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7 Things to do with Kids in Siem Reap – Team up with your kids and have fun on your holiday

If you are putting off your holiday because you have kids, you needn't fret any longer. The famous travel destination in Cambodia is indulgent to kids and adults in equal measure.


Tonle Sap Lake

The Great Lake in Khmer is only 30 minutes from Siem Reap if you hire a tuk-tuk. The water level of the lakes tends to fluctuate constantly throughout the year. To accommodate the changes that occur in the water level of the river, the surrounding villages are built in agreement – for example, the houses around the lake are built on stilts so as to be able to float in case the water level goes overboard. There are many activities that you may like – for example; you could paddle over to the floating market. The way back from the lake is an adventure too; you could make a stop at the lotus flower farm or the crocodile farm as you are heading back to Siem Reap.


Angkor National Museum

Your holiday could be a great opportunity for you to do a bit of learning. Located close to FCC Angkor Managed by Avani Hotels and Resorts (in case you are on the lookout for Siem Reap hotel deals) is Angkor National Museum. Displaying a collection of artefacts pertaining to the Angkorian period, the museum has eight galleries that house Buddhist sculptures and Angkorian jewellery. If you've got little ones, this is one of the best places to visit though it might not interest kids who are too young.


Phare Circus

This is a must visit if you are ever in Siem Reap as your contribution goes into a fund that helps young people in Cambodia. To appreciate the charm of Cambodian culture, you must visit Phare Circus, especially if you are on tour with your kids. Every element of the show is well aligned with the local culture. While it is entertaining, Phare Circus is also an attraction that is traditionally and culturally important. At the end of the show, visitors are given a chance to take pictures with acrobats, and more importantly, if you want to get drinks and snacks, you should get there as early as you can.


Bambu Stage

Bambu Stage is a local puppet show that entertains kids as well as adults. A necessary part of the Cambodian tourist scene, the puppet show is a great source of amusement.


The Silk Farm

If you take a tuk-tuk from Siem Reap, within 40 minutes, you can reach the Artisan Silk Farm. There will be a guide to walk you through every detail of the industry, including the origin of the vocation, the background, and how the work is carried out. Supported by several NGOs, the silk farm also acts as an institute where local people can learn the craft.


War Museum

On your round of visiting museums in Cambodia, don't forget to visit the War Museum as well, which rings with a sombre note. Displaying evidence of the brutality of a civil war, the museum houses a few tanks and abandoned pieces of weaponry.


Horseback Riding

This is a great way to explore the area with your kids. You can ride throughout the country and some offer services for up to four hours. You can also arrange for a horse-drawn cart to take you through all the rural areas of the town.