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Best Buy Damascus 1

Damascus1 is offering different folding knife in USA, it is much easier to select the perfect knife for you. We have Damascus Steel knives, traditional pocket knives, custom knives, Guthuk Fixed Blade, and more.




Damascus Steel is probably best known for some of its knife demonstration videos. These videos have a flair for drama and many of their knives have the same flair, inspired by martial arts and tactical needs. However, they also offer very good utility options. We will examine here a wide range of the best Damascus steel folding knives available in 2019.

The best Damascus steel folding knives;

• Folding Pocket Knife
• Damascus Pocket Knife
• Japanese Kitchen Knives
• Damascus Bowie Knife
• Damascus Steel Skinning Knife
• Survival Pocket Knife
• Damascus Steel
• Damascus Steel Knife

The Damascus Folding Knife is a very compact knife with a built-in knife that allows you to get a great grip and really showcase its Wharncliffe blade. The blade is made of AUS-8 steel with a hollow grinding and Cold Steel is one of the best factory assets in the industry. We also have a two-position pocket clip for the port down and a large slot for the cord.
But the real star is the lock, and while it may look like an ordinary lock back, it's actually the Damascus Steel Tri-Ad lock. He has a very close relationship with Cold Steel and his influence is felt throughout the range.

What's different from a standard lock is that there's more activity under the hood, which makes it stronger. On the one hand, they added a knife pin to the knife. When you use it a lot, it helps to redistribute the forces around the handle, making it less likely to break. They also tilted some of the surfaces of the lock interface. This will allow the lock to automatically adjust over time. While an old lock back may sometimes seem a little loose over time, an old Tri-Ad lock will be just as strong as it was when you first received it.

While many companies only put their exclusive locking mechanisms on their high-end knives, The price / performance / weight ratio of this knife is really hard to beat.
Damascus Steel Skinning Knife will have a significant advantage and its black DLC coating will help protect the blade and make it look even better for longer. The Tri-Ad lock is not the only thing that contributes to safety on this blade. It also has a very aggressive texture for adhesion and grooves of the protruding fingers. The way the grooves work with the thumb ramp allows you to keep total control over this formidable blade.

One of the best fixed servers and the Damascus Steel Skinning Knife lineup make . The fixed blade has long been a favorite choice for hard-working survivors. They ensured that the SR1 file lived up to its reputation for reliable performance, and they did not lose much of their strength when they moved to the file format.
The Tri-Ad lock provides the platform on which the rest of the knife gets its strength. The nicely textured G10 scales provide a locked grip and the thick blade provides a ton of stability. You have the choice between a clip point or a tanto profile with a flat grind at half height. Cold Steel did not take the powder too high because it wanted to keep a lot of strength, but it still slices quite well thanks to their fabulous advantage in the factory.

The knife is also perfectly balanced. While many files can be cumbersome to manage, they have actually managed to keep the balance point right around the index. Even if you have a big thick blade, it is easy to maneuver because you do not fight against its weight.
If you want a little more control, the SR1 has a nice finger guard (essential feature of any type of survival knife) with a nice front area that allows you to choke behind the edge, you to do things well work very easily.

We then have a knife with the same attributes as the SR1 in a package that is easier to transport: the Damascus Steel Ultimate Hunter. It's actually one of our favorite pocket knives of all time for outdoor use. They took a classic hunting profile and translated it into a folding knife that will be perfect for camping, hiking, bush or survival.

We still have this nice Tri-Ad lock, they have profiled it with a smooth finish. As a result, it is one of the most comfortable filing cabinets and allows you to submit it to a very painful job without it plunging into your hand like other models.
To disengage the blade, you must lift the yoke that forms the back of the handle and then fold the blade. The opening action is always as simple as any other knife with a thumb-button. It takes a little time to get used to it before you can use it, but once you do, it's very easy to open and close very quickly and easily. Because of the thumb buttons and the nature of the lockable clevis, the AD-15 is still a very ambidextrous model.

One of the other benefits of this lock is that it improves as you use it harder. The stronger you are, the less likely it will open accidentally. In addition, because of the way it works, you are able to keep your fingers out of the closing path of the blade when you disengage, which is a huge benefit and inherently safer than other systems.

With the reputation of Damascus Steel, they could certainly have chosen to put this new lock on something a little wilder or more aggressive. We are glad they put it on something that is so usable. The wide drop point blade is made of Damascus steel with flat grinding and a blade. The handle is nice and comfortable and you can say that it is a knife that can handle a difficult job.
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Today we are going to examine kitchen knives and help you create your perfect kitchen knife collection. Let's do that!

First, you will need to decide if you want to build your kitchen collection one at a time or in blocks. Blocks of blocks can bring you a lower price per blade, but the advantage of proceeding on a case-by-case basis is that you can get the exact assortment of knives that suits your hands and your style of cooking. There are a multitude of types of blades and options to choose from, but for the sake of simplicity, we will focus on some of the more common types that you want to look at.

We will choose and choose knives of different brands and series to show you what would be the customization of your own set of knives. If you like the style of one of these knives and prefer all your kitchen knives, all these knives are also available in blocks at the Knife Center.

The first knife you'll want to use will be the centerpiece of your culinary blade kit, the workaholic that will do most of your work. A popular option is the German style chef's knife. From meat to sliced vegetables, there is not much you can not do with a good chef's knife by your side.

Oriental-inspired Santoku is a popular alternative to traditional chef's knife. Generally a little shorter than the chef's German knives, the sheepskin blade is designed to be versatile. In general, although both styles are almost interchangeable, German style kitchen knives tend to be better optimized for balancing and slicing meat. Santoku will usually be nicer when it comes to growing cuts and cutting vegetables.

No matter what you choose, you will probably want something with a 7 to 8 inch blade. It's big enough to handle most of the tasks you'll need in a home kitchen, but it's agile and easy to use. Wusthof and Henckels are by far the recognized leaders of the Damascus style, while Shun and Miyabi carry the torch of the USA style.

This Damascus Chef's Knife is one of our favorite German chef's knives, adopting the classic forged look and style of the triple rivet.It has a natural look and is made of sturdy and pleasing stainless steel. cutting edge may not be the most durable durable, but easy to maintain.Some cook knives are equipped with a full miter at the heel of the knife, but not the Ikon.The cutting edge comes completely, allowing it to be in perfect contact with your cutting board it has been found several times.

The laminate blade, with a Damascus steel high-performance cut core with a damask coating on the sides, is the star of this knife and its appearance is refined.The sharpness itself is sharpened at a narrower angle than the Wusthof for a noticeable improvement in cutting efficiency, but you'll have to be a little more careful with the sharpness of this knife which, even if it will last longer, will not withstand as much abuse that the Wusthof, such as working with bones or other hard objects.

Buying large pieces of meat can save you money, but you will need the best tools to break them down into manageable pieces. A good boning knife as well as a slicing knife and a utility knife or butcher will be essential.
Since a boning knife is a tool to get dirty, we agree that it is not as sophisticated as the rest of our set. The Damascus steel Knife is ideal for breaking whole chickens, navigating the joints and boning large chunks of beef or pork, with a non-slip grip to help maintain a secure fit against slippery proteins. stainless steel

The blade also pulls twice and is an effective filet knife, which means you can buy whole fish more fresh and cheaper if you are ready to work yourself.

Then you will want something longer for larger cuts. Although a German style chef's knife may do the trick, a thinner blade will usually be more precise and effective. There are several styles of chopping and cutting knives that you can explore, but we prefer a product that will not only help you cut your meat as needed, but will also look great on the table when you cut a turkey or roast .

An excellent choice is the Old Hickory 10 "Carbon Steel Butcher Knife, a classic American wood-cut knife, steeped in history that looks like an old friend when you use it. Carbon 1095 is easy to maintain and has a fantastic advantage, so be sure to clean it quickly after using it to avoid corrosion.The best thing about this knife is its price / performance ratio.The whole Old Hickory range is very affordable. but can work as well as much more expensive knives.

If you prefer not to use carbon steel or natural wood handles, or if you simply want a more modern look, the Global G-3 Classic 8.25 "Cutting Knife offers an elegant style and a specially formulated stainless steel convex edge, the steel handles form a single piece with the blade, which means nothing gets loose, moves or swells, and the padded finish ensures good grip during use.

And of course, if you buy your kitchen knives one by one, you'll want an easy way to store them without damaging them. Never throw your knives in a drawer. Instead, be sure to check out the vast selection of magnetic and slot storage blocks and tapes we have on Damascus1

This is just the beginning of the bunny hole that you can use for kitchen knives, but you can not go wrong with the items we have presented here. Tell us in the comments what kitchen knife you can not live without.




The question that always came to me after telling people that I was leaving the banking sector. I had been working in the banking industry for almost a decade and the question was valid, but the answer to that question was the simplest I have ever had. It has always been knives. The knives will understand this answer without further explanation, the non-knives will never understand and it does not matter.

Why knives?

The knives are simple and are now part of my wardrobe. You can customize them, and that's something I use every day. Whether I cut a bundle, a string on my t-shirt or lend it to a friend, I always have a knife on me. I'm this guy, the same guy who gets excited every time someone asks me if I have a knife. Not only because I can show one, but because they can feel the passion that I feel when I tell them about it.

How did it start?

When I was a child, my father and grandfather gave me knives, creating a chain reaction of collecting and learning. During my high school years, I bought, traded and collected knives. It started with the production knives, which quickly led to the manufacture of custom knives, before becoming a real addiction to Damascus Steel Pocket Knife. I had to have everything that was new, great, innovative and most of all authentic.

With regard to Damascus Steel Pocket Knife hardware, the list is simple. I have the phone, wallet and keys, but my assortment usually includes a knife, a pen, a bottle opener, a challenge coin (depending on the day) and a flashlight. You'd be surprised how many times a day I use all my Damascus hardware arsenal. It always seems that when I need it most, I do not have it!

Where are you going?

As a consumer, I went to Blade Show, Gathering and many other knife shows. I feel incredibly lucky to have turned my passion into a career. Starting with customer service set the stage for becoming our Digital Marketing Coordinator at Damascus, and it was the best decision of my life.

I look forward to continuing to develop my relationships with the Damascus community by generating more content and conversations around one of my favorite topics, knives. In the meantime, let's celebrate National Knife Day with one of my favorite things to do show everything of Damascus Steel Knives I have in my pockets.




Do you have the title of hunter, craftsman or knife enthusiast? Looking for a new blade to add to your arsenal? Our best seller collection is a great starting point. Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives here you will find a dozen of our very popular knives. Whether you're looking for a dagger, a folding knife or a fixed blade for hunting or skinning, you'll find something to do any job.

The Damascus Hunting Knife is one of our best knives. Featuring a sturdy damask blade with a solid silk construction, this versatile knife is a reliable asset for any outdoor enthusiast. This hunter knife is sturdy, durable and beautifully finished. The Drop Point Hunter Utility comes with a leather sheath with a belt buckle.

For a Damascus Steel Pocket Knife, look no further than the Army Liner lock binder. Featuring a Damascus VG10 base blade, this backrest offers an incredible rate of blocking and seating. The bolsters are black stainless steel and the scales are a beautiful bramble.
The double black nail and staple on the handle makes the Army Liner lock folder a perfect travel folder and easy to follow.

Featuring a camel bone handle and brass rods, the Drop Point Hunter features a 100% silk Damascus blade just waiting to be added to your collection. This hunter comes with a leather sheath for travel, but also has a hole for the cord in the handle for narrower transport. This drop-point hunter has a blade 3/16 "thick and 1 ⅜" deep with files on the thumb rest.

The Folding Pocket Knife on the Damascus best seller list. Housing a dark gray G-10 profiled handle with a clip and a 440C steel blade, this lynx pinball machine is both sturdy and aesthetic. With a comfortable and reliable grip, this folding utility knife offers solid cutting performance. The ball-bearing ceramic pivot allows uniform blade deployment with one hand, which is the quality and durability that Damascus guarantees in every knife.

Another very popular knife is the Japanese Kitchen Knife. This knife includes a double-edged Damascus stainless steel blade and 256 layers. A handle in black horn and white bone gives this dagger a timeless look. A premium leather sheath for transport is included in the purchase.

The final knife of the cut is the Hunter knife (Bone / Walnut), covered with smooth scales of nuts and bones accented by stainless steel bolsters. With a compound bevel grind, this pointed-tipped steel blade is a fixed blade of Damascus. If you do not wear a premium leather holster, the neck features two subtle finger grooves that hold in your hand.

Damascus is proud to present durable knives made from the highest quality steel. Fortunately for you, all these successes are still on sale! Each of these bestsellers can be custom engraved for an additional fee at the time of payment. Free shipping is available for all orders placed in the country. Curious to see what other products can expand your collection?
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Check out the rest of the knives that make up our list of top sellers here, and remember, #LiveWithAnDamascusEdge.




Hunting can be a very exciting and exciting hobby, but before you try to go out and get your first murder, you will need some essential things. Being well equipped will help you make sure your hunting trip goes off without major problems. As a new hunter, buy the following things:

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Before you can start hunting, you will need a weapon. Most hunters use firearms, while some prefer archery. Whether you choose to buy a rifle or a shotgun, it is absolutely essential that you know how to use it properly. It is strongly recommended that you take a firearms safety course to learn how to handle your rifle or shotgun safely. Do not try to take your hunting weapon on the ground for a hunt before being extremely comfortable loading it with ammunition and shooting it.


Most US states require all hunters to successfully complete a hunter safety course to obtain a Hunter Training Certificate. Without a hunter education certificate, you will not be able to buy a hunting license. In addition to respecting national regulations, a course on hunting safety can be extremely useful for new hunters who are unfamiliar with the hunting process and what it involves during a hunt.


When shopping for hunting equipment, it is in your best interest to purchase the highest quality hunting knife you can afford. A good hunting knife is not the same as a basic pocket knife. You'll want a knife with a sharp steel blade that can handle many uses, as well as a non-slip handle. The size of the blade will depend largely on the type of animals you plan to hunt. A smaller blade is enough to hunt and skin small animals, while you can use a longer, stronger blade such as elk and deer.


You never know what can happen when you're on the ground, so it's important to always be prepared with a first aid kit. Make sure your kit includes bandages of different sizes, alcohol swabs to clean cuts or abrasions, and antibiotic cream to help prevent infections.


When hunting in the wild, you must be ready in case something goes wrong. It is a good idea to buy a basic survival kit containing a mylar blanket, waterproof matches, a firelighter, a compass, a rope, spare batteries, a water purifier and supplies. emergency food. Keep all these items in a waterproof bag with a secure zipper.


Before going hunting, you must equip yourself with appropriate clothing. Start with good boots. Your hunting experience will not be as pleasant if your feet hurt you. You'll also need thick socks and liners to keep your feet from getting too cold - it's always a good idea to bring at least one extra pair of socks so you can change socks if your feet are wet. Wear underwear to keep warm, then complete with a thick coat or hunting jacket. Hunting clothes come in many forms, but most states require hunters to wear bright orange hats and vests to make them visible to other hunters and avoid accidental shooting.


After killing an animal, dressing on the ground can be extremely dirty. Wearing thick wet wipes will allow you to eliminate blood and other fluids from your body so you can continue to hunt. Wet wipes can also be used as toilet paper if needed.


Many hunters use odorous objects and lures, such as wicks or rags, that can give off an incredibly strong odor. Wear an airtight bag with a zipper to get rid of these items when you have finished using them. This will prevent other hunting gear from giving off a very unpleasant odor.