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In this blog, we provide genuine information about Health & Fitness tips and Nutrition to help you achieve your fitness goals.



How Does Smoking Affect The Fitness Goal Of Smokers?

How Does Smoking Affect The Fitness Goal Of Smokers?

Our this topic is exciting and very demanding, and almost half of the world's population smoke. Our topic is about smokers. Does smoking affects your muscle-building goal on your fat loss goal on your weight loss goals in this topic we are going to cover. It is an essential subject to cover what harm your fitness goal and your body are suffering from smoking.

Do people who exercise have any effect on smoking? Guys smoking contain nicotine. Nicotine is an ingredient that creates a chain inside you through smoking. When the impact of that chain starts decreasing, you demand again to create that chain reaction, and you smoke still. These chains are formed in your body and do not end.

What Are Its Effect Along With Exercise?

It's going to affect your endurance level, or stamina means it's tough for you to do high reps. When your reps more, your body will produce less oxygen. It's very tough for your lungs to produce oxygen because of your lungs working almost 30% more compared to people who don't smoke to produce the same oxygen. So you're breathing very hard it's going to affect your endurance level it's hard for you to perform 16 reps 20 reps. So it's hard for you to work on the slow-twitch muscle fiber. That's the first thing but still depends upon how many cigarettes you're smoking a day.

The second thing is oxygen level your body will have to work 30% more in producing the same oxygen, and you'll be like it's an effect on your breathing.

What Are The Effects On Hormones From Smoking?

Will affect your testosterone. Testosterone is an essential hormone, and yes, smokers have testosterone drops. What happens to testosterone? It's a necessary hormone for muscle-building and fat loss. Yes, so it will decrease your production of testosterone from more smoke. What will happen after this, due to lack of oxygen you will supply very less amount of oxygen into your muscles in your body. When you exercise, you will not be able to train your muscle correctly due to lack of oxygen because you are producing almost 30% less oxygen. The more oxygen you have in your body, the going to supply their blood through oxygen into your muscle. Your blood flow will be low, and the testosterone level will drop. It's a terrible effect, guys.

Can Smokers Build Muscle?

But it's not going to affect that much on muscle-building somehow which smokers they can build muscles. If you smoke a cigarette a day you can still build muscle, but he's looking a whole damn packet a day it will be damn hard for your body to produce oxygen. Less blood flows into the significant muscle drop the testosterone level, and they're going to and also going to drop endurance level. But strength will not be so much trouble because eight reps will be able to put your body easily because you're comfortable, but you will breathe hard after 8 to 10 reps sure. But yes, you can still build muscle by doing eight reps; it's not going to affect a much older.

What Are The Effects For People Who Do Not Exercise?

Certainly, those who do not exercise you know they don't have any goal in term of you know muscle building or fat loss. So for those people, it will cause lung cancer, and you know that it is not safe. If you drink a whole pack of cigarette in one day, then cut down your smoking guys. You and your family will suffer. Don't be a chain smokers don't give your body damage and make it guys to where it's going to give you a depth down the road, and that can happen within 2 to 3 years. There are no age guys, so it's terrible. I would suggest you guys forget a muscle building or fat loss. Health is essential does not matter you exercise or not.

If you are athletes, it's going to affect barely because of athlete need the stamina and strength and endurance in the ground. To play there longer one hour three hour five hours pose so definitely it's not hell different sportsman. You don't know your body is producing very less oxygen, so it's not healthy down the road. My advice is to cut down at least minimize a cigarette a day. If you can do two cigarettes a week or three cigarettes slowly week by week, reduce each one. It's not going to be any shock for your body. Fifty-two weeks in a year you will see you're going to smoke 52 fewer cigarettes guys and that's a significant achievement. I hope you get the information about smoking. Take care, guys!


How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

In this topic, we are going to tell you "How to get rid of belly fat". If you are following proper diet and workout even then the belly fat area is not reduced, then for this, we are going to give you a simple tip in this topic. You know this tip, but you do not follow it. To reduce lower stomach fat, you should consume green raw vegetables instead of cook vegetables.

What Is The Role Of Raw Vegetables In Reducing Belly Fat?

You should know that all raw vegetables contain very high nutrients such as antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. All the days you eat big meals like bread, potatoes, and rice. In these big meals, you will not get the nutrients that you will get in raw vegetables. W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) reported three years ago that 19 out of 20 people in India do not eat fruits and vegetables. We are talking about raw veggies, not cook vegetables.

What are there in cook vegetables? If you cook vegetables in oil, their nutrients are gone and you do not get any health benefits of those cooked vegetables. Your body, the brain is not getting any benefit because you need nutrients for your body parts like kidney, lungs, heart. You can eat raw vegetables before lunch and dinner. You can make a salad by mixing cucumber, carrot, tomato in 1 cup of cabbage. These four vegetables are fresh and can be eaten before lunch and dinner and after that, you can have your regular meal.

We hope you liked our post "How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat". If you want to get rid of belly fat, then definitely include these green vegetables in your diet. You will see that your lower stomach fat will melt and take these vegetables twice a day. You will see a big difference.


Are You Wasting Protein?

Are You Wasting Protein?

Today we are going to tell you about protein absorption. Are you waste protein by consuming more protein or is your body absorbing it. So we tell you about protein absorption, our body can absorb protein from about 24 grams to 50 grams. It depends on your muscle maturity, your activity level and your experience. So if you think that everyone can absorb 50 grams of protein, then these are wrong. If you believe everyone can consume 24 grams of protein, yes, that is a primary number. But when your muscles become mature, then gradually the absorption of your body also increases. Those who are professional bodybuilders and fitness models, their body can absorb 50 grams of protein per serving. If they consume six meals a day, then their body absorbs 300 grams of protein. If beginners whose muscles are not mature, if they are consuming 50 grams of protein, then their body is consuming half the protein and half they are wasting.

For example:- Advance level is people whose muscles are mature. Their body easily absorbs two scoops of whey protein and two scoops contain about 50 grams of protein. If the beginner, whose muscles are not mature, if he takes two scoops of whey protein, then he is wasting one scoop per serving.

Protein does not waste at all; the cost of one scoop of protein in India is about 100 to 200 rupees. If you take protein two times a day or 2-2 scoops protein two times a day, you are wasting about 200-300 rupees per day.

What To Do For Better Protein Absorption?

If you are in advance, then you can use two-scoop whey protein, consume two chicken breast, and you can consume about 10 to 12 egg white. But if you are a beginner then your body will not be able to absorb two chicken breast, 12 egg white will not be able to absorb your body, and two-scoop whey protein will not absorb your body. So how do beginners achieve 200 to 300 grams of protein intake target of their day without wasting protein? Very simple, you consume 25 grams of protein in one meal and eight meals in one day. 4 meals no. If you take 50 grams of protein per meal, then you are wasting half, and if you take 25 grams of protein per meal and consume eight meals per day, then you can easily consume 200 grams of protein per day. And yes there is a prime time after exercise when your body absorbs 20 to 25 grams more protein in post-workout. Beginners can consume 10 grams of extra protein in post-workout.

So these are our simple tip, do not waste your protein and money. Consume 25 grams of protein per meal and about eight meals per day. Those who advance are upto 50 grams of protein per meal and six meals per day consume no problem. You follow this information and try and do not waste your protein & money.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Sprouted Beans?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Sprouted Beans?

Today we are going to cover a critical topic. "Sprouts" are essential food. Sprouts are considered one of the most crucial foods in a vegetarian diet, and those who are pure vegetarian use sprouts. If you do not eat sprouts, then you can add to your diet. We will explain the benefits of sprouts (Germs) on this topic.

There are many types of sprouts such as
1. Alfa-alfa sprouts
2. Bean sprouts
3. Green gram sprouts
4. Bengal gram sprouts
5. Chickpea sprouts and many sprouts occur.

But alfa-alfa sprouts are much better. These sprouts are often used in sandwich and in the united state this sprout is quite used. But one of the most popular germs in India is (mung) bean sprouts.

They are talking about sprouted beans. These sprouts are always green color and grass comes out of them. What is germ? The germ is a portion of vegetarian food. There is a complete source of protein. What is the complete source of protein? In which all amino acids are present. Protein is made up of 20 types of amino acids; hence, it is called complete protein. Just like they are inside eggs, chicken, fish, and whey protein, all these foods are a complete protein. All these foods are a complete protein because all 20 amino acids are present in them. An amino acid is a building block of protein, and protein is a building block of muscles. There are many foods in vegetarian, but the majority of the food is incomplete protein. Proteins are but incomplete because some amino is missing. But sprouted beans have all the amino acids present, so they are complete proteins.

Benefits Of Sprouted Beans.

  • The most significant benefit of sprouted beans is a complete protein.
  • There are vitamin c present in it, and all the pulses are vitamin C present. Vitamin C boosts your immune system. These antioxidants protect your cells from free radicals. When your cells are damaged, you feel weak. When you add vitamin c reached food to your diet that will boost you up, you know that that gives you energy. It is essential to have antioxidants to avoid free radicals that damage your cells, whether it is selenium or vitamin k or vitamin c. Vitamin c is the most important antioxidant, as well.
  • It contains folate present, which is a b vitamin. Having folate is very important for your DNA; it is essential for pregnant women, because if there is a deficiency of folate in pregnant women, the baby's brain and spine may have a development defect, but to avoid raw sprouts because it contains " E. coli and salmonella "bacteria are also present which are not correct.
  • It has an iron present which is an essential mineral. Iron carries oxygen through the blood. The more oxygen in your body is better. The more oxygen travel during the workout, the more your body will pump. You try to create oxygen through the supplements. The more oxygen travels in your blood; the more your blood vessels will open.
  • Along with this, manganese is present. Manganese is essential for your sex hormone off course, whether men or women. Manganese is one of the most vital minerals in sex hormones; they are also present inside it.
  • There is also protein in it. If you take about 1 cup of service, then you have about 14gm protein, 20gm carbs, 12gm fiber, fat Na equal, and low calories.

How Are Sprouted Beans Eaten?


You can add chopped tomato and onion to sprouted beans, you can also add legumes such as boiled beans, salt, paper, add coriander, and after that, you can add chicken and squeeze a half lemon and your The salad is ready to eat.

Whether children or elderly, go to the gym or not, everybody will get the benefit, and these mung lentils are the most found in India. I prefer to focus on sprouted mung lentils. These are a complete protein and also perfect flavor. That will help these musclebuilding goals, fat loss goals, whether you workout or not, are essential for overall health as fiber will not have many ball-movement problems, there will be no issue of diabetes, cholesterol level, and blood pressure. There will be no problem.

So try and bring sprouted beans today and roast it and add it to your diet.


Do Abs Workout Burns More Belly Fat - Yes Or No?

Do Abs Workout Burns More Belly Fat - Yes Or No?

Today I am going to cover an important question. Do you burn more belly fat by applying abs training? If you are doing abs training so that you burn more belly fat then answer is No. Yes, you can not burn body fat just by doing abs exercise alone. So what are the essentials to reduce body fat? Overall diet. Without a diet, everything is incomplete, and 80% of our body's transformation is dependent on diet. When we make a fat loss, our first step is diet. Is our diet proper at all? If our diet is perfectly fine, then our second step is training. So if you are applying abs training thinking that your belly fat will be less, then your thinking is wrong. Your expectation is different, and work is different. If you want to reduce belly fat, the very first thing is nutrition and the second thing is a workout with weight training and cardio. So you need all four things to work together. Those are four things

  • Nutrition
  • Abs
  • Cardio
  • Weight Training

Combining all these, then belly fat will be less because when you train abs, you train the muscle but fat is above the muscle. So the layer of fat is above the muscle, muscle and fat are two different things. When you train abs, you train the six-pack muscle below, but the fat layer above will go through your nutrition. For this you will have to consume fewer calories, overall should be in a calorie deficit, you should be eating some salad with lean protein, low carb, healthy fats, drinking water and green tea combination of all these and weight training. Weight training has such an effect that even when you are sitting at home, your body burns calories, but this is not the case in cardio.

The cardio will only burn calories as long as you do the activity. So abs workout alone will not work to reduce belly fat. You have to combine all these four things, and then everything builds work. You must train abs; you can train 2 to 4 days a week. When you train abs, do not just crunches make sure you feel abs contraction. You will not see abs. The visibility of abs will be visible when your body fat percentage is in single digit. Your fat layer has covered the abs muscle. The thinner your fat layer becomes, the more the visibility of your abs will increase. It takes time while reducing the same fat layer, and they are from the diet. So workout and nutrition are essential than cardio and abdominal training for proper abs.


How Many Reps/Sets/Rest For Strength/Hypertrophy/Endurance Training?

How Many Reps/Sets/Rest For Strength/Hypertrophy/Endurance Training?

Today we are going to talk about volume and rest. Meaning how many sets and how many rap ranges should be according to your goal. If our goal is muscle building or fat loss, it means strength or strength, or endurance. We will explain three different categories here so that I can explain to you how you can choose rep ranges. Because people often have confusion about rep ranges, we will divide the category and see what your goals are and which category they fall into. Accordingly, you can choose rest and reps.


There are three types of goals. The first is mass build, powerlifting, strength building, muscle gain, size gain, etc. all these will go in strength. Your reps should be less than 8 in strength, and you can apply 3-6 sets. If reps are less, then you can increase the sets, and your rest period will be longer. When carrying heavyweight, there is a rest period of 2 to 3 minutes.


In this category, your rep ranges will be between 8 and 12 and sets can be between 3 and 5. In this, your rest period will be between 30 seconds to 90 seconds. Now your rest time will drop, and as your rep ranges increase, your rest time will decrease.


In this category, your rep ranges will be more than 12 or 12, and the volume of your set will be from 3 to 4. In this, your rest period will be between 30 seconds to 45 seconds. If your rep ranges are too high, then there is no need to increase the sets there. When your reps are very low, such as in the strength category, you can increase the sets there. you still have power and strength to do 7 to 8 sets.

So simple as that whenever you are building strength, you can increase the volume of your sets and drop your sets and rest period when your rep ranges are between 12, 15, 20. Your sets and rest period will decrease when your rep ranges increase.

If your goal is to build muscle, then you should be most focused on strength, but if your goal is to cut or fat loss, then your maximum focus should be on endurance. Athletes who play sports tend to focus on endurance and powerlifters concentrate on strength. But those who are bodybuilders work on strength, hypertrophy, and endurance, but they focus more on hypertrophy. If your goal is strength building, then apply less than eight reps. If your goal is stamina or endurance building, then apply reps above 12 and if you want both together then reps between 8 and 12. but I always suggest first take experience of strength build up your strength 2 to 3 months then build up your endurance 2 to 3 months later work on hypertrophy for 2 months.

These are quick information about strength, hypertrophy, and endurance, and with this information, you can choose rep ranges, set volume, and rest period according to your goals.


How To Grow Size Of Biceps?

How To Grow Size Of Biceps?

Today I will tell you "How To Grow Size Of Biceps?". First, I will tell you about the muscle of biceps. Biceps have two muscles called brachii and brachialis. brachii, which is our main muscles, has two main muscles long head and short head. In this picture, the red muscle you see on the outside is the long head of bicep brachii, and the green muscle seen inside is the short head of bicep brachii.

Here is the second muscle brachialis; it is a tiny muscle. It’s the outer part of biceps. the brachialis is a weakness of everyone because they don’t train brachialis muscle, they don’t know how to train it and how to define this muscle. If you see a lot of people have big size of arms, but their brachialis muscle is weak. They don’t have a definition outside the biceps, which is very important. So let me tell you first about the brachii long head of the bicep.

How To Train Brachii Long Head?

When you do a barbell curl, dumbbell curl, then your bicep has long head train, and when your hand is inward, then you are training brachialis muscle. and after that, if your hand goes outside, then you are focusing on inside muscle. So there are three different angles to train bicep. In the “twenty-one” exercise, we are training three different ranges. First is the “bottom half range” in this range; our arms are straight. We will do only half repetition; it’s called the bottom half range. After that, we will do the next seven reps with the second range is “top half range” in this range; don’t move your elbows. After that third range is “full-range” … down and squeeze up contract your biceps at the top and stretch at the bottom means “full range of motion.” If you are moving bicep as well as elbows, then it’s a partial range. Your biceps will not grow properly.

You need to understand if you want to develop a long head of brachii. Look at the length of the bicep! You have to go all the way down and squeeze up for the better size !!! For the size of a bicep, if you want to build it, you have to squeeze up! Do not do this if you move the elbows and squeeze the bicep. There is the wrong way to squeeze your biceps; it’s awful!!

Exercise To Train Biceps Properly.

Check out the video first. It’s biceps 21’s with the straight bar. Will train this exercise in 3 ranges; bottom half, top half, and the full range of motion. You have seen that we did biceps 21 with the straight bar. You also have seen the three ranges; bottom half, top half, and full range make sure you focus, and mind connection should be with the muscle !! this is one of the best exercise. It’s the best way to force your muscles to grow!

If you want to focus on brachialis, then for that, you use a close hand grip instead of a long handgrip in the “twenty-one” exercise. Close hand a lot of tension on the outer part of biceps, which is brachialis. “twenty-one” exercise from the long handgrip is applied when the brachii muscle is to train, and the exercise from the close handgrip is when the brachialis muscle is to train.

Use the weight which you can control it with good form. If your form is not right, can’t control the weight, and just moving the weights, then your muscles won’t grow. you have to lock your entire body so that way your biceps only work! Other muscles shouldn’t support during the workout. When other muscle comes and supports the primary muscle, then it overtakes the main muscle and growth of primary muscle will be less. There is a really bad way to train a muscle, make sure your form should be right, and use that weight which you can handle properly. alright guys try this exercise and let me know how you think.


How To Build Razor Sharp Triceps?

How To Build Razor Sharp Triceps?

Today I am going to tell you about tricep muscles. You can see two pictures of muscle anatomy here. Bicep has two muscles in brachii: long head & short head, but triceps have three muscle brachii: lateral head, long head, and medial head. So this picture is the backside of triceps. In this picture, you see a red muscle and a yellow muscle. This red muscle is the long head muscle of the tricep and this yellow muscle, which is the lateral head muscle of the tricep. The green muscle you see in this second picture is the medial head muscle of the tricep, which is right under the long head and after the lateral muscle, which is outside the triceps.

So there are three muscles

  1. Latera head
  2. Long head
  3. Medial head Firstly let me tell you that tricep muscle is 60% of our arm, and bicep muscle is 40% of the arm. If you want bigger arms, make sure you train triceps. tricep is 60% of the arm because it has three muscles, and bicep has two muscles. Let me tell you the function of triceps first. Triceps function is extending the elbow, which means extending the arm. Arm extending is all depends upon the triceps. Triceps help for the posture as well because of the straight arm and straight elbows. Like in biceps, flexion the arm and supination. Triceps is extending the arm. So here I have two videos you can watch, which is rope pushdown and one arm cable side extension. So let's check out the video first !!

Exercise To Properly Train The Entire Tricep.

You can see in the video that I have trained all three heads of tricep. Rope push down Triceps Workout is for all three heads; long, medial, and lateral. People's weakness is that they don't train medial head. They don't know what should do the exercises for medial head, lateral head, and long head. If you don't know what exercise for this muscle and you know that this exercise is for triceps..that's it but triceps has three muscles !!! If you want to see proper definition, properly defined triceps then we will train all three muscles. you have mind connection with that muscle, then that muscle will be sharper than other muscles.

So you have to make a mind-muscle connection, which is very important. Exercises for long head like; all overhead extension, dumbbell skull crusher or barbell skull crusher are for the long head. you should add bodyweight dips for sure !! In bodyweight dips, you train both lateral and medial head. There is no long head train from this exercise. The skull crusher and laying extension are meant to train the long head, and I have shown the cable exercise in the video, it's for the entire triceps. So make sure you go all the way up and squeeze all the down, which is essential for you!


Advanced Workout To Develop Inner Chest Muscle

Advanced Workout To Develop Inner Chest Muscle

Today I will give you the chest information because a lot of people confused about the inner chest. Our today's topic is "How To Build Inner Chest". Firstly let me tell you about the chest muscle. The chest has a pectoral major, which is called PECS. PECS means pectoral. So pectoral major and pectoral minor. Our upper chest muscle is the major, and muscle going under the chest is minor. So lots of people ask me about the inner chest workouts.

Why Is There No Growth In Our Inner Chest?

The first thing is that there are no inner chest muscles. There is a pectoral major and minor. In inner chest muscle, if you are saying the line between the chest, then this is a bone, and there is no muscle. Side muscle around the bone left and right PECS. It depends upon the thickness of the PECS kind of line you want to draw in between the chest.

Often many people do chest press, barbell press, bench press, and dumbbell press. All these exercises are for a pectoral major. They are not for the inner chest at all, and Presses exercise doesn't increase inner chest thickness. You should know the presses exercise are the mid-range exercise. Those are not the full range of motion. Everybody does barbell presses, incline, and decline press with dumbbell or barbell. These are the mid-range exercises, but you have to train in the full range of motion. For this, here I have a short video for you, in which a useful exercise is described step-by-step. That is called cable fly everybody doing these cable fly, but this chest workout is in a different variation. This cable fly we are doing with internal and external rotation. We are rotating internally and externally.

Workout To Train The Chest Muscle In Full Range Motion

Let's check out the exercise first. Let me tell you first if you want to build the line in the inner chest. So for this, you have to increase the thickness of the left-right PECS. It means presses are suitable for your outer chest but inner chest line, which is your problem. For that, you cannot train the deep layer around the inner chest. For that, you have to shorten the PECS, means your hands should be close, and elbows should be straight., that movement is essential in every exercise of the chest. So shortening the PECS in this exercise, I was rotating my arms. We are contracting and getting maximum blood into the muscle. We are squeezing the PECS and getting the blood into the right-left deeper inner chest layer. That's our main thing to get blood into the muscle.

Why Is It Necessary To Squeeze The Muscle During The Workout?

You know the blood carries all the nutrients, all the amino acid. You have had protein or diet all-day, the stomach breaks that diet and pushes into the bloodstreams. Nutrients that we receive in the whole day are only through blood vessels. When we exercise, then we squeeze any muscle, then we get blood into the muscle, and I am telling you that blood carries all the nutrients and amino acids. When we squeeze here, blood supplies the nutrients for which your muscle will grow. So squeezing is very important, shortening the PECS and lengthening the PECS. Right now, without any equipment, if you squeeze your chest by strengthening the elbows, then you will be noticed that your inner part of the chest will get squeezed. You will feel that blood is getting into the muscle, and that's what you want because by doing presses, you are not getting blood into the muscles. Presses are a perfect exercise for the mid-range and thickness, but it's more useful for the outer part, not for the inner part. Alright, guys, I hope you understand. How to train and draw the line in the inner chest part and how can you add this exercise in your schedule. So we will provide you more tips on the different muscle groups.


What Is The Prime Time To Take Protein?

What Is The Prime Time To Take Protein?

Today we are going to talk about which are the prime time of protein. The prime time of protein means when your body needs protein, it's called prime time. So what are the prime times in the day in which you do not miss the protein? There are two different categories, such as those who do the workout or do not workout. We will discuss both categories in it.

First of all, I want to tell you that if you take five meals a day, then it is essential to have protein in those five meals. We are talking about protein nutrients, not supplements. Proteins that are present in food, whether it is nutrient or supplement, are together. Now let's talk about the first category. People whose careers are in the fitness industry, if they take 5 to 6 meals a day, then it is essential to have protein in every meal. In the second category, people who do business, are doctors, lawyers and those who want to keep themselves fit, if you take 5 to 6 meals a day, then it is essential to have protein in your 2 to 3 meals because during the activity. You use your muscles.

Why Are Proteins Important?

Why do you need protein because muscles break after a workout, then you need protein to rebuild or recover the muscles. Let us first talk about which mealtime is the prime time of protein. If you have six meals a day

  1. Breakfast
  2. Snack
  3. Lunch
  4. Post-Workout
  5. Dinner
  6. Before Bed

These are the six meals that are taken in a day, including your post-workout meal. Many people may take seven meals apart from the post-workout meal.

What Is The Prime Time To Take Protein?


No. 1 primetime, which is meal one ie, breakfast. When you wake up in the morning, your body is in the catabolic at that time. Catabolic means you're in fasting overnight. The chances of muscle loss in catabolic are high if you are doing muscle building or fat loss doesn't matter. So taking protein in this meal is very important for you. You can add egg whites, boiled eggs, omelet, or whey protein to protein in this meal.


In post-workout meal, you need to have protein because, during exercise, you used that muscle, your muscles broke, now you have to feed protein so that the recovery process of your body can begin. You need egg white, boiled eggs, or whey protein, isolate, good quality of blend for protein in this meal because you need quick recovery after a workout. If you are vegan, then you can also use plant protein.

Before Bed

The third best prime time is that before bed meal because your body grows while sleeping at night. You have to take this meal half an hour or 1 hour before bedtime. You need slow-digesting protein in this meal. You can add concentrate for cheese, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, or casein protein if it is not protein for protein in this meal.

So these are the three prime times in which your body needs protein. If you miss protein at any time of the day, in a snack or lunch, then there is no need to worry if you are adding protein in prime time. Protein absorption of your body increases by about 25% in prime time. If you add protein to all meals, then it is perfect, but if you are missing protein due to any reason, then do not worry, do not miss prime time because your body needs protein at this time.


How Long After A Workout Should You Eat Post-Workout Nutrition?

How Long After A Workout Should You Eat Post-Workout Nutrition?

Today I am going to cover quick information that when we consume the post-workout drink or meal after the workout? Some people confuse how to use after exercise is over and how much time should be a gap?

The Best Three Ways To Take Post-Workout Nutrition.

If you are only doing weight training today, then after the completion of weight training, you can use post-workout nutrition immediately. But many people do not have a meal or drink in the gym; then you can take your post-workout meal or drink within a maximum of 15 to 30 minutes. This means that you can consume post-workout nutrition immediately after the completion of weight training or within a maximum of 30 minutes.

If you have done your cardio and weight training today, then after weight training you do not have to consume post-workout meal or drink because after weight training you have to do cardio for 15 to 20 minutes. After finishing the cardio, you will have to consume a post-workout meal or drink.

The other option is if you are training abs along with weight training or train abs along with cardio. If you consume after 15 minutes instead of taking a post-workout meal or drink immediately after train abs, then it will be more beneficial for you.

You can take a protein drink or egg boiled whenever you want, within 15 to 30 minutes of exercise. There is a prime time your body can absorb more protein, and more nutrients so don't miss this time. You can have a post-workout drink or meal within 15 to 30 minutes of finishing weight training, abs training, and cardio. One hour after this drink or meal you have a proper macro meal which contains carbohydrate, fat, and protein because post-workout meal and drink contain neither carb nor fat, then two macros and lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber are missing. So this means that after an hour of post-workout, your next meal will be in which rice, salad, roti, vegetables, chicken, beans, lentils, fish, etc. these meals are essential.


How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?

Today I am going to tell you about the "How To Get Rid Of Love Handles". Which is a significant muscle where people store a lot of fat. two types of oblique muscles
1. Internal
2. External

People who have love handles problem with a lot of fat stored in this area for them there is an exercise, they have to understand that. Where is this muscle located, what's the function, what exercise you can do !! so that way you can reduce it! Oblique muscles are right on top of the waist. Muscle on top of the obliques is serratus and intercoastal. Internal obliques located under the external oblique !! For this, I have a short video for you, which is a woodchopper. Let's check out the video first and will talk about it after that.

Functions Of Love Handles

First, I will tell you the function of obliques. It helps to rotate the torso. It gives support to your body for the rotation and also side bend, when you lift something from the ground with side bend your oblique muscles support you. So rotation and side bending both are the oblique's function. You have seen the woodchopper video that the entire body is locked. You have to look straight and only rotate your torso. You have to lock the lower body, head, and spine. The reason is if we lock our lower body, then we can move the lower area near the waist. Serratus, intercoastal, internal/external obliques and transverse muscle, the sheet on it, and so many muscles are there !! but our today focus was obliques. We trained woodchopper exercises if you want to reduce the love handles to make sure you train regularly. Make sure your body fat should be low, which is very important. If your diet is not proper, then it's hard to get rid of your love handles, make sure to fix your diet. Diet will help you to get rid of the extra belly and love handles.