonic shift in our orientation as a consumer.

Customised Delivery: Mantra for Revival of B2C Business In India | BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Manag...

COVID-19 has thrown up an unprecedented scenario for mankind. The major impact being felt is on health and social etiquette. The implication for marketers operating in the B2C category is clear.

Made in India, Made for the World: Reviving India’s Exports : BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management...

Exporters need to develop not only good quality, reliable and differentiated products for the world but they also need to develop brand image for their company.

A Strategy to Kick-Start the Indian Economy in the Backdrop of Covid19 : BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top...

This is the time for the Government and fellow Indians to reboot, redraw and reinvent the wheel of progress and paint a new standing in the World Economic Order'.

India Unlock 2.0: Beginning of a New Normal : BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India| Top Management CollegeBIMTECH:...

India embarks on a new phase of its Covid 19 fight with places of worship, restaurants and malls across the country set to reopen.

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Battling Covid19: Pandemic Exposes India’s Crumbling Healthcare System: BIMTECH: Best Business Schools in India

Covid19 has exposed the insufficient and inefficient public healthcare system in India. This is obvious from the tug of war between the Central & state governments.

Covid 19 and Indian Economy - A Macroeconomic Perspective - BIMTECH Blog

Find detailed analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on the Indian economy. Explore which sectors will be adversely affected, Slowdown of Economic Growth, Demand and Supply Constraints, etc. Read more."