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Exchange Software Development Company


Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Espay Exchange is a leading & specialize in the security token exchange, forex exchange solutions and cryptocurrency exchange software development company. We offers a secure as well as fully customized, scalable, liquidity ready exchange software for startup.

Espay Exchange provide centralized crypto exchange solutions with high liquidity and full customization. Our enterprise exchange platforms and standard exchange platforms enable real-time centralized trading of crypto assets with blockchain integration.

What is Exchange - espayexchangespace - Medium

An exchange is a commercial center in which securities, derivatives, commodities and other budgetary instruments are exchanged. The center capacity of an exchange is to guarantee reasonable and…

Understanding the Different Areas of Digital Currency Solutions

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Blockchain is the bedrock of all cryptocurrencies. It is globally accessible, decentralized, irreversible, anonymous, and extremely secure. There…

Espay Exchange is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company. Our solutions include white label bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform development services which is fast, secure and customizable. One-stop shop to develop your customised white label cryptocurrency exchange software.

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A cryptocurrency is a disputable digital resource planned to fill in as the medium of exchange that the utilizations cryptography to safe its transactions, to manage the formation of the extra units…

Evolution of Cryptocurrency Exchange - espayexchangespace - Medium

Cryptocurrency exchanges have developed since they were first settled in 2010, fundamentally to exchange bitcoin. Today, the exchanges have extended their capacities to incorporate wallets, store…

A unique cryptocurrency exchange software solution by Espay Exchange to launch a safe platform for crypto and main world fiat currencies buy and sale. Our exchange platform provides a turnkey, all-in-one solution.

At Espay – best centralized Crypto Exchange Development Company , we have solutions for Bitcoin and Altcoins such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin cash and much more existing presently.

Blockchain Technology — Delivering The Best Exchange Platform

A Blockchain is a decentralized, disseminated and open computerized record that is utilized to record exchanges crosswise over numerous PCs so the record can’t be adjusted retroactively without the modification of every single ensuing block and the accord of the network. This enables the members to check and audit exchanges inexpensively. Read more

Enterprise Crypto Exchange Development Company

Our cryptocurrency exchange development company builds white label cryptocurrency exchange software reinforced with world-class features. Leverage our cryptocurrency exchange development services to accelerate crypto & Bitcoin exchange platform development process.

Our exchange software development services augment your online trading business with an efficient, secure and robust exchange platform. They include crypto and asset trading application development services for web and mobile.

What Is Security Token Offering (STO)?

Security token exchange is making a significant impact in the evolving crypto trading industry. But when it comes to wide acceptance of security token, liquidity emerges as a major challenge. In the…

How Security Token Exchange Work?

Security tokens are here to stay long, and 2018 has already proved to becoming the buildup year for tokenization of securities and assets. New security token exchanges are emerging with passing time. But there are very few regulated STO exchanges owing to the lack of liquidity. Here liquidity indicates how easily and steadily assets or tokens could be purchased and sold on the market.

To solve the difficulties of CEX & DEX trading platforms, hybrid digital asset exchanges(HEX = Hybrid Exchange) is being established, which will be on the basis of functionalities and liquidity of centralized platforms, as well as the confidentiality and safety of decentralized platforms.

A peer-to-peer (P2P) service is a decentralized platform whereby two individuals interact directly with each other, without inter-mediation by a third-party. Instead, the buyer and the seller transact directly with each other. Where regular crypto exchanges offer to trade cryptos against cryptos or against a limited set of fiat currencies, these P2P Exchanges offer wide range of trading and payment options for buying and selling Cryptos. Added to this P2P Exchanges require less resources compared to the regular exchange platforms.

Difference between Utility Tokens and Security Tokens

This is a small section from our extensive market report on security token Offering (STO). If you would like to get complete hold over the nuances of this market with the present and future…

Difference Between Cryptocurrency and Security Tokens

Security tokens need to be traded, sold or bought in their own ecosystem. However, you can use fiat and crypto to purchase them for the first time. This is a small section from our extensive market…

Security Token Exchange Development Team of Espay has created an Exchange solution for tokenized assets, liabilities, securities which is compliant with guidelines of SEC. This Security Token Exchange Solution is secured, reliable and safe for your users to trade on.

Security Token Offering (STO) has become a valuable alternative to IPOs, venture capital, and even ICOs. A security token offering mediates to the holders of tokens that are classified as securities and that confer different rights compared to utility tokens in the case of a classic ICO.

Undisputable Benefits Of Centralized Exchange

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges are online platforms that are used to buy and sell cryptocurrency. These are the most common ways that investors use to buy and sell assets for the cryptocurrency.

How Is Security Token Exchange Solution A Smart Innovation?

According to recent trends, it is estimated that 2019 is going to the year of Security tokens as 2017 has been the year of ICOs. Security Token Exchange is going to be the next biggest attraction…


Security Token Offering Development

Security Token Offering Development

As a technically sound STO agency in Australia, Espay Exchange accompanies STO in their complete technical development. Our blockchain developers are experts in developing the most important programming languages and frameworks from the blockchain scene. You can take over all the necessary technical services related to your STO development: Smart Contract Development, Investor Dashboard Creation, STO Security and many more.


Security Token Marketing Solutions

Our STO marketing consultants have been supporting successful blockchain projects for several years. In addition, we advise you on all aspects of STO marketing and are always ready to answer your questions.

Functions of market order and white label crypto exchange in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency trading is a digital form of transaction which has been embraced by a myriad of capital markets, cryptocurrency enthusiast, consultants and investors with the objective of make a…