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Updated by DataGenix Corporation on Mar 26, 2020
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Healthcare Claims Management Software

Datagenix offers cost-effective claims processing software for all-purpose claims management in insurance or health industry.

DATAGENIX: Healthcare Claims Processing & TPA Software

Our Healthcare claims processing & benefits management software gives you a clear view of operations with technology that makes sense of complexity of health care benefits management

Speed Up your Work with ClaimScape Claims Processing Software | Datagenix

Datagenix provides complete software for all aspects of health Claims Processing Software and Benefits Administration for Third Party Administrators (TPAs), IPAs, self-administered employer groups, health insurance companies & Managed Care Companies.

Online Claims Management Software Presents Comprehensive Solutions to Health & Benefit Payers | Datagenix

DataGenix Claims Software streamlines the process of reimbursement of claims for health care, adjudication of claims and management of multiple claims with great ease. The Online Claims Management Software provides Health Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Independent Physician Association (IPAs), and Managed Care Companies with clear, easy-to-use TPA monitoring dashboards to explain the general grounds for claim denials & dismissals.

Claims Software to Evaluate & Manage Centralized Claim Processing System | Datagenix

DataGenix ClaimScape Products Suite offers a ClaimScape Medical Claims Processing & Benefits Administration System solution that enables health and benefit payers to receive claims, self-assess workflows and communications, EOBs, claims management, premium billing, payments and closures

Claims Management Software Increases your Claims Processing Capability | Datagenix

DataGenix gives a clear view of your operations with advanced technology & innovative claims management software. It streamlines the complexity and covers all claims processing & healthcare benefits management requirements.

Maintains a Healthy Claims Processing Software | Datagenix

DataGenix Claims Management helps solve issues that have emerged from contradictions through payer ERA data. The Claims Processing Software removes or decreases the need for manual correction which was once essential to Health & Benefit Payers after completing the processing of claims by providing robust & innovative claim solutions.

The Best Health Insurance Claims Management Software in 2020 – DataGenix

The health insurance industry is booming drastically on the economic charts every year. This rapid surge indicates the constantly increasing popularity of insurance companies in people. However, in order to reap the benefits of their insurance plan, people have always demanded quick processing of their claims.

Claims Management Software optimizes Claims Processing With Flexible Benefits

The Management Software for Health Claims is a comprehensive customer-centric healthcare claims system providing end-to-end tools for full claims management software. With its fully designed, but easy to use app, it provides measurable benefits to health & benefit payers. The software has enabled the customers to reduce the costs of claim processing and offer automated benefits processing & administration.

Smart Claims Processing With Online Claims Management Software | Datagenix

DataGenix's Claims Benefit System's Real-Time interface with Background with Healthcare First Pass System for Automated Claims Analysis of Provider's proper payment with rules database of 3.5 million laws lets you achieve daily clean claims. The Claims processing software also offers efficient audit processing of all claims, support for multiple provider networks and network ranking, and a simplified service code system to make the processing of benefits easy to understand.

Comprehensive Healthcare Benefits Software for Effective Claims Handling | Datagenix

DataGenix Claims Handling Software offers the benefits administration system that simplifies & streamlines workflows such as enrollment, benefit plan administration, and other core administrative processes. The software helps to eliminate manual intervention in the claims process and automate most of the operations. It also eradicates the need for the paper where all the administration tasks are conducted with one centralized system, using Claims Software that can be accessed from multiple locations.

Improve Processing Effectiveness For TPA & Claims Software

Improve effectiveness & deliver automated medical claims to increase clean claim rates & minimize manual inefficiencies with DataGenix comprehensive Claims Software. To know more info Explore our Website.

Customized Health Insurance Claims Management Software With Claim Reports - Datagenix

ClaimScape Health Insurance Claims Management Software is manufactured by DataGenix to meet all the requirements of TPAs and claims processing companies. Visit the DataGenix website now to request your demo.

Efficiently Provides Claims Processing Software Optimized Workflow

DataGenix Claims Processing Software provides TPA software with efficient and value-based claims management to efficiently bridge the gap between insured & insurance companies & provide personalized, clean reports.

Efficiency Increase With Health Claims Management Software

DataGenix is a company that has very well studied the workings of claim processing firms to configure their claims management software for health. ClaimScape provides different features for report sharing and auditing, compliance testing, profile management, customer care, and provider management. However, we will be discussing those which simplify the administration of benefits.