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Usability of being wireless, wearables hold the potential to change our lives completely in a few years. And as they are gaining momentum, the developers need to tackle the change of context. But without mobile apps, wearables are nothing because 84% of the wearable device mimic mobile phone features.

Frequency Essential In Updating Your App

The application owner bore the responsibility for its effective functioning. It means among other things, the necessity to update your app regularly otherwise, it'll seem abandoned, dead, obsolete. Regular updates are a great way of keeping users interested.


You want as many people to be able to access and enjoy your app as possible to maximize profits. This requires making sure it is easy to use for people with different abilities.

6 Signs To Read For A Major Update Of Your App

When a business releases a new app, it will eventually need to be updated or risk becoming out of touch with new trends and consumer expectations. Learn how to know when it's time to update your app.


Chatbots are self-help tools for improving communications. Brands can use it to improve their customer’s experience, to generate more sales and build a deeper rapport with customers.

The List of 20 Best Metrics for A Mobile App

The success of an app depends heavily on its creators’ ability to monitor and optimize it. Being able to properly identify which key performance indicators to track, and understanding how those KPI affect the growth of an app are paramount.

Top Mobile Analytics Tools in 2019

Mobile app analytics help us learn how users engage with our products and campaign so we can make them better.

7 Best Augmented Reality apps for iOS and Android

In the simplest interpretation of the term – Augmented Reality involves the superimposition of virtual objects or computer-generated images on top of your view of the real world. As a result of this superimposition, a composite view of the world is created to augment the real world.

Alexa Kid Skills Developers from UK & Germany awarded with Amazon Developer Rewards Program

The rewards are not limited only to the money offered to the top-charting developers, they have also announced some great perks in the form of free Amazon Echo devices, albeit for a limited period of time!

Create Easily A Taxi Booking App Like Uber or Careem

In offline taxi booking service, one of the common challenges is you can’t monitor vehicles. Knowing and tracking the driver’s details is also not possible. Though you can collect customer feedback manually, it will not be much useful. However, Uber-like apps taxi business offers you absolute control and rationalizes processes. It also incorporates feedback and review giving features that help in knowing the authenticity.

Learn Easily To Create An Instant Messaging App Like WhatsApp

As we are very much enlightened of the chat app like Whatsapp surging into popularity. It is found that most of the people prefer to develop a chat app offering real-time interaction which adds a personal touch experience to the user.

Must have 18 listed features for your church app

One might come to the realization that its imperative for your church to connect with people in ways that help them grow spiritually, enable them to stay engaged with your community, and build their faith.

How to Choose the Right Platform for Mobile App Development

App-creation programs aren’t just for the non-programmers—most offer excellent, advanced features that skilled developers can use to create beautiful, customized apps. Many of these programs offer more than just ease and speed, packing in tons of integrations, infrastructure, marketing support, dashboards, and cloud-based data storage.

Young App Developers Who Made Millions

With the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices, apps have emerged as an integral part of the new tech economy. Over a million apps are available for download via Apple (AAPL) iTunes app store, the Google Play store, or Amazon (AMZN) in dozens of categories.

Why You Might and Might Not need an App

Certainly, there are times when a native app is going to deliver the best, most productive user experience. If functionality requires access to built-in smartphone data or capabilities, such as a camera, voice recorder or GPS information, then yes an app will serve your business well.

Top Trends that Define the Future of Mobile Application

With the change in smartphones, the smartphone apps have leveled up as well. And this level seems to go beyond the imagination of most of the people, as smartphone app developers extend their reach with the following technological innovations

How to Submit an iOS App to the App Store

App submission is often an afterthought. But ensuring you submit your app to the App Store properly (a service included in our end-to-end development) is an important first step to ensure exposure and entice users to download.

Apps to help you reach your fitness goals

It helps people struggling with obesity to adopt a healthy workout routine powered by apps. By this they can prevent harmful cardio-vascular and cancer diseases.

The Importance Of Mobile Apps In Today's Education System

In these changing times, students are more driven towards using a mobile phone for every purpose. A smartphone they call it. The world is at the fingertips and a student can get access to any information from anywhere. This reduces the chance of visiting a library and searching for the data. A mobile phone hence can be used for a number of such purposes. What makes the information easily available is mobile applications. Every mobile app has a unique feature which offers its own set of services.

Make Your Own Religious Groups App

Fundraisers, missionaries and traditional marketing techniques still have their place in the world, but the immediacy of mobile apps provides instant communications when people are on the train going to work, eating lunch or while in class. Share your religious beliefs with the world by creating your church app.

What Are The Benefits Of Making Survey And Quiz App From Quiz API launched By Appy Pie

Making a survey and quiz app of your own is as easy as pie with Appy Pie. Our survey and quiz app builder is easy to use, and the apps designed with it can not only help businesses improve their customer experience, it also proves to be beneficial for educational bodies in enhancing the skills and in the learning experience of their participants.