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Luxurious Villas

Our villas in Goa,Coonoor,Alibaug for sale and rent are all designed and built on locations that draw inspiration from the nature that surrounds it, and that is one prominent feature that we consider as a luxury. For us, luxury is being able to be close to nature and experience its beauty in the rawest form. All our homes borrow immense value from the natural masterpieces around them, along with the many tourist attractions that are easily accessible from there.

what luxury means to Isprava

Our villas in Goa for sale and rent are all designed and built on locations that draw inspiration from the nature that surrounds it, and that is one prominent feature that we consider as a luxury. For us, luxury is being able to be close to nature and experience its beauty in the rawest form. All our homes borrow immense value from the natural masterpieces around them, along with the many tourist attractions that are easily accessible from there

10 essentials to look for in a holiday home

The recent times have seen a major shift in trends of holiday homes. Travellers now prefer the space and privacy of a luxury holiday home over the constraining 4 walls of a hotel room. We have prepared a list of essentials that you must look for when buying or renting a private villa. At Isprava’s luxury villas in Goa and Coonoor, we make sure to provide you with the best quality services, curated specially for you.

what’s new and exciting in the world of isprava

The allure of the Blue Mountains, the heady aroma of Eucalyptus trees and the charm of colonial luxury-Isprava’s Gleneagle Estate is Kotagiri’s newest treasure trove.

Churches you must visit in Goa

Popularly known for its throbbing nightlife, delicious seafood and sandy coastlines, there exists, a calm side to Goa too. The once upon a time Portuguese colony beholds the most stunning churches. These churches still showcase the sophisticated 15th-century architectural creativity of the Portuguese. The beauty and richness of these churches are famous among tourist making them a go-to sight-seeing spot. Although Goa withholds numerous magnificent cathedrals, we have enlisted 5 must-visits. These whitewashed churches also happen to be only a drive from Isprava’s luxury private villas in Goa.

Unconventional things to indulge in when in Goa

A typical trip to Goa is marked by a bunch of thunderous parties, some beach escapades, and solemn visits to the churches and forts. However, there are quite a lot of things to engage in there that are not a part of the standard itinerary of Goa, and they happen to be just as indulgent and joyous.

Holiday, Health & Harmony!

A retreat, by definition, is a departure, a getaway from the standard, an opportunity to desert a few things throughout your life. Retreats allow you to escape physically, mentally and spiritually. You will get an opportunity to learn new skills , develop healthier habits and concentrate on new thoughts on your wellness retreat.

Places to visit in India to be closer to nature

One primary reason as to why we are all perpetually exhausted is our lack of touch with raw nature and its many perks. What we need amidst our fast-paced lifestyle and the mundane schedule is just some time away to soak in the many treasures of mother nature and revel in its healing power. Although the same can get difficult in metro cities, there are many places in India that are located right in the lap of nature, and are perfect to revive your senses.

Essentials for Hosting Guests

Hosting guests is more than just having all the necessities in place and rendering supreme facilities to them. The service extends beyond just these basic essentials. What we consider imperative at Isprava as hosts is the feeling of home and warmth that we relay to our guests at our luxury holiday homes. There is a fine blend of amenities that revolve around convenience and many luxuries that we offer to you. Having catered to our guests with utmost professionalism for quite a few years now, we believe we are well adept with the prerequisites that go into giving your guests an unforgettable stay.

A Ideal family getaway with Isprava

Our luxury holiday homes across the country are all designed at locations with elements that make for an ideal place for bonds to rekindle. The amenities available there are laced with convenience and sophistication, catering to every need and aesthetics of a family getaway. Here is what a family getaway looks like with Isprava.

why your next girls getaway should be at an Isprava Home

Before settling on a simple girls night in, bingeing on snacks and watching television, consider a fabulous trip to one of our luxury private villas where we do not just cater to all your needs, but also provide you with an experience of a lifetime. So why not earmark it for your next girls getaway? All the reasons to head to one of our holiday homes are highlighted by Isprava.

How a mirror can transform your space

Most people believe that mirrors are just a method of beautification. Little do they know, that adding a mirror to your luxury villa can change a lot more than its aesthetics. When used in the right way, a mirror can become your design underdog.
If your goal is to double your space and make a room seem much bigger than it is then adding mirrors will fulfill just that. It can make a narrow hallway wider, a storage cupboard more spacious and a tiny room more roomy.

Power of Indoor Plants

All our lives we have been told that greens have a ton of benefits. In terms of design, plants are as important accessories in the space as any other home decor proves to be. Whether you place the plant pots in a corner, or hang them or display it on a wall shelf, they will help give you a green thumb and build your skills.

Living Room Trends of the Year

Home is where the heart is, and the living room is definitely what makes most of it. It reflects your personality in the truest form, where you unwind at the end of the day in front of the television and where you host friends and family for a get-together. It deserves care and attention in every aspect, from cleanliness and ambiance to the interior décor and aesthetics. With new entrants in the design and decor trends every year, the same becomes a smooth feat.

An Ideal Getaway with your Partner

The contemporary lifestyle and daily hustle makes it quite tricky to take out some time to rest and recharge. This makes it all the more difficult to find time to be spent with your significant other. However, long weekend plans and romantic weekend getaways with your beloved can be a conducive option. It is an ideal opportunity to simply unwind and spend some quality time with your partner. Breaks like these are imperative in keeping not only your mental health but also your physical and emotional well-being stable.

This is how an ideal holiday with your partner looks like at an Isprava home.

Top 5 Hot Spots for Sea Food Lovers in Goa

Home to a 105 km coastline, it is no wonder that Goa is famous for its authentic, fresh and mouth-watering seafood. We bring to you our most favorite seafood restaurants in Goa where you can find many dishes to devour!

Why is there a rise in the purchase of Holiday Homes

Lately, the purchasing of holiday homes has become extremely popular amongst the residents of the metro cities. Owning a holiday home at inspiring locations lends the luxury of seeking a getaway at any given time without any major extra expenses. Weekend breaks for couples and long weekend plans with friends become smoother and manageable with your own holiday home. Moreover, celebrations and private parties are held with a unique and more personal charm there, as they should be.

Things to do in Coonoor this season

The quieter and much more tranquil part of the Nilgiri hills, Coonoor is where the colonial charm of the hills and the natural wonders unravel for you to see and experience. The soothing climate amidst the lush green slopes and clean air make the town absolutely conducive to explore in every season. It glows and blooms differently every month, exhibiting beauty throughout the year.

Top fine-dine restaurants in Alibaug

Regular breaks from your everyday schedule are more or less a necessity now. Everyone needs to take out some time out of their fast-paced life to seek some change of location, environment, and mind, even if only for a few days or a weekend. This is also why weekend destinations around the city are popular and welcoming throughout the year. Alibaug is one such frequently visited location around Mumbai that makes for a great getaway. Our luxury holiday homes in Alibaug make for perfect stay options there too. With their luxurious yet comfortable amenities and aesthetic, signature to our villas in Goa for stay and villas in Coonoor, they are meant to complete your holiday experience in every way.

News, New villas and Natural Settings

Amidst the lush, verdant backdrop of Coonoor, sits Albany Cottage, a stunning home with plenty of colonial charm. Here, you will find magical treasures and luxurious promises that are hard to find anywhere else.Majestic views of the Nilgiris. Acres and acres of deep foliage everywhere you look. Albany Cottage situated in Coonoor, is where you can find a little chunk of paradise. Spread across 780 sq metres, this home will take your breath away. Right from its four tastefully designed bedrooms to its sit-outs that let you enjoy your tea with a view, Albany Cottage is where good times begin.

Top 4 Restaurants in Goa for Sun Downers

Goa is all about beaches, yes, but it is also synonymous with stunning sunsets. Although the three go hand in hand, the sunsets are absolutely incomparable and take the forefront. Now, it is a given fact that the coastal town is stocked with the most delightful restaurants perfect for sun downers. These impressive spots are conducive for visitors to sit back, take in the view of the sinking sun into the sea, as they sip on their drinks. Here are Goa’s top four restaurants for stunning sun downers!

How to Spend a Weekend in Alibaug

There is nothing better than long weekend plans or romantic weekend getaways when it comes to rejuvenating and restoring our energy for the next few weeks. And there is nothing better to do so than by visiting a destination that is truly refreshing! We say, Alibaug, the nearest coastal town to Mumbai, is undoubtedly that ideal destination to spend your weekends at. What adds to the whole experience is the convenience of our new luxury holiday homes for rent situated there.

How to make a small space look bigger

It is more than just the details that counts in a small room. Right from that artful décor near the closet to the kind of bed sheet on the bed. A small room can feel dauntingly congested and demeaning to the mood, which is why it is imperative to do something about it. And fortunately, it only takes a few design and décor tips to bring about that illusionary change.

Travel hacks for Monsoon Travellers

Traveling during the rainy months may not be the most preferred by everyone, but it sure does have many advantages; solace, reduced prices, and of course, the enhanced beauty of the Nature to name a few. However, although advantageous, there are quite a few hacks to keep in mind while holidaying during the monsoon that are important to keep in mind. These considerations encompass not only safety hacks but also those that facilitate better experiences.

Can Non-Goans purchase a property in Goa?

Goa is an ideal place to seek serenity and bliss. It is the one-stop for both peace and party, so regardless of what you prefer, it lays both in your lap. If you are looking to buy the best luxury villas for sale or private villas with a swimming pool in Goa, then Isprava can offer you the top-notch services to facilitate this purchase.

Isprava – Rain or Shine

Tucked into the heart of North Goa and fringed by curtains of lush green, Villa Loto Bianco is where beauty and serenity reside. While here, surround yourself with nature’s finest, as you take in the soothing patter of raindrops.