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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Things you need to know when Travel in Malaysia – An essential guide to plan your trip!

The flaring cities with dynamic noons and sprightlier nights, fabulous food, ridiculously beautiful beaches, and the biota of the rustic rainforests are some of the many things that are forever inviting of Malaysia. Here are 7 things you need to know when travelling to Malaysia!


The Locality

As is typical of all tropical countries, Malaysia too has its own perks and cons about it. The temperatures run up real high and surroundings are very humid meaning you are bound to be a bit uncomfortable exerting yourself. So keep in mind to always stay hydrated. Despite the inconvenience of overly warm weather, you might even actually like the switch up of weather from the usually chilly countries you could be coming from. The incorporation of greenery within the city's landscaping and wherever you go in general is an absolute treat to the eyes and is literally a breath of fresh air! The country is a melting hot pot of a variety of races the likes of Malays, Indians and Chinese mostly and also tourists and a huge base of expats as well. You will come to see how life in this community has been moulded beautifully deriving influences of all these cultures birthing an extremely earnest and hospitable community to everyone!


Malaysian Delights

The delight of visiting Malaysia buds from the assortment of experiences that await you. Penang is home to the splendid turquoise turtle beach and the infamous Penang National Park. Malaka is a historically significant city in Malaysia what with its interesting old ruins, buildings and quite a pleasant riverside. Langkawi also has some pretty stretches of beach although it is more famous for the Kilim Karst Geoforest park featuring mangrove swamps and beautiful views of the Andaman Sea. As far as things to do in Sepang are concerned, the highlight is the Sepang International Circuit where you have the luxury of fun activities the likes of paintballing and go-karting and even circuit tours. Kuala Lumpur's vibes of modern sophistication and luxury will surely top your experience!


Safe Havens!

Accommodation in Malaysia is certainly a no-brainer and you would be pleased to find accommodation to fit your budget despite what needs you may have. Between budget hostels for back-packers to exuberant Beach resorts with all rooms facing the beach and hotels offering queer experiences such as lodging at a working durian farm, Malaysia has it all! Malaysia's world-class resorts such as the Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort are just as famous for their luxurious and over-the-top holiday experiences as they are for their auxiliary services such as helping organize your tours outside of the hotel premises. Communication is barely ever a problem as although Bahasa Melayu is their official language, you will never be side-eyed for speaking English! However, it would not hurt to try and pick on a few phrases while you are there as it is surely bound to get you some hearty smiles from the locales.


Food and Drinks

Although the fact that consuming alcohol is near impossible in Malaysia is a real bummer, this is made up for with the variety of food that you could enjoy to your heart's content when in Malaysia. The food culture here is mainly influenced by its inhabitant cultures such as the Malay, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Arabian and even Western, the heavier side being Indian. Tea and Coffee are the most common accompaniments for meals in here. The desserts here are bananas!- quite literally a lot of fruit, but mostly really sceptical combinations of ingredients such as corn, beans and green peas with ice cream! You need to try it!


Best times to visit?

This is really dependent on where you are headed as the weather is quite often different between islands on either side of the peninsula. KL is pretty much hot and wet throughout the year, with thunderstorms being a common occurrence. July would be the driest month around here. Langkawi is at its best weather from December through February whereas, for the Perhentian Islands, this is during summer; June-August.